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Leah on Intentional Creation
Received by Sal Rachele
March 15, 2006

Dear beloveds, this is Leah. My, it’s been a while since we talked in this format. The channel has been in another country for a whole month and I have been working with dozens of souls there, helping them awaken and evolve their six lower bodies. Now it is time to once again connect with the Internet audience. Yes, I can feel many of you wondering where I’ve been. Well as you know, I have not gone anywhere – I have been here all along – but in your 3D world it often seems as though we disappear from time to time. Time is so different for us – it is as if we have been here all along, not just with the channel’s private clients, but with all of you, without break.

Today I want to talk about a subject that many of you find challenging, and that is the power of manifestation. You have many pundits and gurus of self-motivation, human potential and personal growth, many with excellent principles and techniques, but something seems to be missing for most of you. Sure, you’ve read all the books and practiced many of the techniques, but they all seem so intellectual, yes?

The real secret to manifesting and creating in your world lies in two places – no, not the head and the heart, but rather, in your gut and your heart. Yes, the mind plays a role in the process of manifesting, but it is not the central player. There are two central players, the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra.

Dear ones, do you know the difference between wishing and hoping for something to come true, and consciously INTENDING to create it? There is a huge difference. Wishing and hoping is a mental process (and emotional one) based on preconceived ideas about what will make you happy, usually based on past programming. For example, many of you believe that you cannot be happy unless you have a loved one close to you. If you are without a loved one, or your loved one is a long distance from you, you might wish and hope and dream for that loved one to be near you. Does it bring them closer? Maybe a little, but not really. You still feel unfulfilled.

However, if you go deep within your CENTER, focus on your third and fourth chakras (solar plexus and heart) and simply INTEND to create a reality that is in alignment with your soul purpose and higher self, then that reality comes to pass, usually rather quickly, and often with unexpected positive side effects.

“So Leah, how do I determine my soul purpose?” Ah, yes, we saw that question coming. Your soul purpose is that which makes you genuinely happy. Not just passing pleasures or amusing pastimes, but that which truly touches you all the way to your core. I and this channel often give a creative process to help you discover your soul purpose. The short version goes something like this: If you had all the time, money, wisdom, talent and connections with others to accomplish anything you desire, what would you be doing with your life? Now really go inside and ask yourself that question and see what pops into your mind. This is your soul purpose, your true desire in this world. The secret is, begin doing it on whatever level you can right now. Okay, so you don’t have the degree, you don’t have the funding, you don’t know the right people. So what? Begin anyway. Do a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow.

In the beginning of this channel’s work, he gave most of his services away for free. Perhaps you need to start there. If you are willing to do what you love to do and expect nothing in return, you will actually get a great deal in return. The Universe has its own checks and balances. If you give away something long enough, the Universe finds a way to bring energy back to you in a form that you can use. You might need to overcome some fears and outdated beliefs in the process. Beliefs such as “I’m not worth it,” or “People will never pay me for this,” or “I’m not talented enough,” or “There’s no market for this.”

You will be surprised at the responses of people to your ideas when you first go within to the center of your being, become quiet and simply INTEND to create what your heart desires. KNOW that your desires are being fulfilled. Feel, sense, taste, smell, hear and see your desires being made manifest. Do this calmly and without undue emotion. Yes, desire and enthusiasm are important, but the beginning of the creative process involves a quiet certainty of what you are doing. There is no fanfare, no hoopla, no trying to convince yourself or others of your intentions. People can smell the hype right away. You know when you are being sold something. This is not about selling. This is about sharing your wisdom, talents, abilities and desires and being abundantly prospered in return. It is about giving and receiving, not about getting and taking. It is about becoming more of who you are, it is not about winning and losing. There are no winners and losers in God’s Creation. There are only co-creators and in a sense, when you realize this you are a winner, but not in the sense the world thinks of.

The worldly gurus do have one thing right – you must be clear about what you want. You must visualize it and imagine it and engage your senses. Getting clear about what you want should come quickly if you do the above process. The other important part of this is to be patient with yourself. In your world, most things take time, even though ultimately time is an illusion. Although your world is accelerating in vibration and manifestation is happening more and more quickly, there is still an apparent time lag between the time you conceive an idea and its manifestation. That time lag is shorter if you have a clear, calm intention of what you want to create, and even shorter if you already possess some of the necessary skills and abilities.

To create accurately and completely, you must relegate your ego to the role of assistant, not director. Your ego plays a valuable part in the creative process on your world, but it cannot be the director or producer of your show or you will get yourself in a mess. You have experienced this, yes? Of course you have, you are in human bodies. All you need do is look around you to see the mess the ego has made in the role of director of your life.

Perhaps you need to first fire the ego from this job. It is not a worthy employee. Relegate it to menial tasks while you assign the real work to your God Self. Your God Self will make an excellent director. Let your God Self take the reigns. Trust in your God Self to direct your life in the way that best fits your soul path. Ask that you be placed on your optimum path of happiness, growth and well-being. Ask that you experience exactly what you need to maximize your soul growth. Trust in your God Self. Invoke your God Self in the manner taught by this channel. The simplest version of this is to go into meditation, breathe deeply and visualize a golden column of light descending from the heavens and filling your entire being with unconditionally loving light straight from the Heart of God. Do this simple meditation twice daily every day and notice the changes.

Know that you are a powerful, creative, spiritual being and that you DESERVE to be happy, fulfilled, healthy, prosperous and creative. This is your natural state. INTEND today to create the life you truly desire. KNOW that you are now on the right path. ASK that the details be shown you. INVOKE your God Presence to assist you. With God all things are possible. These are not idle words, they are a powerful truth. Today you can MANIFEST that truth in your life. I am Leah. Bless you, dear ones.



Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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