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Leah on the Pitfalls of Ego
Received by Sal Rachele
January 26, 2006

Dear beloveds, this is Leah. My, oh my! What an opening and acceleration there is on planet Earth right now. Some of you are being put through the “meat grinder”, yes? Others are thriving on all this change. How are you doing? Is it exciting or are you feeling overwhelmed?

The channel has asked me to speak on the subject of ego. You all have one. Yes, you too. It doesn’t matter what your title, level of experience, or what planet you are from. It doesn’t matter how many lifetimes you have had on Earth or elsewhere - you all have an ego. You need to have an ego as long as you are in 3D embodiment on Earth. The ego is necessary to function efficiently in a human body. The ego helps you set boundaries with people. You do not want to become a doormat with everyone stepping on you and pushing you this way and that. Your ego allows you to say “NO” when appropriate. It also allows you to say “YES” with enthusiasm to your human desires and dreams.

You are both human and divine. You need to honor and respect both parts (well, actually, all 12 parts if you want to get technical). Each aspect of your soul needs to be acknowledged and loved, no matter what others might think. The ego is obsessed with what others think, and as long as you are acting out of the need for approval, you will not be in alignment with all the higher aspects of who you are.

Like all aspects of your human side, the ego wants to be loved and appreciated. There is nothing wrong with this, except that in pursuing approval of others you forget that there is one Source within you that gives you continual approval. God approves of who you are because you were created from Love, and Love always appreciates everything equally. There are no blemishes that come to Love’s sight – for all is accepted for what it is and no judgment is present. With ego, there is judgment, and therefore, ego must be relegated to a relatively small role in your life. With higher guidance, judgment becomes discernment. You determine what is beneficial to your soul growth, happiness and well-being and you discard that which does not fit into your perfect Divine Plan.

It is tempting to judge those who disagree with you, whether about politics and religion, personal growth, intimate relationships, or any subject. Liberals judge conservatives, and vice versa. Catholics judge Jews. One country judges another.

Judgment is the biggest pitfall of the ego. It is subtle and devious and can consume one before one knows what has happened. If you are sensitive to energy, you will sense the presence of judgment before the judger even realizes what has happened. Judgment always carries a negative emotion or negative energy pattern, no matter how subtle. There is a common misperception that what you need for spiritual growth must always involve confronting negative emotions and going through fears. This may be true at one point, but just because you feel a negative emotion does not mean it’s time to process yourself. Sometimes your ego can align with your higher self and provide you with signposts. If you feel negative about something, it can simply mean that you need to pay attention and recognize that perhaps the path that feels negative is not for you. Sometimes it is that simple. Not everything is complicated, dear ones. You must learn to recognize when your fear is something coming up from your subconscious to be healed and moved through, and when it is merely the energy surrounding a free will “opportunity.”

We in the higher planes will assist you in understanding the difference between fear coming up to be healed and fear inherent within a free will choice. In the first instance, you must confront and move through the fear. In the second instance, you are being given an opportunity to make another choice more suited to your development.

If you look closely and move into the heart of your being, you will be able to tell the difference between your inner resistance to change, and the message that a path presented to you is not the right one for your soul growth, happiness and well-being. Always bring in the loving light of your God Self to help you make decisions. Your ego will need to align with your God Self and assist you in carrying out your plans. If you assign a task to the ego without bringing in your God Self, it will make a mess of your life. You have experienced that, yes? All of you know what we are talking about here. Let’s be brutally honest.

You can learn to recognize the subtle ways that ego attempts to influence your choices. When you are lonely and want companionship, you might try to impress another with your knowledge, good looks, cunningness, etc. When you are feeling self-righteous, you might resort to subtle judgment of another path or viewpoint. On the flip side, when your ego is down in the dumps, you might belittle yourself or play the martyr. “Look at how much I’ve sacrificed for you.” We are sure you’ve heard that expression.

Through all of this, you are all doing remarkably well. Our view is that life on your 3D world is inherently difficult. Yes, it can be simple, but you have been in darkness for so long that old habits are not easy to break. Fortunately at this time on your world there is more help available than ever before. We are joined by literally millions of enlightened souls in serving as beacons of assistance. Some of you are angry that we are not intervening more directly. Therefore, you attract those entities from the fourth density that are still coming from ego. They will ride in on their white horses to rescue you. DO NOT BELIEVE IT! They are merely appeasing their own egos, or worse, they want to take something from you. We do not say this to scare you, but to wake you up.

It is not in our nature to comment upon individual projects on your world, such as what you are calling NESARA. However, we remind you once again beloveds, to use discernment. There are a lot of claims being made that are simply not true. Have you really investigated what is being said? Have you looked at the energy of both the light and dark forces playing out on your planet? Have you looked at the motivation behind many seemingly well-intentioned people? Do you really understand the consciousness of those in the power elite? Do you know why they are doing the things they are doing?

It is wise to put on a scientific mind when investigating the things of your world. A true scientist seeks to know the complete truth behind something going on. Let go of your preconceptions about reality and open up to the higher wisdom pouring forth from your own radiant God Presence. Allow this wisdom to light your way. Do not be afraid to expose EVERYTHING to the light. Do not blindly accept something just because it sounds good. This is another pitfall of the ego. The ego convinces you that something is real because it wants it to be real.

Learn to accept all parts of yourself. When you do this, you align your lower aspects with your higher ones and then information can flow easily throughout your being. Then you are not confused about what to believe or what direction to take. We are assisting many of you in gaining clarity about your soul path. We are not doing it for you, but we are sending you a lot of loving light to help illuminate your path. We appreciate you just as you are – you are magnificent beings of light – yet for a while you remain mesmerized by the illusions of this world. Give yourselves a lot of credit for being willing to step out of the box and embrace your glorious Self. We love you and bless you continuously. I am Leah, on behalf of my helpers from the Confederation.



Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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