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Leah with More Tips on How to Awaken
Received by Sal Rachele
August 5, 2005

Beloveds, this is Leah again, with more tips on how to awaken. So far we have covered breathing and consuming. Now let’s take on that mind of yours. Yes, the channel has called it your best friend AND your worst enemy, and I would tend to agree. You actually have two minds within your one soul. Never mind that small percentage of you that have more than one soul in your body – we’ll cover that another time. Today, let’s look at your two minds. They are your ego mind and your spirit mind, for lack of better terms.

You actually have three minds. Is it any wonder that life on Earth is so confusing for most of you? In addition to your ego and spirit mind, you have what is called a race mind. This is the collective field of mind created by humanity that contains the collective belief systems and perceptions of humanity. For the sake of simplicity, we will put it in the ego mind category and simply say you have personal ego thoughts and collective ego thoughts.

The personal ego thoughts have to do with your daily routine and the business of living in 3D. They might include, for example, appointments to see people, directions to their houses of places of business, financial transactions, trips to the grocery store, decisions regarding what to buy, etc. Most of you need this mind in order to function on Earth. This mind remembers what to do at traffic lights, when to pay bills, and how to observe the customs, rules and regulations of a particular country or province. This mind keeps track of time, remembers yesterday and anticipates tomorrow.

The collective ego thoughts are concerned with survival of the species, and include the dominant belief systems of your culture, including beliefs such as growing old and dying, paying taxes, wanting to belong, be loved, accepted and appreciated, and beliefs in God, politics, etc. You may have personal beliefs about God, but if you buy into the collective beliefs you may become a Christian, or Buddhist, or Moslem. Although you may decide not to believe in death and taxes, you will still have a race mind that is aware of these beliefs and interacts with other members of the race mind (humanity).

Then you have your spirit mind, dear ones. This is your salvation, if I may use that word. The spirit mind is aware of your true identity, behind all the masks of your civilization. The spirit mind knows its Source and knows it has need of nothing external in order to be happy, healthy and wise. The spirit mind’s purpose in being on Earth is service. The spirit mind seeks to bring higher knowledge to Earth and to uplift humanity. The spirit mind is dedicated to helping the ego mind wake up to the truth that all is one. The spirit mind knows that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience, and not the other way around. The spirit mind directs the body and ego and gives specific instructions designed to maximize the experience of healing and service. The spirit mind uses your spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, telepathy and remote healing when appropriate. The spirit mind communicates with us, your beloved star family, and communes with us when your ego mind is busy with daily affairs.

Beloveds, you need BOTH minds in order to operate on the physical plane. Some of you want to do away with your ego mind and focus solely on your spirit mind. This does not help you or the Earth. Why do you think you are on Earth and have a body? There must be a reason, beloveds. You have your ego mind to use as a tool in order to function on Earth. If you want to travel great distances on Earth, you use mechanical devices. If you want to function on Earth, would you not also want to use your ego mind in order to communicate with other humans? Why would you want to destroy it, unless you erroneously believe it is robbing you of your joy and well-being? Your ego mind is not to blame for your problems. It is part of the problem, but the real problem is when you allow it to dominate your consciousness and blot out the spirit mind.

Would you let a mechanical device rule your life? Then why would you let your ego mind rule you? It is a tool. Use it wisely and it will serve you faithfully. Do not give it power it does not have. Allowing it to control you means you believe you are a helpless pawn in a cosmic chess game and that you have no control over your destiny. Dismiss this belief today, dear ones! You are no more helpless than we are. God did not create helpless pawns in a mean and vicious chess game. God created children, capable of growing up and becoming Creators. Would you grow up and claim your creative powers?

Leah’s tip for awakening here is this: Learn to balance your ego and spirit minds. Recognize race mind beliefs that are not serving you and release them. Use your ego mind solely as a means to communicate and help you serve. Allow your spirit mind to direct your ego mind, not the other way around. Learn to integrate your minds so they function seamlessly and efficiently.

Leah’s next tip for awakening is this: Create a healthy environment for personal and spiritual growth. For many of you, this means simplifying your lives. We already talked about letting go of consumerism. It is a disease, born of the belief that you need outer things in order to feel good about yourself. Reduce the clutter in your lives. Create a beautiful, peaceful space, whether in a tiny apartment or spacious home. Learn to live in harmony with your surroundings. Learn to appreciate the trees, flowers, clouds, animals, and other things of nature. Pay attention to nature. Give it respect.

Refuse to allow negative people into your lives. If you have family members that fall into this category, limit your time with them. Make clear boundaries around yourself when dealing with them. Communicate clearly and openly about your decisions. Recognize the subtle levels of interference and indoctrination inherent in your environment. Turn off the TV, or watch programs that stimulate your spirit mind. Structure your time so that you do not avoid the part of you that wants to slow down and become quiet. Give yourself time to meditate, pray, exercise, be with nature, etc. If you run a business, or several, give yourself time away from those businesses. Make time for yourself. Your businesses will flourish if you are flourishing. They will wither if you wither. No business deal is so important that you must lose yourself in order to attain it.

Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Read inspirational books. Listen to inspirational music. Communicate with people who inspire you. Focus on ideas and concepts that fill you with love and compassion. Engage in activities that expand your awareness and challenge you to see in new ways. Be gentle with yourselves as you explore your spiritual nature. Learn to balance your inner and outer lives. Yes, beloveds, we in the higher realms realize this is not easy. We never said it would be easy. But you are up to the task.

Let our words stay with you a while. Contemplate them. Ponder them. Allow them to help you open to more of who you really are. We are Leah and members of the Confederation, wishing you another blessed day

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Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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