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Leah on Male-Female Relationships
Received by Sal Rachele
September 8, 2004

The following discussion is in question and answer format.

Questioner:  As a man, I am constantly confused by the mood swings and seemingly unstable nature of women. One minute they are kind and loving, the next, demanding and ungrateful. It seems they want constant reassurance that I love them, and are always seeking commitment and security.  I want to be a free spirit and love them at the same time. Is that possible in today’s world?

Leah:  Well, that’s quite a mouthful. You’ve really asked several questions and blended them into one subject, so let’s begin by looking at what women are confronting in their lives and how they run their energy on Earth.

First of all, we need to look at the concept that feminine energy is more magnetic than masculine energy. What we call masculine and feminine are really archetypes. The masculine energy, by its very nature, is radiative, and the feminine energy is receptive. Of course, men have receptive centers and women can certainly radiate, but we’re looking at the dominant energy patterns here.

The nature of magnetism is that it is constantly attracting other energies into its own field. It is also difficult for most magnetic energy fields to release energy once it is attracted. It is a lot easier for the masculine radiative field to release energy than it is for the feminine magnetic attractive field. So how does this manifest in male-female relationships? Well, simply put (and I realize it’s not all that simple on Earth, beloveds), it is usually easier for a man to let go of emotional energy than it is for a woman. Again, these are generalizations, not hard and fast rules.

To answer the part about mood swings, we all know the energy on Earth is changing rapidly at this time. Someone with electric, radiative energy tends to do better in a rapidly changing environment than someone with a magnetic, receptive energy. As I stated above, the magnetic energy does not change as quickly as the electric energy. Therefore, with all these rapid changes, many women feel demands are being placed on them by God, by the Earth, by men, by society, etc. Instead of taking the energy in, feeling it, being with it, savoring it and holding onto it, they are being asked to rapidly change horses in midstream, so to speak, to keep up with the changing energy flow. It’s as if the minute they take in one energy, they are being asked to release it and take in something else. I sense some of you women are nodding your heads in agreement.

A word about hormones – the main effect that hormone changes have on all this is that they tend to exaggerate existing conditions. Contrary to what many men would like to believe, PMS is not the cause of the mood swings – it only magnifies them. So many men would like to simply blame everything on PMS – well, it’s not quite that simple. Sorry, men. The best men can do during these rapidly changing times is be as understanding as possible and make a real effort to stabilize their own feelings. Being consistent in one’s manners and attitude provides some sort of stability for women who are feeling out of control and unstable.

Getting to the part of your question about being a free spirit and loving women at the same time, I would say this particularly to women: We are all free spirits if we choose to be. The form of our relationships is not as important as the love that commands them. It is the love that is important; the form will follow based on the quality and purity of the love. Love and freedom go hand in hand. If we truly love each other, there is inherent freedom in that. We do not have to worry about whether or not so-and-so loves us or how often he states and professes his love. If the quality of love is there, we will know it. Although hearing the words can be wonderful, it is the feeling, it is the energy exchange that tells us if the love is real. Women, you must let go of your demand for security long enough to discern what’s truly taking place in your relationships. Does he really love me? You will not be able to answer that question unless you are sensitive and tuned in to the energy exchange between you. You cannot be sensitive to what is taking place moment to moment if you are clinging to an old image of what security is. True security comes from God, not from another human being. Are you placing unrealistic expectations on another human being? Should he be the source of your security? Or should that be the function of your God?

“Okay, Leah, lighten up,” you say. I am lightening up. I am filled with light. The light of God pours through me and into your hearts, dear ones. Open your heart to receive me. Open your heart to receive my wisdom. Of course, I don’t want you to blindly believe what I’m saying, but take time to think and feel the essence of my words. This channel is in a male body and is going through many of the same things the questioner asks, as are most men in today’s world. Let me repeat the crux of this message – Love is the most important aspect of male-female relationships. Both men and women must surrender to the Love that is at the heart of all relationships. Love has its own wisdom. When we stop trying to qualify and restrict how Love can express, it finds the highest and best form of expression. Men, when you constantly demand sex, you are limiting how that Love can express. Women, when you constantly demand commitment, you are limiting how that Love can express. Sex and commitment can be beautiful parts of relationship, but they are not the requirements for fulfillment. Love is the only requirement for fulfillment, and Love brings its own order and morality.

Monogamy might be the perfect expression for love, but the love comes first. If you are constantly worrying about whether or not your partner is being faithful, you are blocking the love from expressing. If there is true love, then the issue of monogamy becomes irrelevant because the love will express in the highest and best form if allowed to flower and manifest between you. Lust, on the other hand, is the demand for sexual fulfillment in order to relieve the body’s desires. When one is attached to the body or emotions, lust becomes an issue. When physical and emotional attachments are not present, love is allowed to flow between the partners and lust becomes irrelevant. Then sex is truly an expression of love and not an end in itself.

In another message, I will go into the subject of tantra and sacred sexuality, but right now I leave you to ponder these words, beloveds. In the days, weeks, months and years to come upon planet Earth, your relationships will be redefined and restructured to accommodate the increasing frequencies and vibrations of ascension. Do not be attached to the forms your relationships are taking at present. They will change. They must change. They must reflect the ever-increasing awareness of you as you climb the spiritual ladder to higher densities. Let the old forms go when they no longer serve you. Embrace the new forms of your relationships. Do not cling to emotional memories. Let the past go and enter the exciting world of enlightened love. I am Leah. You are blessed more than you can possibly imagine.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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