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The Illuminati and the Dark Forces

Let's dispose of the illusion that dark forces are real before we tackle the illuminati.

There are no such thing as “dark forces.” There is only light, and various gradations of light. When there is very little light, we say it is dark. So-called dark forces are groups of souls that have very little light. Why? Because they have denied it in themselves, either consciously or unconsciously.

This is not to say that such dimly lit souls cannot wreak incredible havoc; indeed they have for millions of years. They live in a world of illusions, spun by dreams of fear and hate, but as long as they believe in this nightmare, the nightmare will continue, albeit in one form or another.

There is some information going around that suggests that a negative "alternate universe" is snatching energy from our own universe, and that the dark souls are really beings from this alternate universe. Regardless of whether or not this is true, the solution is ALWAYS to increase our self-awareness and dispel ignorance and fear within ourselves so we can embrace more of God's Loving Light.

Exposing the Darkness

For the sake of simplicity, we will call these souls “negative entities.” These entities cannot exist without some light, but because they believe they have little or none of their own, darkness becomes their reality. Seeing darkness, yet needing light (as all creations do), their modus operandi is to take light from others. It seems entities can temporarily elevate themselves by snatching energy from others. However, the universe operates under the law of conservation of energy. Since there is infinite energy available, no energy is ever really lost or gained. As we raise our awareness, we tap into the infinite energy field more and more. Therefore, if we raise our awareness high enough, negative entities cannot possibly snatch energy from us because there is an infinite flow through us at all times.

The so-called dark forces exist because we give them power. If we deny their existence, we inadvertently give them power. This is because denial of anything means denial of light, because light is everything. When we are in denial, we enter a lower level of light and are therefore susceptible to energy-snatching by negative entities. By shining our inner light on the illusory nature of negativity, the entities are dispelled. This is because they either absorb the light of our awareness and move out of negativity, or they recoil from us because the light overwhelms them and they are choosing to remain in darkness.

If enough people raise their awareness beyond the 4th dimension, the negative entities will be forced to find another planet more suited to their macabre tastes.

The Illuminati

Illuminati means “illumined ones.” A long time ago, there were souls who had gained a certain understanding of how to have mastery over the Earth plane. They had advanced their psychic and intuitive skills faster than their spiritual understanding, and hence, were unable to be completely free of ego domination. Therefore, they misused the gifts of spirit through white magic and black magic.

Subsequently, they fell in vibration and became attached to the material plane. First, they rose to power, then they became corrupted by that power, then they fell in vibration and attracted negative entities into their organizations.

This has happened again and again. It happened with the ancient adepts and mystics of Atlantis. It happened with the kings and pharoahs of Egypt. It happened with the Mayan priests. It happened with the Medici family in Italy. It happened with the Bavarians. It happened with the Knights Templar. It happened with the Freemasons. It even happened with the Rosicrucians.

Why did it happen? In my book “Life On the Cutting Edge” I have a chapter called “The Gods of Denial (chapter 19). Suffice it to say that there are no shortcuts to enlightenment (except perhaps gratitude – more on that later). Lust for power is one of the deepest, darkest cornerstones of the ego. While this lust may be obvious in some souls, it is very subtle in others. So many souls have risen in fame and fortune and ended up hardening their hearts to spiritual matters. This has gone on for so long that it has taken on a life of its own. The vibrations of lust for power have attracted negative entities from all over the universe. First it was a group from an alternate universe that tried to suck energy from our universe into theirs. Then it was the Councils of Rigel from Orion. Then came the Alpha Draconians (Reptilians). Then the negative Zetas. On and on it goes. Until now.

Finally, we are waking up and reclaiming our Divine heritage. It’s time to put a stop to the world of nightmares. To do this, we MUST embrace the pure, unconditionally loving light of God.

In order to shine God’s Loving Light into the darkest corners of our world, it is necessary to examine the many facets and dimensions of the Illuminati. In other words, we must see the Illuminati on many levels of awareness.

On the 3D level, they are egomaniacs, ruthless in their desire for conquest. Their banking system, mind control program, alliance with Reptilian ETs, etc., make sci-fi horror movies look like Mormon Sunday School picnics. Astral entities that feed on fear control the 3D ruling elite and plant thoughts and feelings into their psyches designed to create separation and fear through manipulation of the news media, financial structures, military intelligence and secret societies of Earth.

On the 4D level, their entire empire is predicated on OUR belief that something or someone outside of ourselves can have dominion over us. If we withdraw our belief in the illusions of fear and separation, their agenda becomes powerless because it is based on fear and separation, the ultimate illusions. If we are all ONE, then nobody can possibly control and manipulate anyone else.

On the 5D level, they are God's children slumbering soundly in their delusional dreams. We love them and bless them and pray for their awakening.

Why They are Still in Control

Very few of us have resolved our emotional and psychological issues sufficiently to be completely free of the Illuminati influence. Once we identify our personal issues that keep us hypnotized by maya, we must begin the arduous process of disentangling ourselves. This is almost impossible to do without help from on high. We need groups of souls, both in the higher realms and on Earth committed to spiritual freedom to serve as reminders when we fall back asleep.

How to Free Yourself from Negative Entities

There are only two ways a negative service-to-self (STS) being can keep you from moving forward into your natural state of perfection:

(1) You give them permission by consciously or unconsciously indulging in negativity for whatever reason (out of habit, due to fascination, or to learn something); and

(2) You are ignorant or unaware of the negative STS being.

Dealing with number (1) means dropping my bad habits, removing my fascination with negativity and learning whatever soul lesson is involved. This might mean refusing to watch violent movies or listen to low vibration music. This might mean refusing to indulge in other people’s “poor me” stories of horror and abuse. In some cases, I may have to love people at a distance (particularly if they are relatives or family members).

Number (2) is resolved by increasing my awareness. I must become aware of the negative influence and choose to detach from it. If I have a karmic issue that attracts negative 4D beings into my space, then I must resolve the karmic issue. I can use psychic protection (filling myself with God light, etc.), but if I haven't resolved my own emotional/karmic issues, the negativity will return.

Ultimately, nobody and nothing can stop me from being WHO I AM unless I let them. This is the good side of free will. Ultimately, there is no such thing as a violation of free will. However, preying on ignorant or unaware souls does place a karmic burden on negative entities.

Selfless Service

Service-to-others (STO) entities are those beings that came to Earth primarily to help free mankind from the grips of the Illuminati and their negative entities. What most STO entities fail to realize is that they must take care of themselves first, or else they will not have the energy to help. It is not selfish to take care of one’s personal needs. Being emotionally attached to personal desires is a different matter. STO entities have preferences and desires, just like anyone else, but they realize that the purpose of helping self is to help others, which in turn helps self. Giving and receiving are one and the same from a higher perspective. Thanks to the many teachers and healers on Earth, the Illuminati are in their last days of power on Earth.

The New World Order

There’s a lot of information about the NWO on the Internet and in my book, so I won’t duplicate efforts here. All I’ll say for now is that we are not being told the whole story in the media regarding UFOs and ETs, the economy, the environment, or most anything else. Keeping the masses ignorant is the main way they stay in power. Denial breeds darkness.

For example, there are high-ranking officials of both the visible and invisible governments who have been aware of the ET presence for quite some time, and several former astronauts have admitted to visual encounters with UFOs. The Disclosure Project ( is one of the more credible sources regarding our government’s interaction with ETs.

The NWO agenda appears to include the bankrupting of the United States and other world powers so that an international cartel of bankers can make their own laws and create a globalist society based on plutocratic rule.

I forgive myself for every time I've bought into the NWO agenda, and I forgive everyone else who has ever bought into the NWO agenda.

Our Beloved Governments

Ironically, many Illuminati puppets have been trying to pass legislation saying God is the law of the land. I guess our beloved leaders must have read "A Course In Miracles", which states, "I am under no laws but God's." Oh, goody, goody! No more death, no more taxes! (My God doesn't believe in them.) Okay, my God believes in love, unlimited free energy, and prosperity for every being in the Universe. I guess the first thing to be dispelled then are the world's present governments since they obviously do not promote these qualities.

Actually, another way of saying all this is: The current presidents and prime ministers are playing their parts perfectly. After all, it's time to WAKE UP! We have the PERFECT reflection in our world leaders. They are hell-bent (pun intended) on destroying America and the world. And we know that the old must crumble before the new can come forth. Why not get the sorry mess over with as quickly as possible? This appears to be what Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, Mr. Sharon and others are doing -- destroying the old world as fast as possible.

It really doesn't matter who is sitting in the president’s or prime minister’s chair. It's all Illuminati, and it will be until enough of us wake up and smell the dead rat in the closet.

Nevertheless, some dim bulbs shine a little brighter than others, and both Kerry and Edwards appear to have a few more brain cells than Bush and Cheney.

Both of the U.S. presidential candidates (George Bush and John Kerry) are members of the Illuminati. Although technically it won’t matter that much which candidate is elected, there are some significant differences. As I see it, if Bush is re-elected, the cataclysmic changes will happen quickly and harshly. This is because another four years of Bush means that a large number of people are refusing to wake up. If Kerry is elected, the changes will happen a bit more gently, but still with profound results. This is because a vote for Kerry means some people are choosing the lesser of two evils, so to speak. However, the “wake-up” is on schedule no matter who is elected. The Earth Changes will continue and the Great Awakening will continue. The Illuminati is powerless to stop the ascension of Mother Earth!

There are a few light souls mixed into the political and military arena to help bring about change from within. Dennis Kucinich is a lightworker. Of course, he won't be elected, but people like him are making inroads.

A Few Additional Thoughts About the Illuminati

I admit I've been using the term "Illuminati" quite loosely. When I use it, I am referring primarily to the negative 4D entities who control the planetary rulers. Some of these entities are Reptilians, while others are fallen Orions or Sirians. The word "Illuminati" has a corrupted-light energy on it and when I invoke the word I immediately recognize that corrupted frequency and detach from it. However, it seems valid to stay aware of the antics of this bunch, lest we fall into unconsciousness and allow them to control us.

Power is a bit nebulous to define (believe it or not). The power center of the body is the solar plexus and when it is functioning properly, there is a command of one's personal space and the ability to manifest consciously and with relative ease. Some of us tend to come habitually from our head (and sometimes habitually from our heart), without balancing head and heart with “gut”. A person in balance comes from the triune nature of love (heart), wisdom (head) and power (gut).

Most of the spiritual lightworkers have trouble with power. The reason is primarily because many of us have learned that power corrupts. We have only to look at the world's current leadership to see this played out.

Power has always been the weakest link in my trinity of love, power and wisdom. I was persecuted during my 16th Century sojourn in the Church, and it has taken a lot of awareness to heal the fear of being powerful. Sometime I'll go into my 16th Century lifetime in detail.

We must not judge negative entities. I use the term "negativity" to mean lack of light, service-to-self (STS) and a vibration that does not promote evolution of the soul.

I think beings are primarily STS or service-to-others (STO), but not exclusively one or the other.

We must be somewhat STS before we can be STO. If we don't take care of ourselves, how can we help others? I think the negative STS beings I am referring to in this article have not come to that realization yet.

There are sinister projects underway by our beloved Illuminati and their power-hungry ranks. Certainly, intentional or unconscious poisoning of air and water in localized areas is a real concern, as are food additives, such as MSG and aspartame, as well as the mind-numbing barrage of violence in the media. The "sheeple" are, without a shadow of doubt, completely brainwashed by the mainstream media. That's why I applaud the efforts of alternative media, such as Jeff Rense and others, despite their tendency to focus almost exclusively on the negativity.

Definitions of Darkness

Darkness as ignorance is a lack of awareness, a.k.a. unmanifested potential.

Darkness as evil is perpetuated by judging some aspects of Creation as being more deserving of God's love than others. Since God's love is everywhere equally, this causes one to fall into illusion and believe one is separate from God.

Darkness as void is the absence of light.

Light as truth has no opposite, so the absence of light must be an illusion.

Additional Thoughts on Darkness

Belief systems can be extremely powerful. Since a lot of people believe in darkness, they attract like vibrations to them -- hence the negative ETs. If we didn't indulge such thoughts, energy-snatching entities would have to go elsewhere to get their “fix”. I've always felt that Bush was a mere "flunkie" in the overall scheme of things. Having read a calendar of "Bushisms" and the report on presidential I.Q., there is little doubt here. The man is a bumbling idiot on his better days.

The scary ones in U.S. government are Cheney, Ashcroft and Rumsfeld. They are quite a bit smarter and more devious. But let's not stop there. Let's climb up to the next level of the pyramid where we find the Bilderbergers and Rothschilds, etc. Then on to the next level where we find the councils of about 300 people who work behind the scenes, serving their masters, the 4D entities from various star systems. At the very top of the pyramid is the belief in separation from God that these entities have bought hook, line and sinker. Being mostly from alternate dimensions and/or Universes and having destroyed many of their own worlds through their insatiable lust for power, they are now trying to claim Earth as their own so they can rob and exploit its people and resources. I say, ENOUGH! The more we embrace the Infinite Light, the quicker we will put an end to this sorry side-show. Truth is always victorious in the end.

A Word About Recent Movies

The recent disaster movies, including images of floods and asteroids destroying cities, are brought to you by the friendly folks at Illuminati Central. These movies are designed to instill fear in the populace. Of course, there are positive themes (heroes to the rescue, increasing awareness of the effects of global warming, etc.), but these are designed to make it harder to detect the true purpose of the movies -- to instill fear. Also, these movies help drum up support for a Star Wars-style military buildup.

For an alternative to Illuminati hype, I recommend a hard-to-find movie called "What the [bleep] Do we Know?" It's in art-house theatres in a few cities. This movie deals with physics and metaphysics and is VERY WELL DONE! I hope it's available where you live.

It seems there's always talk of illness conspiracies and Illuminati lab experiments and these may be true. But not everyone who is exposed to exotic viruses gets sick. The individual emotional makeup of a soul is rather complex, and immune system failure is certainly not limited to people with alternative lifestyles. The point is, we must build up our immune system through meditation, prayer, good food and water, healthy living and healthy thinking. Many souls want out of their present body and immune system failure is one way to exit.

Some of you are probably familiar with the work of David Icke. Mr. Icke maintains that the Reptilians are behind the ruling elite. He even contends that they can shape-shift between reptilian and human bodies. My views are not entirely the same as Mr. Icke's. I agree that most of the ruling elite are controlled by 4D entities (including Alpha Draconians, Rigel of Orion and others). However, it is my opinion that very few of the ruling elite are consciously aware of this influence, and even fewer have the psychic ability to change form.

In Summary

Like attracts like. If we vibrate at a level of fear, manipulation, control and lust for power, we will attract entities who vibrate with those same qualities. I believe these entities "feed" off the emotions of rage, terror, competition and greed. They are probably giving a constant stream of advice and ideas to those in power.

Those Illuminati members who practice rituals such as those portrayed in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" are probably in the minority. After all, if too many people overtly practiced "black magic" and ritual torture, the cover would be blown and the power diluted.

The Illuminati retain their power by existing in a shadowy world of cover-ups and deceit. If enough people become aware of their existence and agenda, the game will be over. Most people would never CONSCIOUSLY accept the practices of the ruling elite if they knew about them.

At any rate, the solution to all of this is simple and has been mentioned in numerous articles numerous times: Be the LOVE and LIGHT that you are! Become the master of your auric space. Do not let any energies or entities into your personal space that do not feel right for your ascension. There are many techniques for sealing your aura and filling yourself with your own soul essence. You can find these in the Meditations section of this website.

Regarding the 9/11 Events

From what I've read and meditated on, there appears to be a complicity between the Zionists (right-wing Israelis) and the Illuminati. Some Illuminati members were apparently involved in the 9/11 events. The buildings were obviously blown up from within, as any demolition expert can see after reviewing the footage. As for whether or not there was a projectile attached to one of the planes, as some contend, this is debatable, but would not be surprising.

As for who is ultimately responsible, here's that 64 trillion dollar question again. I think it was all of us that have held terror thoughts in our subconscious. Whatever we deny within ourselves, we see played out on the stage of life as a reflection. That's because our subconscious mind is creating our reality without our awareness. The collective subconscious of all people with terror thoughts will create a reality based on terror. If we do not like the picture we see, we know what to do. Change the film (our thoughts). Others may still choose to create terror, but we will be largely unaffected by it if our consciousness does not share it. Eventually, the “hundredth monkey theory” will go into effect and people will suddenly start to realize these truths.

Our minds are used to thinking in black and white because we live in a world of duality (light and dark). In actuality, our influence, the Illuminati influence and all influences have an infinite degree of gradations or mini-levels. The Illuminati affect a large number of souls -- possibly every soul on planet Earth and then some. The degree of affectation will vary greatly depending on how emotionally attached we are to the Illuminati agenda and its effects. They know this and that's why the media is the way it is -- full of violence and ego strutting. Conversely, according to Dr. David Hawkins and others, the most enlightened members of humanity have a greater positive influence per soul than those with a negative vibration have per soul.

If I heal all my terror thoughts and become aware of my oneness with God, my subconscious contribution to the nastiness of the world's ruling elite will be minimal or insignificant. When enough of us wake up to the absurdity of the game, the game will be over and the energy snatchers will have no more victims to snatch from. Eventually, the darkest of souls will awaken to God’s Love, but that time could be a long way off in 3D.

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