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Leah on Staying Present
Received by Sal Rachele
October 22, 2004

Dear Beloveds,

I wish to speak today on a subject that very few of you have even begun to master. This is as it should be. Everything is unfolding according to plan. However, that said, let me illuminate you on what it actually takes to be fully present in each and every moment. For as you know, beloveds, being fully present in every moment is being fully awake and fully illumined.

The question has been asked through the millennia: “What keeps us from being fully present and fully awake?” And to that I say that it is a combination of unconsciousness and fear. For those who have not yet begun to awaken, it is unconsciousness. There is an unawareness that one is living in the past and future, and without someone to prod and pull and exemplify and demonstrate awakeness, there is little chance that such a soul will come to his/her senses quickly. In fact, there have been many periods in your past when it was “normal” for only a handful of souls to awaken in any given millennium. This is the first time in the history of your planet that literally thousands of souls are awakening in just one generation.

This is due in part to the closing of the cycle. It is also due in part to the Divine Intervention that involves the appearance of hundreds of highly evolved spirits, angels, archangels, crystal and indigo children and others. With these highly aware souls now upon the Earth, it is virtually impossible NOT to have a mass awakening.

The other factor that keeps souls from being fully present in each moment is fear. We have talked about fear many times to and through many channels, including numerous psychotherapists and religious leaders. The ego holds on desperately to its agenda for saving your soul. Its agenda is always some form of fear, either overt or covert.

Why else would you constantly futurize and escape into the past? If all were recognized as perfect and in Divine Order, would there be a need to be worrying about the future? We are not talking about physical planning or visioning and intending things into manifestation. We are talking about the type of futurizing that takes you out of your awareness of the present moment. In true visioning and manifesting, there is a powerful presence in the moment and that presence is creating naturally and spontaneously all the time. It is when you find the present intolerable and threatening that you escape into the imagined future. And why is your present so intolerable? Just what is it that you are escaping? We would lovingly suggest that it is a misconception about yourself and your life that keeps you desiring to get away and not look directly at the issues.

For some of you, staying present involves going deeply into the unpleasant feelings you’ve spent so much time suppressing. For others it is more subtle. The plans your ego made for you are not being supported from on high, and these days anything that is not supported from on high doesn’t have a snowball’s chance…well, you get the idea. You are either in the flow or you are not. The gap is becoming more and more apparent. When you are aligned with Spirit, everything seems to work in your life. When you are aligned with ego, nothing seems to work. This is intentional and has been planned by your soul to get you moving in the right direction, for beloved, time is extremely short on your planet. There is no longer the option of sitting on the fence. Rejoice that this is so. We are not trying to scare you into worrying about the future with these harsh words. We are only saying, rather forcefully, “wake up!” The time is now. There has never been more loving support from on high than there is now. Legions of the very brightest and best and most compassionate souls are ready and waiting to lend you a hand.

But you must confront your own demons. It is your own fears that keep you locked in past patterns and future worries. Look directly at your demons. Dear Leah here can name them if you want: Fear of being disapproved of or ridiculed. Fear of being inadequate. Fear of lack. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of your own greatness. Fear of the responsibility it would entail. Fear of loneliness. Fear of aloneness. Fear of being all alone in your opinions with nobody to agree with you. Fear that your body will wither away. Fear that God will abandon you in your time of need. Fear of Earth Changes. Fear of NO Earth Changes – Fear that things will stay stuck forever. The list goes on and on. Which fear is keeping you from being awake in the present? Take a look, dear ones. Look directly into that fear. Notice everything about it. Read the channel’s Chapter 4 [Life on the Cutting Edge] where he goes deeply into fear. Watch the fear. Study it intensively and extensively. Look at it with a scientific curiosity. Then, when you have gone into it completely and without reservation, let it go. Offer it up to your True Self for final analysis. And in the final analysis, it is feathery and elusive, here one minute and gone the next. For in the final analysis, it has no substance. None. But you must see this for yourselves. Looking at it directly with your whole being is the only way through it. This only takes a minute, but when you really do this, it will vaporize before your very eyes. It is not real. It never was and never will be.

What remains when all fear is gone? What remains, dear ones, is a beautiful, shining innocence that nothing in this world can ever destroy. What remains is the eternal moment, ever new, stretching into infinity, without beginning or end. What remains is love so vast and deep that no words will ever describe it.

Beloveds, if you are experiencing anything but ecstatic joy in this moment and every moment, that is a sign that you must go deeper within and look directly at what stands in your way of boundless joy. Do not run away from your feelings. Do not cover them up. Your world is full of distractions. It says to do anything but feel deeply. That is the motto of your incessant disruptions. Shopping malls. Television. Movies. Sports. Preoccupation with the toys of technology. Everywhere you look, there is an escape, set up to avoid feeling. Today, there is no more avoiding. Would you delay your homecoming? Would you wander in darkness one moment longer if you knew there was a way out? We are offering you a way out. It is not to escape, but to remain present with whatever is happening, moment to moment. The ego bids you look away. Don’t listen to it! Listen only to the voice of Spirit within. Listen only to those who point you in the direction of God within.

From where we look, you are so beautiful that nothing could ever cause us to look away. What we see when we look directly into you is so incredible and so fantastic that nothing else compares. When you can look at yourself and see what we see, there will never be a question of motivation ever again. All your attention and effort will be directed toward uncovering and exploring the vastness of your being. Nothing outside yourself will ever satisfy you again. Your relationships will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. When you look at another, you will see only the vastness and innocence of God.

This is the promise you made to yourself, beloved. We are only reflecting your promise back to you. The very fact you are reading this means you are ready to go deep within to your Source. There is nothing else worth doing. Let today be the day you cease your endless searching and return to the present. The time is NOW, beloved. The time is NOW. I am Leah, steadfastly in the light of the Radiant One.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 .

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