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The Arcturians on Psychic Awareness
Received by Sal Rachele
April 11, 2006

Beloved Creators, we are the Arcturians, and today the channel has asked us to respond to the following question from a client:

Questioner: I have been to several psychics and every one of them has told me that the love of my life is coming, but it’s been a long time and he hasn’t shown up yet. Are they all wrong? What is going on here?

Arcturians: First of all, this channel and many of the other human souls who have performed psychic readings are not fortune tellers. This means that they are not offering this service in order to please the ego of the person asking the question. They are not here to tell people what they want to hear, at the expense of telling them what their souls need to hear. A true psychic and healer will ask his or her spirit guides to give the information that will best serve the client’s growth and understanding. When we work with this channel and others, we seek first to help expand the awareness of the channel and then to help awaken and illuminate the lives of humans on your planet. This is our primary purpose in coming here. To assist you in becoming more aware of your vast, magnificent being will do more to help you than any amount of appeasing the ego or attempting to comfort you in your times of loneliness and heartache.

Dear one, we know you have a loving heart and it is your desire to share that love with another in an intimate relationship. However, some things are worth waiting for and it is better to take your time and really desire that your next relationship be one that helps you grow and evolve into more of who you really are. Psychic awareness does not accomplish much if it merely soothes the ruffled feathers and seeks to reassure souls that all is well. Psychic awareness is about becoming aware of the deeper and more subtle levels of yourself. It is about understanding your soul’s journey through the worlds of time and space. It is about understanding soul contracts, karma and mutually agreed-upon lessons between souls. Always our purpose in working with these channels is to further your self-awareness and to help bring you closer to your own God Presence within. Yes, we can often see joys and pitfalls on your path ahead, and can offer warnings and advice on how to proceed. There are certain highly probable futures we can see coming not only to you, but to humanity in general. There is a place for prophecy and precognition, and when it serves your soul growth, we are happy to offer our insights.

Dear one, you have free will and you are a powerful Creator. You can prove any psychic wrong simply by changing your mind about things. You are the mastermind of your creation. It is you who attract or repel a romantic partner. It is you who decide how and when to communicate with another. It is you who determine whether or not to proceed with an open heart or a closed one. You have heard the expression, “Be the person you wish to attract.” If you are not in love with yourself, how can you be in love with another? Are you fully appreciating who you are? Do you love yourself? Can you be your own best friend? Like attracts like. This principle has been expressed in countless ways on your planet by your seers and mystics for millennia. To attract a loving relationship you must be a loving person. Otherwise, you might live for a while in the illusion that you are in a loving relationship, but sooner or later the issues under the surface will rear their ugly heads and the illusion will be shattered. All of you have experienced this in your relationships at one time or another. Your psychologists say the honeymoon is over and now you are in the power struggle. Yet why is there a power struggle anyway? You and your potential partner are both powerful, creative spiritual beings. Why is there a need to struggle against anything? Surely it is ego that seeks to overcome adversity and battle against the injustices of life.

We in the higher realms have long ago put away struggle and strife. These attributes are born of a false perception that you are assailable and that others are responsible for your happiness and well-being. As you come more fully into your power you will see that there is nothing and nobody outside yourself that can ever be responsible for your peace of mind, joy or even your illumination. Happiness is an inside job. We’re sure you’ve heard that one before too.

If you are clear that you desire an intimate relationship, then continue to visualize that which you desire. Continue to KNOW that you can and will create loving relationships in your life. However, go deep within to the center of your being when contemplating that which you desire. Do not allow the ego to get impatient and say, “Where’s my partner?” Above all, do not allow your ego to criticize and judge you. All of you are in human bodies and all of you make what you call mistakes. You have human issues. You have human foibles. You have various levels of distortion and illusion present in your perceptions. Do not wait until you are “perfect” before opening your heart and loving each other. Start by finding something loving about every person currently in your life. Be the person you want to become. Be the person you want to attract. Know that love is already in your life. Live as though your partner is already present. Obviously we are not advising you to be in delusion or pretend things are not as they are. However, prepare the path. Sow the seeds. Be loving and kind. Know that you deserve a beautiful, intimate relationship.

For those of you who already have partners, there is room for improvement, yes? Of course there is. This advice is not just for this one soul who desires companionship. All of you can benefit from our advice in one way or another. Go within to the Source of your being. We have said this countless times, as have your other spirit guides. Go within and KNOW that you are the physical manifestation of God in this world. Live from your God consciousness. Make your God Self your constant companion. Live from your God Self. Be your God Self. Align your various aspects with your God Self. This is the real reason for your existence here – to experience your God nature in the physical realms.

We are the Arcturians, always here to serve you in the highest capacity. Bless you in the name of the Infinite One.



Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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