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Leah's Workshop Material Section 2
Received by Sal Rachele
May 2, 2007

This is Leah. Let us say a word about the three main groups of consciousness on your planet. 

There are, as we said before, three main groups of souls on your planet.  They are third density, fourth density and fifth density.  These are the three dominant vibrations on your world.  Each of these groups is creating a scenario based on the quality and level of their consciousness.

Those who are in a third density state of consciousness are creating things such as competition, survival mentality, territorialness, (we don’t know if that is a word or not) and such things as those.  If you are in a lower third density vibration, you will find life getting more and more difficult on planet Earth.  That is because planet Earth herself is going to become a fourth density planet.

Now what do we mean by this?  There is a thing called a Divine Dispensation.  This is your phrase for it.  And what it means is that in your galaxy there are millions of third density worlds and there are millions of fourth density and fifth density worlds, etc.  And each world evolves just like souls upon Earth evolve.  This world has been a third density planet for a very long time and is now going to be shifted into a fourth density planet.

What does this mean for all of you?  First of all, those souls that choose to remain in third density are those that refuse to acknowledge that they are the creators of their life.  They refuse to acknowledge that consciousness creates their reality, which is a law of the fourth dimension. They will continue living in a state of struggling to survive or being competitive or going to war, being territorial, these types of energies, which you call your animalistic tendencies.  If they insist on staying in those states of consciousness, and many of them will, they will be removed from Earth and set up on another planet that is a third density planet.

Is God going to punish them by coming down and snatching them off the planet?  No.  That is not how it works.  Because they will be attracting a reality based on the level of their consciousness, they will attract to themselves another third density planet. Earth will no longer be available to them because Earth is going on to fourth density.

How will they leave the Earth?  Most of them will leave through various immune system disorders.  Some of them will leave through starvation or disease or natural disaster or war.  There are many, many ways that souls can choose to leave when it is their time to go.  Some of them go consciously, but most go unconsciously. Most of the souls that will be exiting the Earth over the next twenty to thirty years will be leaving unconsciously.  They might wake up one day and have some disease that is their excuse to leave or they might choose to be in a location where tsunami waves bury them or they may choose some other means of departure.
Over the next twenty to thirty years, it is our perception and this channel’s and many other prophets’ that approximately seventy-five to eighty percent of humanity will choose to leave and go to another third density planet.
Those who remain, the twenty to twenty-five percent, will have a choice. They can either move into fourth density as virtually all of you have already done in this room, or they can choose to go through the ascension, which is to move into fifth density.

Fourth density is the state of being aware of your relationship with the outer world, having a relationship between your inner and outer world by learning to use your consciousness, your higher mind.  It is learning to create your reality consciously.  It is learning how to cooperate with others and to build self-sufficient communities of light, which will be the preferred way of living in fourth density Earth. They are what you call enlightened, self-sufficient spiritual communities of light.

Some of these may be small and some may be quite large.  They will involve the use of alternative energy, organic gardening, living in harmony with Mother Earth and many other activities. The alternative energies will include solar, hydrogen, electromagnetic, etc., whatever forms of energy are appropriate for their use.  They will most likely use some form of a barter system or will create their own currency in the event that barter becomes too cumbersome to use.

In essence, they will build their society, their civilization from the ashes of the old. This is what your Hopi tribes call the fifth world.  It is the world that arises after the demise of the fourth world, which is the one you are in now, the one that is about to be transformed rather dramatically.

This is good news because everyone ultimately gets what they want and if you choose to embody the higher principles of loving compassionate service, your life is going to get better and better.  Every one of you, yes.  Does that sound good?  It is going to get better because this is the choice that you have made.  You would not be in this room listening to us if you were not interested in moving forward into higher spirals of evolution -- in other words, getting off of the wheel of reincarnation.

We will talk now about the third path, which is the path of ascension.  This is the decision to move into fifth density.  Now you say, “Leah, you just said Earth is going to be a fourth density world.  What do you mean by that?”

Fifth density is a little different than third and fourth in that you can keep this body and move into fifth density. You do not have to leave the body and go to some other realm.  You can keep the body, but in fifth density, the body actually begins to be transformed into a vehicle of light.  It still has some solidity to it, but it turns from what you call a carbon-based mortal body to an silicon-based immortal body where the atomic structure changes in your body and you become impervious to death, disease and environmental factors.
In other words, you will be able to travel the Earth in relative freedom from negativity, from danger.  There will be very little going on upon Earth that can in any way impact you if you are in a fifth density light body.  So most of the souls that will be moving into the ascension, or the fifth density, will choose to stay with Mother Earth and assist those souls that are building the fourth density world.  Only a tiny percentage will leave Earth and go elsewhere.

Most of you in this room -- you are here tonight and it is likely that many of you will be here on the day when ascension is covered in more detail -- are destined to move into the ascension and assist fourth density Earth in the rebuilding process.

Which path you choose is a function of your free will.  Those of you that are what you call "old souls," that have spent many, many lifetimes on Earth and other planets for the sole purpose of assisting souls in growing, evolving, and awakening, will likely be in what has been termed the first wave of ascension.
The first wave of ascension is a term given to those souls who are prepared to use the galactic alignment of December 2012 as a portal point to greatly accelerate their ascension. Now let us put a few rumors to rest.
First of all, there is the erroneous concept of the rapture.  The rapture is a Christian term used to describe ascension.  However, the idea of disappearing in a puff of smoke while your clothes remain on the floor is not the way ascension works.  So, do not expect to have second hand clothes lying around here. Your neighbor will not get to see you go "poof" in a puff of smoke.  That is not how it works.

Ascension happens more gradually than that.  It takes time for the body to convert to a silicon light body form. If you are able to look clairvoyantly, you may already be able to see souls that are in what you call the higher frequencies, higher densities.  In what you call the renaissance period of your Earth, there were paintings of the holy people of that time with halos around their heads.  What they were actually painting was the higher  fifth density light body form that some of these souls were pulling into their physical form.

Not many of them actually went through physical ascension, but clairvoyant artists were able to see the light emanations coming from their higher etheric body.  All of you have a fifth density light body right now. However, it has not been actualized because you have not pulled it into your full consciousness.  You have not brought it into your daily experiences consistently enough for it to be the dominant manifestation.

A few other questions you might have for us would include:  Do you become invisible when you go into fifth density?  There is a point at which you will become invisible to those in lower third density.  However, before you become physically invisible, you will become psychologically invisible.  This means you will literally be living on the same planet occupying the space as those in lower densities, but your consciousness will be vibrating at a very different rate of speed and, therefore, you will have very little in common with those who are still in third density.

Since like attracts like, there will be little or no interaction with those of the third density realm.  For example, you could be walking through a dark street in a dangerous neighborhood in the middle of the night by yourself and if you are vibrating at a high enough level, someone who would normally be interested in doing you harm might register your presence in the optical nerve of the eyes, but the mind would not register anything more than perhaps a brief note that a human being just walked by and then go back to whatever it was thinking before.  Because you are not attracting their vibration, you are vibrating outside of their sphere of influence.

Now eventually you will reach a higher fifth density state and when you are at least two densities different than the perceptions of the dominant vibration of your planet, you will become invisible to them, meaning that you will reach a certain level of fifth density (there are levels within levels) and those in a lower third density state will not be able to see you. You will be vibrating too fast for their eyes to see.

So yes, you will eventually become invisible.  To those who are clairvoyant or those who are moving forward on the density spiral, you may appear as a luminous being of light, like a holographic projection, except that it won’t be a holographic projection.  It will be your actual light body form and it will appear solid, but it will be shining and emanating light.  There will be light radiating from your form.
So there are various degrees to how you will appear as you move into ascension.  During our Sunday section, there will be a discussion regarding all of this in more detail.

End of Section 2


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