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The Founders on the Grand Cycle
Received by Sal Rachele
July 23, 2005

Beloved Creators,

We have been waiting to give this message for over a month. The channel has been busy traveling and teaching, but time in our dimension has no meaning and so patience is not really an issue. However, in your dimension, a month can seem like a long time.

We gave a 10-part series on the History of the Earth, omitting many important aspects due to the need for brevity. The attention span of most humans is very short and had we elaborated, we would likely have lost about 90 percent of our audience. We are encouraging the channel to provide a more detailed writing of our communications in a book. This will likely become available within the next year.

Throughout the history series, we referred to the cosmic cycles that play such an important role on your planet. Let us discuss these cycles in more detail and describe the relationship between free will and cosmic predestiny.

The interplay between free will and predestiny is not understood by most of your people. You need to understand that free will is a set of latitudes and principles that exist within a larger framework of dimensions and densities. Free will allows you to vary your experience of the Universe. It allows you to determine the order in which you learn your soul lessons, the rate at which you assimilate them, and the emotional reactions you have to them. However, the lessons themselves are predetermined by your soul and causal body prior to incarnating on Earth.

Cosmic cycles are set according to the Creator’s Will and the Will of your own God Selves. Your little human egos have little or no influence over cosmic cycles. Your soul is already aware of cosmic cycles and the role they play in helping you develop your self-awareness.

There are several cosmic cycles that are of importance to you at this time. The most famous and impactful of these is the Grand Cycle, or precession of the axis, which occurs approximately every 25,920 years. Many of your ancient calendars were based on the Grand Cycle, including the calendar of the Maya.

At the end of each Grand Cycle, the Earth and the solar system pass through what is commonly called an electromagnetic null zone, or area of space in which the electromagnetic fields become weaker. This weakness in the EM fields often (but not always) causes the north and south poles of the Earth to reverse polarity. Please note that reversal of EM polarity has nothing to do with Earth’s rotation. The Earth will continue rotating at roughly the same rate of speed and direction (velocity) as it has for millions of years. The only thing that could significantly change the Earth’s rotation quickly would be a collision with a large asteroid, planetoid or planet, and this is not likely to take place at any time within the next million or so years. In fact, according to our estimates, it will likely be over one billion Earth years before such an event occurs.

However, there are two other cycles of which you should become aware. These are the entering into your solar system of the comet Annanhutak, which occurs about every 10,500 years, and the passage of the planetoid Nibiru through your solar system, which occurs approximately every 3,600 years. Neither the comet, nor the planetoid, are likely to ever impact Earth directly. The comet’s tail brushes the Earth’s atmosphere about once every eight or nine passes. Nibiru’s gravitational field significantly impacts Earth about once in every twelve passes.

The Grand Cycle is scheduled to end on December 21, 2012. Humans’ experience of this event can vary significantly. Despite the inevitability of the event, there are several factors that can be influenced by free will:

(1)  The severity of the EM distortions;
(2)  The severity of the climate changes;
(3)  The severity of the impact on technology and telecommunications;
(4)  The degree of cellular mutation experienced;
(5)  The level of impact on the emotional and mental bodies of humans; and
(6)  The number of humans cycling out of incarnation and ascending during this event.

Although the passage of the Earth through the EM null zone cannot be prevented by free will, the experience can vary greatly from one human being to another depending on the physical, emotional, mental (psychological), astral, etheric and causal state of each human. Humans embodying Divine principles of love and compassion will likely have a much more positive experience of this event. Humans desiring to ascend in the “first wave” can use this opportunity to complete their 3D/4D dense body experience and move into the 5D light body. Essentially what this event will do to the physiological and psychological state of humans is magnify what is already present within consciousness. Those humans who are living in a state of fear will likely experience the ending of the Grand Cycle in a fearful manner. Many will cycle out of their 3D/4D bodies and reincarnate on another planet more suitable for their level of soul experience.

It is important that there be no judgment regarding who and what is appropriate for each human. This is not a “judgment day”. God is not passing sentence upon humanity. This event is well understood by the soul and causal body and great care goes into planning incarnations around the time of this event.

The comet Annanhutak is scheduled to make a pass through the solar system in the year 2017 A.D. While this is a predestined event, there are several variables that depend on human free will (and the assistance or interference of positively or negatively-oriented ET races). The factors that vary are as follows:

(1)  The actual path of the comet;
(2)  The severity of the influence;
(3)  Humans’ emotional and mental experience of this event;
(4)  The level of cellular mutation of humans during this event; and
(5)  The degree of instability of Earth’s climate and EM fields during this event.

All of these events can be influenced by free will. If humans decide to cooperate and embrace the loving and compassionate aspects of their being and work together to create a force field of loving light around planet Earth, then option (5) above will be lessened substantially. If a large number of human beings decide to change the orbit of Annanhutak simply by using visualization and psychokinetic techniques, the orbit can be altered significantly. If humans decide to experience the comet’s passage in a loving instead of fearful way, any radiation or cooling of the atmosphere associated with the passage of the comet will be only minimally felt.

The passage of the comet can be used as an opportunity to speed up the cellular mutation of the DNA in humans. Those humans on the path of ascension can use this event as a “second wave” experience, meaning that in approximately the year 2017 A.D., a large number of humans can go through the ascension process.

In about 2030 A.D., the planetoid Nibiru is scheduled to make its 3600-year pass through the solar system. Like the comet, this event can be influenced by free will. There are 9D humanoid beings residing in the celestial levels of Nibiru and some of the more telepathic of your race will likely make contact with them during the passage. Members of their race, commonly called Annunaki, have influenced the evolution of humans many times in the past. Several members of their race came to Earth and instructed the struggling humans in how to better their conditions. This was, of course, after the fall of humans from 7D into 3D and 4D. There is a lot of negative press regarding the Annunaki. Like all races, there is a variation in consciousness from one member to another, and certainly there have been some Annunaki who made decisions that turned out to cause pain and suffering for humans. However, may we remind you that like attracts like in the lower four densities and in order for humans to have a negative experience of another race, there must be negativity present within the consciousness of those humans.

There will be some humans who will use the passage of Nibiru and the distortions in the EM field that result to create a “third wave” of ascension. Likewise, some humans will use this event as an accelerator to cycle out of incarnation.

Your experience of these three predestined events is largely determined by free will. You have the free will to embrace the Divine principles of love, cooperation, harmony, compassion, trust and selfless service. Doing so will greatly enhance your experience of these events. This can be a time of liberation, rather than enslavement, death and destruction. The choice is yours, beloved Creators.

We are the Founders.

Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 USA

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