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Leah on Airy-Fairy New Agey Sugary Fluff
Received by Sal Rachele
January 3, 2005

Greetings, beloveds, this is Leah. How is your year starting out? A bit intense, perhaps?

The channel has asked me to address an issue that has been on the minds of many of you in recent years, due to the large volume of channeled information currently being generated and disseminated among you. I would like to specifically address the sense of “generality” and “vagueness” attributed to much channeled material, and how it sometimes appears to be “out of touch” with the daily activities of your 3D life.

First of all, let’s put things in perspective. I live in a world very different from your own. I do not experience many of the things that make up your “typical” day. Time does not even mean the same thing in sixth density as it does in third density. Therefore, the nature of the assistance I am able to provide, and that we of the Confederation are able to provide, does not fit neatly into a little box that you can dissect and analyze using traditional methods. Therefore, we must go back to basics in order to understand the difficulties inherent in this type of communication.

The first basic question is “Why are we attempting to communicate with humanity in the first place?” The answer is very simple. As expressions of God’s Love, we have a natural desire to be of help and to uplift you. In other words, we love you. It’s that simple. We hear your cries for help and although ultimately it is up to God (in pure essence) to render healing, we, as aspects of God, are called upon to be intermediaries. Although God makes the trees grow, the soil, air and water act as intermediaries, introducing the necessary elements that support biological growth. Our role is similar. We are not the cause of your healing, God is. We may be one of the methods utilized to promote the healing process.

The next question to ask is “What are the difficulties in spirit-human communication and why is this so?” We have gone into this question before, but apparently many of you still do not understand this, so we will elaborate. How do you describe an elephant to a blind man? You must use words and phrases that have meaning to that person. We do not communicate in words in our own world. We do not go to a 9 to 5 job. We do not fight endless wars based on ideological differences. We do not identify with the personality self, or ego. We do not process information through the same set of filters that you do. However, we have an ability to see past, present and future from a broader perspective than most of you and this can be a distinct advantage when determining the best course of action to take in any given situation.

Ultimately, it is not the words that determine whether or not a channeled message has benefit for humanity. It is the energy behind the words. Many of you need to be uplifted, whether or not you view it as practical. If you are happy and inspired, is it more likely that you will conduct yourselves in a manner that benefits humanity? So regardless of whether inspiration pays your bills or causes a weapons manufacturer to cease business, it would seem that your happiness is more likely to bring peace to your world than your misery. Therefore, perhaps some of you need a little airy-fairy, new agey fluff in your lives. Particularly those of you who are way too serious most of the time.

This is not to say you should ignore the more “practical” matters in your lives. However, by simply attending to practical details, are you getting the most out of your incarnation? Is it benefiting you to be preoccupied with 3D tasks to the exclusion of taking time to go within?

Some of you are looking for conspiracies under every mattress, in every closet, at every turn of the road. Why? What is it you are expecting to find? That some human beings have malevolent intentions? That should be obvious. A more relevant question is “Why?” And “What are you going to do about it?” Are you going to let those who are angry and fearful run your lives? Or would it perhaps be better to lift your consciousness above the fray and look directly at the larger picture? This is where we feel we can help. By understanding the root cause of the problem and viewing it from a level above the cause, there is hope of resolving the issue. Your scientist Einstein gave you this perspective in one of his famous quotes.

Nobody is forcing you to accept our messages. We will instruct the channel to forego publication of these messages if we feel they are not serving you. However, for each one of you that has a problem with our messages, there are several that appear to be benefiting from them. Therefore, if a particular message does not work for you, throw it out. We will not be offended. You have free will and discernment. If something does not feel right, we will be the first to urge you to reject it. Nobody is forcing you to believe anything. We are not spoonfeeding you. We have more respect for you than that. We applaud your decision to be discerning. This form of communication is not for everyone in your world. On the other hand, we are not here to please your egos or make everything sugar-coated, even if we are being accused of doing just that.

The real issue you have with “sugar-coating” is that you want specifics to your questions. You want to know exactly what chemicals are being sprayed into your atmosphere. You want to know exactly what kind of weapon was used for this and that. This is not our job. There are scientists and technicians and even psychic police investigators that can acquire that information. You can acquire that information yourself by going into the Akashic Records. But beloveds, is that information really important? Or should you perhaps be looking deeper? Of course, there are sophisticated weapons. There are lies and cover-ups. There are those with malevolent intentions. There are mini-conspiracies. There are power grabs. There are the controllers and the controlled. There are the wealthy elite and the impoverished poor. This is the state of duality you find yourselves in on Earth. We are not in denial over the manifestations of separation and fear. However, we also understand that simply arguing over the details of your separation does not resolve the problem.

You could be asking yourselves instead, “What is the cause of this separation and fear?” “How can it be understood at its deepest level and resolved?” Sure, you can locate a secret weapon and destroy it, or find out the inner workings of the Illuminati and unravel them, but what have you accomplished? Have you gotten rid of the problem or simply put out a fire? Where is the fire maker? Why is he starting more fires? We could spend all our efforts disseminating the details of your world of illusions. But that would be a disservice to you. You need tools that completely heal the illusions, not simply analyze them. Perhaps practicality itself is a bit over-rated on your world. What good is practicality if all it does is maintain the illusion of separation? We are not saying you should ignore your physical body or the plight of those suffering in your world. But are you immersed too deeply in the problem to see the solution? A charitable contribution or a helping hand in building a dike might alleviate suffering and be appropriate at times, but does it solve the problem? Or will poverty and destruction continue somewhere else even as you are putting out the fire?

Beloveds, you have been told by many sources, including your scientists as well as your prophets, that things are going to be getting a lot more intense in the years to come. At this point, it is not even an issue of debate as to whether or not you are going through Earth Changes. The real question here is “What are your priorities?” From our perspective, the Earth Changes are a necessary part of soul evolution. Would you really rather prefer that things stagnate and that the illusions continue? Your monetary system is in complete opposition to Divine Law. Would you defend it with your life in the false belief that it is offering you security? Let the illusions fall away. God’s Love will protect you. If that sounds airy-fairy, then let it be so. If God created the Heavens and the Earth, then surely you, as children of the Most High, are capable of doing more than simply eking out a modest living. Withdraw your investment in this 3D illusion. Doing so now will save you much anguish in the future. Put your time and energy into things that are truly inspiring and uplifting to your soul. Follow your joy. Put a little sugar-coating into your life. You are not in denial. You are painfully aware of the suffering in your world. You would not be raising these questions if you were living in la-la land. Give yourselves a break and rise above the details of the illusion. They are not important. What is important is WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU ARE HERE.

Forgive me, beloveds, if I am getting a bit intense here, but time is very short and we cannot be debating semantics and analyzing illusions any longer. Go within to the heart of your being. Discover where your passion lies. Follow the highest aspect of your Self. Do this with or without us, as you prefer. We love you and bless you and hold you in highest regard. Be kind to yourselves and hold yourselves in highest regard. I am Leah.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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