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Leah on Love Thy Enemies
Received by Sal Rachele
October 1, 2005

Questioner: I’m so tired of all the crap I have to put up with in this world. Day after day it’s the same old stuff (SOS). Corrupt leaders running a corrupt system. The rest of us struggling to make ends meet. People stuck in their limited little world. I can’t wait for the Earth Changes so we can get rid of the slime and dirt. It will be a happy day when they all get wiped out. Then we can take back our planet. Leah, I’m tired of waiting. When are we going to get this nightmare over with?

Leah: Beloved, therein lies the problem. Take a look at the energy behind your words. Can you not see that the “slime and dirt” you speak of is lodged within your own mind as well? Dear one, I am not meaning to be harsh, but when I look at the energy behind your intent, I see judgment, and it is judgment that is destroying so much of what you hold dear. Although God has promised to “wipe away the tears from the face of the Earth,” He has also told you repeatedly to love thy enemies and release all of your judgment. When you can see the Divine in all things, you are truly ready to inherit the Kingdom.

What does it really mean to see the perfection of God in everything? Is this some sort of mental exercise or wishful thinking? Hardly. Seeing perfection where there appears to be chaos and confusion, seeing peace where weapons of war are raised in anger, seeing beauty where oil, blood and money are placed on the altar of worship, requires a different state of consciousness than the one asking the question.

Beloved, it all comes back to who and what you believe you are. Are you still identifying with your physical body and forgetting your spiritual nature? Okay, Leah here is going back to basics, but we had better start at square one if we are going to resolve this dilemma. Can you see, beloved, that the problem is in your consciousness? The world will not change as long as you are angry at the powers that be. Your anger is fueling the fire; it is giving them power. Is this what you want?

Nobody said life on Earth was going to be easy during the changes. A whole lot of false beliefs and denied feelings are going to have to be exposed to the light in order for true healing to take place. This is not a pretty sight for most of you. The vast majority of you have been stuck in denial for a very long time. Not just denial of how far you have fallen in consciousness, but denial of the magnificence that exists beyond the drama of duality.

Most of you are afraid to FEEL the truth of WHO YOU ARE. To do so requires that you let go of a lot of cherished beliefs, including the belief that the Illuminati, or the government, or the bankers, or the reptilians, or the churches, or your parents, or some other authority has caused your problems. It is your core negative beliefs and errors of consciousness that have created your misery and suffering. The outside forces controlling your world are merely the result of adhering to false beliefs and attitudes. A false belief is any belief that denies the truth of who you are.

The most important pursuit in life should be discovering the truth about who you are. Go deep within yourself and explore the vast reaches of your consciousness. You are powerful creators, magnificent beyond belief. We have said this many, many times. When are you going to get it, beloveds? When are you going to stop believing your suffering is the fault of others or outside circumstances?

Love thy enemies is a powerful philosophy. It is not about becoming a doormat and allowing yourself to be stepped on. It is not about refusing to fight back at injustice. It is about a state of mind. It is about a point of view. It is about acknowledging that WHO YOU ARE is far beyond attack and revenge. It is acknowledging that WHO YOU ARE cannot be assailed, cannot be hurt. It is seeing that underneath the harsh exterior of your so-called “enemy” lies a child of God, caught perhaps in illusions, but nevertheless worthy of the same unconditionally loving light that fills and surrounds your being.

Dear one, today it is time to let go of the judgment and come to peace with what is happening in your world. Yes, it is difficult. Yes, there is much sorrow to be dealt with. Perhaps you will need to FEEL the pain of your own disillusionment for a while. Perhaps you will need to FEEL the pain of those who have lost their way for a while. But do not linger there. Become empty inside. Let the spirit of the Creator fill your broken heart. Let the light of truth shine away the dark fog in your mind. Let God’s limitless love regenerate your tired soul.

Know that in a very short time, many souls will in fact leave this world and reincarnate in a place better suited to their level of consciousness. All will be brought to Divine Justice. But it will not be through punishment and judgment, but rather through the fulfillment of Universal Law. Those who are in fear will see a fearful world. Those who love life will see love wherever they look. This is a simple principle, one that has been stated often by countless teachers and philosophers. What do you choose to see today when you look at the world? Do you see awakening or do you see corruption? Temporarily you will likely see both, but you can change your mind and see corruption as an illusion born of minds that have forgotten their Source. It is your job to help them remember their Source by emanating the love of God in your own life. To do this you will need to learn to love your enemies. Put away the weapons of revenge and the sword of hate. Go back to basics today and find the love that has never left you, not for one instant.

Begin close to home. Who have you closed your heart to in your own family or circle of friends? No, let’s go even closer to home. Start with yourself. Where have you been judging yourself? What parts of your soul have been bereft of your love? What dark corners of your mind need the light of truth today? Then work your way outward. Start by forgiving and releasing those around you that have angered you. Go into past lives if you need to. Do not limit your forgiveness. Spread it far and wide. Let go of the resentment, the grievances, and the slights. None of them matter any more. The only thing that matters is the healing of your heart. Your healed heart will change the world. Your liberated mind will unlock the chains. Your bright light will shine away the darkness surrounding the world.

Go into meditation today and forgive every one of your enemies. They are not truly enemies; they have simply forgotten their connection to Source, as you did when you condemned them. Help them remember today by remembering your own connection to Source. Then allow the Presence within you to take right action.

In the light of the Radiant One, I am Leah.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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