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Lord Sananda - Choose Once Again
Received by Sal Rachele
April 6, 2006

Greetings, beloveds, it is I, Sananda, coming before you with a general message to the lightworkers of Earth. As you probably know, I work with thousands of souls in the 3D world, through various channels and methods of delivery. In times past I have spoken on the need for discernment and protection. Today’s message is a little different; it has to do with diligence and persistence.

This is a difficult time on planet Earth for many of you. Some of you are telling me that you’ve been following my advice and praying for more light to come to Earth and yet you feel stuck, you feel your lives are not moving forward the way that you want them to. I say this: How diligently are you calling forth the light of your own God Presence? How sincerely and deeply are you asking for enlightenment?

In times past, students of spirituality spent decades in secluded facilities, monasteries, temples, convents and such, in the hopes they could be single-focused on God. Today you live in a world of instant gratification, and if something takes more than 10 minutes a day for a week you get impatient.

Beloveds, how long have you wandered in darkness? Think about it for a moment. How many lifetimes have you spent in bondage to your egos? How many lifetimes have you misunderstood the laws of karma, grace, forgiveness, giving and receiving and balance? How many times have you belittled yourselves, perhaps unconsciously? Even now, how many of you still use expressions like “This is killing me,” or “Stupid me, why did I do that?”

It takes patience and diligence to overcome the illusions of this world, dear ones. Many of you, including this channel, have been impatient with yourselves and others. The paradox is, things are speeding up on your planet. Your thoughts are manifesting ever more quickly and completely. You are coming into your power. Yet at the same time, many of you still doubt your own abilities, you doubt that the process of manifestation is unfolding perfectly according to Divine principle. Oh ye of little faith, what is it going to take before you truly understand?

I have said before, “Where do you put your allegiance?” Are you still basing your happiness on your bank account or your spouse or friends or family? They have free will as you do. They can accept or reject you. You have no control over their free will decisions, just as I have no control over yours. One of your movies, called “Bruce Almighty,” demonstrates the limitations of trying to overcome free will. In this delightful movie a neophyte is given the powers of God but quickly realizes that with all his infinite power, he cannot make another human being love him. Therefore, those of you who have emotionally invested yourselves in what your family, friends or lovers think of you, it is time to let that one go. You are not here on Earth to please others. You are here to serve others. There is a vast difference. Sometimes those who have the hardest time with you are the ones being served and serving in the highest capacity. And vice versa, you may have many who love you as long as you are fulfilling their image of who you should be, but as soon as you truly listen to your heart, they no longer find you as charming. Can any of you relate to what I am saying?

Those of you who do not have time for spirituality, remember this: Where you place your focus, that is what you manifest. If you are working a job you do not like because you think it is the only way to “earn” a living, let me remind you that God gave you life without any reservations; there is nothing to “earn.” Yes, your world is set up to keep all of you working like busy bees so the people at the top of the pyramid can indulge in their luxuries. I need not remind you of the foolishness of this game, no matter where you are on the pyramid. For a while longer, you will play this game, but very soon this game will be changing drastically. This world is no longer going to be ruled by a few power-hungry individuals. Why? Because YOU are changing your consciousness and as a result, this world is increasing in vibration. Do you really think it will just magically ascend without your participation? YOU are the vital ingredient necessary for this world to ascend. Without YOU, the powers that be will continue to have their way. Okay, maybe their little game will be interrupted by the ending of the Grand Cycle and the resulting Earth Changes, but after the dust settles, they will be back to continue their tomfoolery – unless YOU and your brothers and sisters awaken to your magnificence in this lifetime, right now, just as you are, with your various challenges and difficulties.

Today, this very moment, it is time to stop indulging in idle thoughts and allowing your ego to rule the roost. Today, now, it is time to put a stop to the chattering and worrying and anxiety. You CAN do this. You have my help. I am here to assist you every step of the way. Many of you that have joined the mystery school have been doing the exercises and lessons faithfully and you are noticing a difference.

Subconsciously, some of you are still waiting for the spaceships to land and whisk you away so you don’t have to face the challenges of this world. I am sorry to disappoint you but our Confederation does not operate in that manner. We need you on the Earth to help heal and lift her into the majesty and beauty that is her destiny. We cannot do this for you. You cannot do it if you are waiting to be beamed up. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Make it a joyful work. Make service your happiness. There is no greater joy than to help others. Discover this for yourselves; do not take my word for it. Take time, today, to really get clear on your part in this cosmic drama. I can assure you it is NOT working a job you do not enjoy in the mistaken belief that your sustenance comes from a weekly paycheck. I can assure you that the approval of your family is insignificant when your soul is held back from expressing as a result of seeking approval.

If ANY part of your life is out of balance, if your body is not healthy, if your finances are not harmonious, if your relationships are in conflict, then it is necessary to go deeper within and look honestly at your self and your priorities. It is time to choose once again. It is time to come to God with an open heart and mind. It is time to humble yourselves before God and ask sincerely for that which you truly desire. I am here to guide you and help you. I am your elder brother and I have overcome this world. Now it is YOUR turn to overcome it by loving it unconditionally, including all its people, especially your so-called leaders in their time of illusion. Love them, bless them, pray for them, see them moving into the light. Let go of your self-righteous anger towards them. Collectively, you have all placed these people in power. They are a reflection of something within your own consciousness. Be willing to look honestly at the places within you that you have withheld from God’s loving light. When you can love all people unconditionally, without reservation, you will see a very different world. You will KNOW then that you are the light of this world and that nobody can put a bushel basket over your light. It will stand clear and bright and it will shine into the darkest corners of this world, and nothing will be able to assail it. Know this today, beloveds. You are all truly blessed. I AM Sananda.



Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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