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Leah on Love
Received by Sal Rachele
February 11, 2008

Greetings, beloveds. This is Leah. It has been quite some time since we spoke through this channel using your Internet. The channel has been very busy finishing his second book. He has been working with our teachers the Founders to bring you the latest information regarding the changes taking place on your planet.

In our world, hardly a second has gone by since we last spent time with you in this manner. It is your sense of time that is distorted and convoluted into various twists and turns. Many of you are complaining that it is taking too long to free yourselves from the illusions of duality, yet from our perspective, we have but to blink our eyes and peace will be restored upon your world. That is how close you are, dear ones, to forever ending the darkness that has engulfed Earth for thousands of your years.

On your symbolic clock, it is 30 seconds to midnight. When the clock strikes midnight, you will not turn into a pumpkin, but you will awaken fully to your own magnificence and put away the toys of war and all manner of mischief.

Today, dear Leah here has been asked to speak of love. Some of you have a holiday devoted to love, which you call "Valentine's Day" after one of your Christian saints. He was Christian now, wasn't he? There seems to be some confusion on that point. And actually, we stand corrected - it is not really a holiday, but simply an excuse to take your loved ones out to dinner and give them flowers. Well, that's a lovely thing to do any day, so we guess it doesn't hurt to have a day devoted to it.

We do not know much about this Saint Valentine, and we really do not need to know. What is important is the unconditional love within your own heart. This love can manifest romantically, or through social service, or simply through ecstatic blissfulness during meditation. It has a thousand ways it can express itself in your world. The way it manifests is not so important. It has its own way of bringing order out of chaos, peace out of war. Allowing this Divine Love to flow through you and out into the world is your primary task as lightworkers.

The other two sides of the Trinity, represented as power and wisdom, cannot get very far without Divine Love. When you start with the love at the deepest levels of your being and then radiate that love outward, you can then add power and wisdom to the mix and get one outrageously wonderful concoction!

You already know, beloveds, what happens when power and wisdom are not tempered and softened with Divine Love. All you need do is look around your world. The so-called powerful among you - your wealthy and famous ones that hold high positions in your government and banking sectors - are often lacking in compassion. Sure, they might make great fanfare regarding their gifts to charity, while turning their back on action that would bring about real change.

Then you have your so-called men and women of wisdom, with their intellectual achievements and Nobel peace prizes in science and other fields of study. They might be good-hearted people, but how many have really brought your world to peace? Your scientist Edward Teller had a great deal of wisdom, but what was the result? Your atomic bomb. Your Albert Einstein did much to further the cause of technology on your world, but where is the peace to go with it? In his later years, he did have his moments of enlightenment and he saw many of the problems that were not being solved with technology, but he was unable to do much about it.

The point of all this is to remind you that unless you have love to go with your power and wisdom, real peace cannot come to your world. So you may be asking, "Wonderful, Leah, we love to hear about things of the heart, but how DO we bring peace to our world?"

Let us repeat: Love brings its own order. To allow love to flower within you, it is time to let go of judgment - ALL judgment, whether to yourself or others. It is time to FEEL the deep abiding love of your Creator for all living things.

Let's start our lesson with the most difficult task of all. Think of someone you consider evil, dark, loathsome, wicked or despicable. Yes - choose that one. If other names and faces come to mind, include them as well. Go ahead and assemble all your Hitlers, Stalins, bin Ladens, Saddam Husseins, et al., into a single row. If there are any faces "closer to home" include them as well. You know what we mean by that - ex lovers, in-laws, etc. Put the whole merry bunch together. The rapists and murderers as well. Do not exclude anyone you once despised (or still do).

Now ask God to bring a beautiful, golden, radiant light down from the heavens and see it filling all these souls until they are shining and overflowing with brilliant light. Bring your buddies the reptilians in to join the party. Don't forget the dark Orions and dark Sirians. They need God's Love just as much as the rest. Make sure each soul is completely filled with God's Loving Light.

Now say to all of them three times, slowly and with feeling, "I FORGIVE AND RELEASE YOU COMPLETELY NOW. YOU ARE FREE TO GO TO THE LIGHT."

Due to free will, some of them will move toward the light and some will not. That is not your concern. You have done your part. Since all is One, these beloved souls you see in front of you are God's children just as you are and we are. Your ability to see them with complete unconditional love will do far more to bring peace to the world than any amount of protest marches, political action, or rousing speeches.

If you have an emotional reaction to any of them, then there is a place within your own Holy Divine Self where you have withheld your love. These beloved souls are a part of you. Bringing them into the soft and gentle folds of your love is what they really want (though most would not admit this even if they were aware of it). Underneath their bravado and chest-beating lies a pure, innocent soul, lost and confused, calling out for YOUR LOVE.

As you go through this day on your world, remember that we in the higher realms are not asking you to believe in the illusions of the "dark ones" or to approve of their behavior, or to like the things they have done to humanity. It matters not, ultimately, who are the victims and who are the perpetrators. What matters is that God loves all of them equally and without measure. You, who were created in the image and likeness of your Creator, can love them in the same manner - equally and without measure. You free yourselves from illusions every time you turn hate and vengeance into unconditional love.

This Valentine's Day, extend your love throughout all of Creation, to all creatures in this marvelous universe. Do not forget to begin with yourself. Find all those places within yourself that you have withheld from God's Limitless Love and Compassion. Shine your light into the darkest places within. Then turn the light outward and repeat the exercise given above. Your happiness and peace depend on it. Our beloved friend Sananda has given you many a lesson on how to find the road to peace. Join with us and our beloved brother Sananda today and make this the best Valentine's Day ever. Now see the angels and archangels joining Sananda to celebrate our love. All the ascended masters and our entire galactic family are choosing this day to celebrate your freedom from illusion.

I am Leah, on behalf of the Galactic Confederation, sending you my love this day.

Many blessings.


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