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The Arcturians on The Mechanics of Channeling
Received by Sal Rachele
September 16, 2004

Dearly Beloveds,

We are the Arcturians. This is the third time we have spoken through this channel and it is with great pleasure that we do so.

Today, we would like to speak on the nature of channeling and why channeled messages are so varied, both in style and accuracy.

There are many in your world today that are wary of channeled messages, and with good reason. We cannot stress highly enough, nor can the channel, of the need to use discernment when receiving or reading channeled messages. Why is this? Most channels mean well and genuinely want to provide beneficial information to their students and the public. So why the problem?

The first part of this issue should be the most obvious to those of you who have been on a spiritual path for some time. When information is expressed through the written language or the spoken word, it goes through several layers and levels of translation. For the sake of simplicity, we will start at the finish line and work backward toward the starting point with this point.

The finished product of a channeling, such as the one you are reading, is the printed word on a page, or the spoken word in person or on an audio recording. In some cases, you may have the privilege of attending a channeling session in person and when you do, you also get the mannerisms of the channel, the facial expressions and the inflection in the words. This is obviously a superior means to simple audio or written format, but even so, the translation difficulties will be there.

So the first “level of distortion” so to speak is the conveyance of meaning inherent in the words and phrases. Let’s assume, for the moment, that the channeling is 100% accurate and that the channel has faithfully reproduced in its entirety the meaning and intent of the source of information. “Well, that’s great,” you say. But wait a minute. Not all of us have the same exact ideas and concepts for the popular “buzz” words that inevitably make their way into conversations in this day and age.

Suppose, for example, that the channel brings forth the following: “Greetings, dear ones, we bring you great knowledge of the world beyond yours.” Okay, that sounds fair enough. But there are several points here to consider. What do the entities mean by “great knowledge?” Are they versed in facts and figures relating to their dimension of reality, but lacking in spiritual insight? Or perhaps they have spiritual insight, but are lacking in an effective way of communicating it to others. And what about the “world beyond yours.” What do they mean by this? Are they coming from a higher density of the Radiant One’s Universe, or are they hanging out in the astral realm? This matters, because the astral realm is not to be trusted as a reliable source of information for the discerning soul.

More important than the words of the message is the vibration, or energy level of the message. Sometimes the channel is able to convey the intensity and intent of the message quite well; other times the energy gets lost in the channel’s own aura or field of vibration. If you have attended numerous channelings, you will undoubtedly note that some channels put you to sleep while others stimulate your curiosity. Then there are those rare instances where the channel and entity excite and awaken you in profound ways.

In each case mentioned above, the words might be exactly the same. So what is the difference? It is the vibratory level of the entity and the channel. If the entity has a very refined vibration, but the channel is heavily distorted within his/her own energy body, a large part of the message will be lost. On the other hand, the channel could be having a great day, but the entity could be off in left field somewhere, unable to convey the ideas clearly.

In a perfect Universe (which we have, by the way, but which is largely unmanifest in the Earth plane) the channel and entity would be perfectly matched for each other and the message and messenger would blend and interact in a way that makes the best use of the relationship between the two entities. But sadly, this is not always the case. Why? Oftentimes, beloveds, it is the fault of the entity or entities, and not entirely the fault of the channel. Some entities are exuberant and enthusiastic to the point of their downfall. They want so much to express their wisdom to the people of your planet and they are almost desperate to find a willing recipient to be their mouthpiece.

The channel, perhaps not being very discerning, suddenly starts hearing messages pop into his/her head, or sees visions of an entity, or feels the energy of an entity, and they are off to the races. The channel might believe whatever the entity is saying. “Well, I’m a grand master from the umpteenth dimension of love and light and I have all the answers for a struggling humanity,” the entity boasts. The channel might respond with, “Oh goody. You’ve got all the answers. I just have to tell the world.”

Little does the channel know that the entity is barely vibrating in the middle latitudes of the astral plane, and while the words may sound flowery and fluffy, the vibration sags and people who come for lessons go around repeating these wonderful-sounding phrases, while almost no worthwhile energy gets transmitted. Then the channel and the students wonder why their lives are not getting better, and why they feel drained after each channeling session.

At this point, we want to touch on the real crux of this discussion – how to discern between ego and Spirit. The biggest problem with channeled messages has to do with the level of filtering that goes on between the realms of pure Spirit and the realms of ego – namely the Earth plane and the lower astral planes. Every message, including this one, must be transmitted from the Spirits of the entity and channel (ultimately the same since all is One in Spirit), down through the layers of mind and heart of the channel, and then out the mouth (or pen or word processor) of the channel. How much gets lost on the way to the final destination? That depends on how much ego distortion is present in the channel (and sadly, in the entity in many cases). In our case (and please don’t blindly believe this), we, the Arcturians, have reached a level of understanding whereby our egos are nearly non-existent in the Earthly sense. We still have some degree of individuality, but our overwhelming focus is on helping humanity (and other worlds) to evolve into a greater understanding of their Oneness with all life. So, if you’ll pardon the humble admission, the majority of distortion present in this message (if any) would likely reside within the channel. We will (and again, don’t believe this without investigating) put in a good word for the channel. We believe he is of the highest integrity and carefully screens the words that come into his mind to make sure there are a minimum of distortions.

So, in our humble opinion, this channeling is likely quite accurate and informative. But PLEASE don’t take our word for it. Put it to the test, as you should ALL channeled messages. I don’t care how high-fallutin’ the channel’s name sounds or the entities claiming to be the source of the information. After all, there are a whole lot of Archangel Michaels out there with conflicting information. Will the real Archangel Michael please stand up (or fly up)? This is not to say there aren’t some good “Michael” channelings out there. Just PLEASE use discernment.

Okay, we’re sounding like a broken record (uh, broken CD). Anyway, back to the litmus test for determining the level of Spirit and ego in a message. Here it is: (1) What is the message saying? Is it promoting unity, well-being, self-empowerment, love, compassion and soul growth? (2) What is the energy of the message? Does it feel uplifting, energizing, expanding? (3) Do I (the reader) feel it is truly helping me on my path? Is it helping me to be more aware of myself and my many aspects? (4) Is there any hidden agenda behind the message? Is it engendering fear? Is it designed to make a maximum profit for the channel? Does it glorify the channel unnecessarily? (5) Is the message given freely and without excessive restrictions? If there is a charge for the material, is it a reasonable sum? Does the channel spend a lot of time genuinely trying to help people, or does it feel mostly like a sales pitch for the channel’s services? (6) What about the life of the channel? Is the channel walking the talk? Does the channel have loving interaction with others in the everyday world? Is the channel relatively healthy or seeking to live a healthy lifestyle? What is the channel’s personal philosophy?

Item (6) above might sound a little trite, but rest assured that this is a very real issue. There is one channel (we would not divulge the name) who supposedly channels the ascended masters with messages of love and brotherhood, and yet this channel and her followers have spent many years stockpiling weapons and embracing a far-right political philosophy. We are not judging the beliefs of this channel, but we are seriously questioning the discrepancy between the messages and the life of the messenger. Is the channel’s personal fears getting in the way of her spiritual work? This is not for us to judge, but it is for you to discern.

There are channels out there in the world that charge exorbitant fees for their work. We heard about one channel that charges $800.00 for a weekend seminar. In the seminar, the channel comes through for several hours each day and the main message is “You are wonderful.” Okay, that’s fine, but do you really need to spend $800.00 to hear that? We will tell you that you are wonderful and not charge you a cent (unless you make a love offering for a tape or transcript of this session). Does that make us better than the other entity or entities? No. That entity may well be a very loving and compassionate soul. Even the channel may have his or her better moments. But is there a distortion somewhere in this channeling? Probably.

I hear some of you arguing that if you don’t charge a lot for something, people will not recognize its value. That may be true for some people, but certainly not for the vast majority of humans we have worked with. The channel of this message uses a love offering approach. Sure, it doesn’t offer a lot of security. One day, he may get a generous contribution; the next, he may end up doing all his work “for gratis.” We are not saying this is always the best way to offer channeled material. But we have observed that there are many sincere seekers out there who become discouraged and do not seek out spiritual information because of the high price tags put on some material.

I suppose, in all fairness, we should mention that how the channel spends his/her profits may well be a factor in this equation. If the channel spends the profits in ways that help promote peace, well-being and harmony among humanity, then perhaps this balances out the equation. Please, dear ones, do not for a moment make the inference that channels should not be prosperous or live a good life. Everyone on Earth deserves to live in happiness, prosperity and well-being – even those souls who are hell-bent on destroying the Earth. We would digress from the subject momentarily to mention one of the teachings of your beloved Jesus.

Jesus said, “Love thine enemies.” We would echo that point. Bless and send healing energy to those who would destroy what you are trying to build. If you become disillusioned with a particular channel or teaching, bless the channel and the entity. Genuinely wish the best for them. The more love you send them, the more likely they are to respond. It may be their lesson to learn how to be more compassionate when teaching. Do not deprive them of the opportunity to heal and uplevel the quality of their communication.

Well, we certainly opened a can of worms with this discussion. The channel’s fingers are probably getting tired of typing. We commend him on being willing to publish this channeling. It may not earn him “brownie points” or stripes on his shirt. It may even anger a few readers. But we think this is a very important message and we are grateful he is willing to publish it. We are the Arcturians. We will be back with more in the near future. For now, may you ALL be lifted and loved and given unto the loving arms of the Infinite Radiant One! We love you and bless you.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 .

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