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Leah on the Law of Reciprocity
Received by Sal Rachele
March 26, 2005

Dearest ones, this is Leah, with a rather somber message that actually brings me some sadness. Yes, Leah here can still feel sadness, although the vast majority of me remains in a state of ecstasy and boundless joy.

My beloved channel spent a lot of time contemplating this issue and was reluctant to allow me to speak on this subject. It was not an easy decision. You are aware, are you not, that the channel must give me permission before I am allowed to come through. There is a code of ethics and soul contract in place with every legitimate relationship undertaken between an earthly soul and entity from the higher dimensions, even if such souls have a twin flame connection, as is the case with my beloved channel.

Part of the reluctance of the channel is due to his adamancy that service come before monetary concerns. If it were in the highest and best interests of all souls, this channel would completely give away everything he does. He does not believe in the economic system he lives under, nor should you, although I am not suggesting you immediately renounce all monetary exchange and go to barter. That will happen soon enough with or without my advice.

The “straw that broke the camel’s back” prompting the channel to authorize this message was the recent warning by his system administrator that his website was in danger of exceeding its bandwidth limit. I do not understand all of this technical stuff, as we do not have computer Internets on 6D Venus, but apparently a large number of people have been downloading the channel’s music files and not making contributions for them.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND LEAH IS NOT LAYING A GUILT TRIP ON ANYBODY, nor is the channel. The channel and I wish the highest and best for everybody, including those who have been downloading the music and not making contributions. However, it is important for all souls on Earth to be aware that there is a law of reciprocity at work in the Universe. This Universe is fair and balanced, although it may not appear that way on your planet, due to the belief in separation and fear which permeates the governments and economic systems currently in place.

The purpose of this communication is to help you let go of the belief in poverty and lack, and to realize that living an impeccable life on planet Earth involves understanding the law of giving and receiving.

As stated on this channel’s website, over the past year (since his site became available on the Internet) he has given away about 60% of his services for free. During that time, all his needs have been provided for and he is not lacking in any way, and he realizes this (most of the time). J

However, part of this work is to help souls release the belief in poverty, scarcity, lack and limitation. Therefore, I feel it is necessary to point out a few aspects of the law of energy exchange. You can call this part of the law of karma, if you prefer, but I would prefer to call it the law of balance.

The concept of tithing is a good one. This channel (and most channels) have not always practiced this law or fully understood it. However, to oversimplify, it involved GIVING and RECEIVING approximately 10% from a state of “gratis.” In other words, it is desirable to give away about 10% of your time, talent and treasure (to quote a famous author). What is not often mentioned is that it is also okay to RECEIVE about 10% of others’ time, talent and treasure for free. The “10%” is not to be taken as an absolute amount, just a suggestion.

Please understand, this is not a hard and fast rule. God is not going to punish anyone who doesn’t tithe. It is merely a device to train your consciousness that there is more than enough of every good thing in the Universe.

So from an honest and non-judgmental place, can you, dear beloveds, evaluate your giving and receiving quotient? Perhaps you have little or no money in your life at the present time. Does that mean you cannot give back for what you receive? Absolutely not! All of you have valuable skills, talents and contributions to make to the world and Universe. Never believe for one minute that you are not a rich child of a Loving Creator, with an infinite storehouse of time, talent and treasure available to be given freely.

Does that mean you should give it continuously without thought of return? Yes! Does that mean you should do so indiscriminately? No! This is what Jesus meant when he said, “Do not cast your pearls.” He did not mean to be unloving and selfish and only lavish your attention on those you judge to be worthy or who can give a financial return. He meant do not deplete yourself trying to “fix” those who have not learned how to receive God’s gifts and be grateful for them.

Many have misinterpreted this to mean we should not give to those who simply take and do not give back. That is not Jesus’ teaching and that is not my teaching or purpose for giving this discourse. Please understand this.

However, if this or any other channel gives everything away and it does nothing to elevate the consciousness of the souls receiving it, then what good has been done? Yes, there are many souls who will grow and learn from receiving this channel’s free gifts. That is part of the tithing and it is wonderful. If you are one of those souls, God bless you. This channel and I am grateful we were able to give something of value to you that you could use to better your life.

Are you all still with me? Good, because there are a tremendous number of healers, teachers, readers and social workers that are not clear on this point. This is not about meticulously measuring everything you give and receive. This is about giving and receiving in a way that feels right for you and others.

Many of you that have received this or another channel’s offerings for free have held the belief system that you have nothing of value to give back. That is what I am addressing here. It is not that the channel (or any other reader, healer or teacher) needs to have you give him something back in order that he feel worthy or have enough. If he believes that, then he is coming from lack and limitation as well. It is that this channel (and others) wants to impart the knowledge that you have much to give and that in order to complete your energy exchanges, it is important to find some way to give back to the Universe for what you have received.

That does not necessarily mean giving back to this channel. It may mean giving to someone else whose apparent need is greater. It may mean sharing the music you downloaded for free with other souls who in turn purchase the channel’s music or use it to help heal, grow and evolve, in turn giving back to the community in some way.

This channel and I are not going to watch and hope and wait for contributions to come tumbling in out of guilt from those who have been downloading the songs for free. He may not like me saying this, but years ago he downloaded some songs from those swap lists that were not authorized, so he is not above this lesson.

Please understand that Leah’s ethics lesson here is not about getting you to feel guilty for using Napster or some other service. It is quite possible that the record companies were having their own accounts properly balanced by involuntarily giving away thousands of songs through those services. It is not for you or I to judge. However, the next time you ask for a free reading or song or service, ask yourselves why you believe you need to receive the reading or song or service for free. Is it because it feels right? If so, then by all means, allow yourself to fully receive the gift.

However, is it because you believe you have nothing to give in return? That means you are still attached to the belief in poverty, lack, scarcity and limitation. Believe me, this channel has spent a lot of his life stuck in that belief, as have most of you. On our world, we overcame this belief many thousands of years ago (in Earthly time). There is nothing lacking in any way in our world. We have everything we need and our government (if you can call it that) reflects our knowledge that “all that the Father has is ours.”

I apologize for this long rant on this difficult subject, but the purpose should be clear. I want each and every one of you to realize that you live in a sea of infinite abundance. All that your Father/Mother God has is TRULY yours, beloveds. These are not just poetic words. Let today be the day you finally say goodbye to your cherished beliefs in suffering, poverty, misery, competition, greed, selfishness, terror, and all the rest of it.

There is nothing lacking in your life, unless you believe there is. How many thousands of self-help books do you see on your shelves attesting to this? Yet you continue to give your power and energy to people and governments that are steadfast in these beliefs. What is it going to take, beloveds, to realize that you are abundant beyond measure, that within you is the whole of Creation? Beloveds, I send you my energy and blessings, as well as my words. My words are harsh, but gentle, new-agey fluff does not do what needs to be done. You have ASKED to be healed of these maladies. It is not as though we are intervening and imposing ourselves on your comfortable little world. Have you noticed your world is getting less comfortable? That is because you are outgrowing your cocoon. It is time to emerge as the butterfly. You cannot do so if you carry with you your outdated beliefs systems of poverty, scarcity, lack and limitation. Say the following decree with me:

“Today I forever and completely release all belief in poverty, scarcity, lack or limitation. I am a being of infinite light, love and abundance. It is so and so it is.”

I am Leah, sending my boundless love to each and every one of you, in the name of the Most High God. Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth!

Permission to reprint or distribute this article is granted provided the url and contact information is included.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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