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Lord Sananda on Commitment and Self-Empowerment
Received by Sal Rachele
June 16, 2006

Greetings, beloveds, this is Sananda, here with a general message for all human beings upon your planet. Whether or not you are in the mystery school program, subscribe to several different channeled messages from different channels, read the Bible, A Course In Miracles, Love Without End, or any other messages, it makes no difference. If you go deeply enough into any written form of my communication, you will find the same themes throughout, albeit in different word combinations. My main message is, and will always be, that you are created in the image and likeness of your Creator, and that you are without sin. You are wholly free, wholly innocent, and have unlimited power to create like your Creator. That will always be the crux of my message.

Today, beloveds, the channel has asked me to speak on commitment and self-empowerment. In several of my programs across your world, I have been doing what you affectionately call “upping the ante.” This is, of course, an expression from your card game “Poker” where bets are made before the hands are dealt. In essence, dear Creators, you anted up before you came into embodiment, and the stakes were high. You knew this would be a difficult and challenging time on Earth, and you knew it would be an exciting time. A part of you knew that this would be the time when you would start to remember the eternal nature of your being and you would begin to awaken to the unlimited power and creativity within you.

Many of you are indeed awakening very rapidly to the awareness of your higher nature. This channel and many others have mapped out the levels and dimensions of consciousness and if you use those models, we would say that your upper six levels of being are now becoming aligned with your lower six levels of being. This means that the flow of communication from your higher selves to your lower selves is improving daily, despite your emotional ups and downs. The emotional mood swings are not just due to what your doctors call “hormones”, but they reflect the ongoing purification of your emotional bodies. All that is false will rise to the surface to be healed and released. You have heard that expression before. It is indeed true. As the false self (ego) becomes merged with the true Self (your soul), all that is not in alignment must fall away.

It is essential at this time that you love yourselves completely and without reservation. You must love every little quirk, anomaly, blemish, glitch or abnormality. No part of your being shall be outside your love. Some of you have been very critical of the way you have been handling your new-found knowledge. Some of you have been beating yourselves up because you do not appear to be following through with your commitments.

Aaahhh, there’s that C-word – commitment. To many, it has become a dirty word, riddled with guilt, shame, coercion, obligation, drudgery, strict discipline and all sorts of mandatory activities. This need not be. Commitment can be a joyous experience. It can be a declaration of your power. It can be a loud trumpet for your truth. Some of you, in false humility, have been bleating on a tiny pennywhistle instead of declaring your truth with a bullhorn. Perhaps you believe it is not right to declare your truth publicly. Perhaps tooting your own horn has become associated with snake-oil salesmen and con artists. These, dear beloveds, are all forms of guilt manifesting in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

If you are committed to your path of awakening and enlightenment, then you must examine all the ways you have hidden your light under a bushel basket. Some of these will be obvious, as in when you hold back from telling the truth in your relationships. Other examples will be more subtle. Perhaps you are critical of those who toot their horns loudly. It is certainly true that some are coming from ego and want the world to think they are important. There are many who are more concerned with making money than in service. You and I are aware of all that. This is not what we are talking about here. We are exploring the aspect of ego that feels “less than” and that fails to declare the truth when such declaration is called for.

Beloveds, if you are committed to self-empowerment, freedom, awakening, love and enlightenment, then it is necessary to value yourselves enough to declare your truth. How do you do this? I’m not suggesting you all race to the mountaintop with a bullhorn, or splatter your name across the Internet, or write your elected officials, unless that is the guidance you are getting. Actions speak louder than words. Take an honest look at your actions. Where are you honoring your magnificence and where you are hiding behind a bushel basket? Let’s use some specific examples:

How many of you are simply putting up with your primary relationships? How many of you feel locked in a dead-end job? How many of you are wishing to do your work, but keep putting it off? What about taking charge of your health, diet, lifestyle, addictions, habits, etc.? Are some of you still giving power to cigarettes, alcohol, junk-food, television, or any number of distractions to your path? I suppose I should mention that I am not advocating a celibate, sterile lifestyle. If that worked, then every nun and priest would already be totally enlightened. Did I live like a nun or priest? If the stories in your Bible are to be believed, then I drank wine and hung out with prostitutes and made merry on many occasions. I did not lose my focus on the goal of awakening and enlightenment, but I was not what you call a “stuffed shirt” either. I had feelings – I wept and laughed and enjoyed life. I was not a martyr. I was not a puritan. I did not hang my head low to the ground so as to not be tempted. I preached moderation. Somewhere between what you call hedonism and Puritanism is the happy balance of a live well-lived.

Beloveds, the purpose of today’s message is to fire you up a bit and get you back on track with the commitments you made before coming into embodiment. If you are reading this message, then you are one of the souls who made this commitment. This is not about beating yourselves up if you seem to fail, nor is it about setting impossible goals. It is about making a strong commitment to moving through your emotional issues, health problems, financial challenges, relationship conflicts and all the rest. It is about making choices that are for your highest soul growth, happiness and well-being. It is about investing in yourself, whether through taking self-empowerment workshops, holistic healing, meditation, right diet and lifestyle, or some other method. The methods are not the goal. They are means to making the goal easier to attain. There is really only one goal and that is remembrance of your eternal Self. All the rest will fall into place.

Everything you do, say, think, feel and imagine can be what you call “grist for the mill” of awakening. Love yourself completely and unconditionally. Then follow through with your sacred promises and soul contracts. They are joyful to behold once you move out the guilt and shame. Say goodbye to guilt today, beloveds. It has never served you and it never will. Move it out of your being completely. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get moving on the path you know so well. Start fulfilling the reason you came here. Start celebrating the beauty that you are. You are magnificent and I am privileged to behold your shining purity and innocence. I AM Sananda, forever at your service.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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