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Leah on Love that Moves Mountains
Received by Sal Rachele
October 18, 2004

Questioner: Jesus tells us that we will do greater things than he [John 14:12], and the Bible says that faith can move mountains. I’m having trouble just being in control of my own life. I do positive affirmations, I read inspiring literature, I go to church. What Jesus is expecting of me seems light years beyond where I am. Leah, do you have any advice?

Leah: First of all, let’s clear up some misconceptions. The first misconception you have is that having the power to “move mountains” has something to do with control. The kind of power Jesus is referring to here has nothing to do with being in control of anything. Control is the ego’s definition of power. What the master is talking about is command, not control. There is a vast difference.

The second misconception has to do with which faculty of Self is required in order to have this ability to command the elements. Beloved, it is not the mind. Although it may be necessary to bring the mind into alignment with the Spirit, it is Spirit alone that can command the elements. And it is love that is the medium, the means, through which Spirit can accomplish the “greater things.”

Last night I gave the channel a specific exercise that I would like to bring through again at this time. This is a practical process that helps you to begin taking command of your own life. It will help you understand what it means to have power over the elements, in the true sense of power. Power, as I’m defining it here, is the ability to use the love of Spirit to manifest your soul desires on this plane of existence. Beloved, does that interest you? I thought so.

First, let us do a simple process that your parapsychologists call “psychokinesis” (PK), or the ability to affect objects using so-called psychic powers. But we’re not going to start with spoon-bending or some such amusement. Very few of you can and should start with something like that. Let’s begin with something even more basic – your body.

Every day you perform PK whether you are aware of it or not. Beloved, let’s start by having you lift your right middle finger. Okay, was that easy or not? Of course it was (unless you are suffering nerve paralysis or are missing that finger). Now how did you do that? Right, you used the power of your will. You made a decision, “I’m going to move my right middle finger.” You planted that thought in your brain, your brain relayed the information to your nervous system, and the energy of that thought form activated the nerve impulses, which in turn activated the muscles and fibers in your finger, which then directed that impulse into defying gravity and causing your finger to rise. All right, I probably shouldn’t use the word “defying”, but you certainly overcame or counteracted the force of gravity to accomplish this minor miracle – raising your finger.

There are many more dramatic examples of using the power of will to accomplish miracles. All it takes is a thought to change everything on the physical plane. Remember the last time you felt really good? Can you re-create that experience in your mind? Of course you can. So what happens when you re-create that experience? Exactly! Your body responds by feeling pleasure. You can do this right now. Any time you want to feel good in your body, just think of something pleasurable.

Forgive dear old Leah for getting a bit personal here, but most likely you have, at some point in your life, given yourself sexual stimulation, just by having erotic thoughts. You most likely even gave yourself orgasm, one of the most powerful feelings you can have in your body. During that experience, numerous bodily processes were altered, endorphins changed, blood pressure temporarily elevated, heart rate was faster, etc.

Oh! Am I making you uncomfortable? I apologize. I just figured that juicy example might finally put to rest the belief that you are powerless to change your environment.

“Come on, Leah, that’s my own body, that’s not my environment!”

Really? The way I define reality, the body is part of your external, or outer reality. And you say you don’t have the power to change your outer reality? Okay, on to the next step.

I’m going to make a statement that can be proven, and actually has been, by some of your scientists. In this case, it’s not faith that is moving mountains, but love. Here’s the statement: “If you love something completely with your whole being, it becomes a part of you and you have unlimited power over that object.” Notice I said “object”, not “person”. There is a form of this statement that applies to people as well, but let’s start with objects. Do you want to know the secret of how to move objects with your mind? First of all, it’s not your mind that is moving the object – it’s the love emanating from your whole being, with emphasis on the heart. You can change your life a lot more easily and powerfully by centering in your heart. Let’s do that right now.

Now I realize this may take practice. But start with an inanimate object near you – something small that can move easily. Imagine filling that object with pure, unconditional love. How do you do this? By first imagining a time you felt intense love. It could be when you were first attracted to someone. It could be when you received a revelation during meditation. You’ve all had some time when you felt a beautiful, spontaneous energy pouring forth from your heart. Get in touch with that feeling right now. Okay, project that feeling into the object. Fill the object. Surround it. Penetrate it with your love. Become one with the object. Allow the object to become an extension of yourself, just as your body is an extension of yourself.

Your science has shown that energy emanates from your body. If you can move your body with your love, you can extend your auric field to envelop an object and move that object with your love.

Be patient with this process. It is like learning to use muscles that have been dormant. You do not start weight lifting with 300 kg on each side of the bar. Even if you do not appear to succeed at first, you will be centering and feeling the love of your own Spirit, so there is benefit to this process.

Now for the real miracle: People. Every time you send your love out to others, it has effects greater than you can possibly imagine. I will make a bold statement here and suggest that if the people of Earth had not been held in a love vibration repeatedly, you would not have survived to witness this glorious time of ascension.

Sure, it’s easy to hold some people in your love. But let’s go further. Yes, you know what I’m going to say here. Jesus said it succinctly with “love thine enemies.” I’m playing “ditto” here. What does it mean to truly love your enemies, beloveds? Going through the motions? Hardly. It means looking beyond the destructive or insensitive behaviors to the glorious child of God residing within the hard exterior. Your channeled material, “A Course In Miracles” has numerous daily lessons on this. I suggest you pull the books off your shelf and go back over them.

When you can look on your Hitlers, and your Saddams, and your Osamas and your rapists and your murderers and feel nothing but love in your heart, you are ready to move mountains. Will you move mountains? Probably not literally, unless it is for the highest good. But you might prevent an earthquake or volcano here and there. You might prevent a war or famine or illness. Or, even greater, you might lift a soul or two out of despair and give them new hope for the future.

Dear ones, I am not saying anything new here. I am only bringing it down to Earth a bit and suggesting you start with something simple. The day will come when each one of you will be able to command the elements at will. Your ability to manifest and create will become second nature. You will forever move beyond survival mentality and into total and complete abundance, love and harmony. Those days are not far off, beloveds. Never again will you see yourselves as lacking in any way. Never again will you believe you must work out past karma in order to be free. You are free now. You have always been free. It is only your own illusions that you have allowed to keep you in prison. Let them go.

You are powerful beyond measure. We will keep saying this until you get it. You’re almost there. It won’t be long now. Do not let the insanity of ego-centered beliefs keep you prisoner one instant longer. Throw them off with happy laughter. Today is the day of your liberation from fear and limitation. Start by loving everything about yourself, down to your smallest apparent imperfection. Once you have loved your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit, start loving the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms with the same reverence. Then move on to other human beings. Don’t forget your star brothers and sisters, the ETs. Include the entire Universe, from the lower astral realms that desperately need more love, to the Creator Gods that are spinning forth new galaxies. Do not exclude anything from your love.

This is the secret, beloved. This is the key to Heaven. Unlock the door today.

I am Leah, here on behalf of the Radiant One. I bid you good day.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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