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The Arcturians on Alternate Timeline Dynamics Part 1
Received by Sal Rachele
August 12, 2005

Greetings, beloved friends, we are the Arcturians, here with an important segment on the nature of time and space alternate realities. This is a complex subject that very few humans understand. It is not an easy subject to discuss due to the limitations of your language. This channel has put forth some rather basic information, with our assistance, in the past, but we have not gone into depth and there are many areas relatively unexplored and yet to be understood.

In order to communicate these ideas, we must use analogies, much as your scientists of superstring theory do. In one such analogy, scientists use the concepts of “Flatlanders”, or people living in two dimensions, to examine what happens when three-dimensional reality impinges on their flat world. We will use a similar analogy in describing multidimensional time and space fluctuations.

The popular analogy regarding time and space is that it resembles a tapestry or quilt, with time-space realities interwoven like a fabric across a virtually infinite panorama. This panorama represents dimensions beyond time and space. Keep in mind that time and space are the threads of the fabric, not the fabric itself. Within this fabric are what we call timelines, or threads that are given energy and life, i.e., creation. A timeline is a continuity of time and space that has been given consciousness by God’s Creator Sons. We are Creator Sons. You are Creator Sons. Creator Sons are souls with the consciousness of God imbedded within them, and that means EVERY soul in Creation.

Beloveds, you were created in the image and likeness of your Creator. Your Creator brought into the universe many tapestries of light, love, wisdom and power. Among these is the tapestry of time-space. You, as junior creators, are given domain over this tapestry of time and space. In other words, you are given the authority to create timelines (and spacelines) within the tapestry. Whenever a thought or spark of consciousness is rendered unto the tapestry of time-space, a timeline is created. If the timeline is created by an individual soul, it resembles light filaments or fiber optic wires lighting up with electricity against a dark background. Whenever two or more souls join in consciousness within a given timeline, the ignited strand of fabric grows in brightness and intensity until it leaves a sizable imprint on the tapestry. Timelines that have the collaboration of millions of souls (such as the timeline of planet Earth) have great brightness and power. You could say in your limited vernacular that collective timelines are stronger and more “real” than individual timelines, although this is not entirely accurate.

There are an infinite number of possible timelines, and a finite number of probable timelines. Probable timelines are those fabrics that are given a great deal of consciousness. If there are almost seven billion individual souls on your planet and six billion of them are giving consciousness and focus to a particular timeline, that timeline becomes a probable reality, meaning that the reality “dominates” the surrounding threads of the tapestry, leaving a great imprint on the Akashic medium. The Akashic medium is similar to what you call a camera, or snapshot, or photograph, in that it records the movement and manifestation of timelines within the tapestry. All activity with the time-space matrix is recorded in the Akashic medium and can be recalled by anyone versed in Akashic retrieval. You can think of the Akashic as a giant universal computer memory bank with infinite storage space. Souls can recall a particular event along a particular timeline simply by accessing the Akashic.

Although individual souls cannot change Akashic imprints directly, they can dynamically alter the intensity and experience along each individual timeline. When a soul alters a timeline, the quality and intensity of that timeline changes. However, because the Akashic continually records imprints in the medium, every change, no matter how minute, is imprinted as if it were a static occurrence in time and space. This, although ultimately illusion, gives the appearance that reality is a solid, unchanging linear progression, and that once something has occurred in time and space, it remains forever unchanged.

In this series of lessons, we will explore the truth about changing timelines, altering timelines and jumping timelines. This is an advanced series, currently beyond the capability of the channel and most humans to fully comprehend. We will attempt to go slowly and hopefully will not lose anyone. It is perhaps unfortunate that the limitations of this language mean that we are bound somewhat by the third-dimensional laws and limitations when disseminating this information. Therefore, it will, of necessity, be given in a linear manner, with varying complexity, in a series of small parts so that the reader does not feel overwhelmed or lose interest due to its length.

Every moment of every day, in linear time, souls are creating new possible and probable timelines in the infinite fabric of time-space. Every thought in your consciousness changes, however imperceptibly, the nature of the fabric. In any given moment, you have an infinite number of possible paths to choose in order to manifest your next moment of creation. Most of your actions, thoughts and experiences will proceed along predictable timelines of mass creation. For example, you have a collective timeline called evolution of planet Earth, which proceeds with relative stability, even though there are a number of variables. As an example, one minute from now you will probably be doing something similar to what you are doing now. Perhaps the physical location of your body will change somewhat, perhaps different thoughts will flow through your mind, perhaps you will get up from your computer and turn on the television, etc. However, your body will still occupy the same general space on a planet hurtling through space at tremendous speeds around the center of the galaxy.

The collective timelines are constantly changing. To illustrate, let us dive into the basic physics of your planet. There are five general movements of the Earth through time and space. The first is the rotation of Earth on its axis, occurring once in what you call a day. Then there is the revolution of the Earth about the sun, occurring once in what you call a year. Then there is the precession of the solar system as it moves through your region of the galaxy, which is known as a Grand Cycle of approximately 25, 920 years. Then you have the movement of this region of space around the central sun of the Milky Way Galaxy, which occurs about every 225 million years. Finally, you have the movement of the Milky Way Galaxy through and around the Great Central Sun of the universe, which occurs about every 20 billion years. All of these movements are actually spirals, not circles, although the smaller ones appear circular or elliptical because you cannot see the higher dimension interactions involved.

The point in diverging into basic physics is to illustrate that even your collective timelines (the ones large numbers of souls have agreed to create) are constantly changing, even though they change in a periodic fashion through what you call cycles, or repeated passes through a spiral progression.

As we said earlier, this material is a challenge to present in a manner you can grasp. We feel we must break at this time to give you a chance to assimilate what we have given so far. We will continue this discussion at a very short time in your linear future. We are the Arcturians.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 .

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