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The Founders on the Nature of Timelessness
Received by Sal Rachele
March 7, 2005

Greetings once again, beloved Creators. Today we once again attempt to make use of your primitive and limiting language to convey ideas that can be received directly, but which are difficult for you to translate into ideas and concepts. Therefore, as usual with our transmissions, you need to see this as a blending of energies. Feel our frequency within your being. You have 12 dimensions, like us, and so you are capable of receiving whatever we offer you. Simply tune into that highest part of yourselves and allow the understanding to be there.

You are in a curious position, being in 3D bodies upon a 3D planet. As you increase your awareness and your planet increases Her awareness, and you begin to embody 4D and 5D frequencies, you will realize that you have been in 4D and 5D realms all along, but you were simply not focused on those realms. This is the easiest way to move into the subject of timelessness. The truth is, you are timeless beings of eternal perfection right now. You have always been this and you will always be this. There is nothing you need to do to earn this or gain this or attain this. IT IS ALREADY YOURS. Your ONLY task is to become aware that you are timeless and eternal. Heaven does not cease to exist because you fall asleep and dream that you are immersed in a world of duality. It continues along without interruption. Today, we want to conduct an exercise wherein you simply tune into your timelessness.

Place your attention on the heart chakra area. Simply become aware of this center of light within your physical form. Now imagine there is a golden, radiant light pouring into your heart center from the cosmos. Stand erect and imagine it is coming in at a 45-degree angle from above you. If you are outside, you would be looking up at the midway point between the horizon and the top of the sky. Imagine a river of golden light pouring into your heart chakra from that direction. Now imagine that this golden light is loving you gently and tenderly, caressing and stroking you with the utmost care and diligence. Imagine it gently and gracefully lifting you out of your 3D body and into a realm of pure light and delight. Imagine the most beautiful thing you can think of, and then imagine that this light is a million times more beautiful than that thing. Think back to the happiest moments of your life, and then multiply those feelings by one billion. Now you have a tiny, tiny glimpse of what this golden light is about. Imagine there are trillions of packets of energy stored within this light. Each packet contains an infinite amount of the Creator’s Love. Feel that Love entering into your holy vessel and bringing all the organs and tissues into perfect alignment.

This channel has a favorite expression: “We are like fish looking for water.” Indeed you are, beloved Creators. That which you seek is all around you, within and without. There is no place where it is not. You are immersed in a love so great, there are no words that can even approximate it. Therefore, you must simply FEEL it and KNOW it. Take a moment now to simply allow it to dawn on your awareness. We have been here from the beginning, and before the beginning, for there really is no beginning and no end. We are the Creator and yet we are Creators within the Creator. We always have been and we always will be. Your minds must fall silent as your greater BEING comprehends our message. Your minds were never meant to comprehend the Infinite. They can only think in terms of the very large and the very small. These concepts are inadequate to describe what we give to you at this time. It is what we gave to you when we created the blueprint of your human form. There are thousands of species of you scattered across the galaxy in humanoid bodies all going through this moment of revelation. Each world, with its unique beauty and evolutionary process, eventually comes to this point – the point of awakening to what has always been and will always be.

Today it is your turn. Within the illusion of time, there comes a moment where time ceases. You have the choice to make this moment the moment of awakening. Your eyelids are fluttering as you sleep. Your cosmic body of light is stirring on the Heavenly bed. You are about to open your eyes. Go ahead and open them and look around. The world you thought you lived in will fade away like mist before the sun. A few blinks of your eyes later and you will not even remember what was happening in the dream. There will only be the timeless wonder of your true Home.

You can bring the feeling of Home into the world you temporarily inhabit. You can live in that world and in your true Home at the same time. Your Home is always present in every moment. You have never left your Home. You are safely within your Father’s House. While you dream of wars and suffering and competition and greed, your Mother/Father God is gently cradling you as you sleep. Awaken and allow the dreams of suffering and misery to be over. They are illusions, despite how real they appear to be. You have a choice. You can continue to believe in these dreams, or you can be awake. If you choose to be awake, the dreams will cease.

Your enlightened teachers say it only takes one human being to change the world. They are absolutely correct. Today YOU can be that being. You really CAN put an end to the misery and suffering of your world. Do not let the pragmatists tell you that you are deluding yourself or that you are on a messiah trip. We are not talking about grandiose ego schemes to prove your worth by trying to save people from themselves. We are talking about your REAL power. The power to move mountains, as your Jesus said.

Every one of you has this power. This power is real. It is yours to express and utilize within this world of dreams and illusions. It is as depicted in your move, “The Matrix.” If you keep the awareness of your true Home in your consciousness at all times, you will never again feel powerless to change the world. You have unlimited power. You have always had unlimited power. You simply believed you did not. Today, let’s restore you to the awareness of WHO YOU ARE. Today it is YOUR turn to awaken. So be it, and so it is. We are YOU in the 12th dimension. We are the Founders.

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