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The Nature of God

Man created God in his own image in order to feel secure and abdicate responsibility. So if the image we have of God is not real, then what it real?

Who are we? Why are we here? Who is God? Obviously, these are questions that cannot be answered by the intellect. Perhaps there is a part of us that has the answers, or maybe the answers are irrelevant. I know there is an intelligent, loving energy that permeates all things, and that there appears to be no limit to this energy. There also appears to be no limit to how aware we can become. After all, if the universe is infinite, there will always be some part of it beyond our finite awareness.

The world of duality is contained within the world of Oneness – or to put it another way, the lower dimensions of time and space are contained with the higher dimensions of timelessness and omnipresence. No matter what we are experiencing, we live in ONE UNIFIED UNIVERSE.

However, within this unity, there are many windows in the Creator's mansion (and many mansions in the Father’s house, to quote the Bible), each with a specific view of the whole (more or less distorted by beliefs). But of course, no perspective can view the entire creation because it sees only from its unique angle of perception.

This is an attempt to put the idea of the Self into words, although it is really not possible.

Every once in a while, I ponder the question of why, with all the thousands of lifetimes of each soul, and billions of souls, God in the form of me chose this particular soul and this particular lifetime and this particular viewpoint. I’m sure each of you could ask that same question from your unique viewpoint as you in your body.

I've often thought that the film we call life is an infinitely giant reel containing all the lifetimes of all the souls and life forms, all wound up together in eternity.

What does God do for amusement? He/she/it chooses to experience each soul and lifetime sequentially and/or simultaneously.

The real mystery is that each soul experiencing a sequential lifetime sees the world only through that soul's eyes (embodiment). If you are the embodiment called Sal, everything evolves around Sal. If your name is Joe or Peter or Mary, your entire lifetime revolves around Joe or Peter or Mary.

Since God has an eternity in which to experience life, he/she/it could, conceivably, enter souls one at a time and experience their whole individual lifetimes, one at a time. In actuality, it appears God experiences all souls and all lifetimes simultaneously, and perhaps that means each of us can do the same.

Imagine looking through the eyes of each other soul in embodiment--sequentially or simultaneously. Imagine seeing all the other souls’ lifetimes lined up in front of you and experiencing each one sequentially or simultaneously.

Perhaps this is the ultimate meaning of "seeing the world through another's eyes" for we are truly All One and everyone is part of my Self (or yours or someone else’s).

I know this has been said before in different ways, but contemplating it puts me in a pretty deep state. I hope it does the same for you.

We are the totality of God, and yet the paradox is, that there is something greater than this. In other words, we are the manifested creation, but there is an unmanifested void. The outer Universe is the collective creation of the Universal Mind and all individuated souls living within it. That is, every one of my thoughts affects everything else in creation (and so does every one of yours). I think that when the ego tries to make changes, they are superficial at best, but when we are centered in our soul consciousness, our energy is magnified and blended into the whole more effectively.

Each of us has a “Christ” self beyond the veil of forgetfulness. (If you don’t like that word, you can call it a “Buddha” self, or “Krishna” self, etc.)

Most people fear success even more than they fear failure. Why are we so afraid of our magnificence? Or to put it another way, why are we so attached to our petty little lives? Surely some part of us must remember being magnificent before we separated from God. And does the little ego self really disappear into the Godhead, or does it expand in awareness until it merges with the Godhead? Perhaps this is what the little self REALLY longs for -- union with the Divine. Wake up, little self! You were dreaming!

In Gregg Braden’s "The God Code," he takes the Fibonacci sequence and compares it to DNA pairing. He finds that the DNA pairings translate in ancient Hebrew to “Yahweh”, the name of God, implying that God's name is encoded in our cells. I haven't examined his book in depth to see if it is scientifically sound, but the Golden Mean and all of nature adheres to Fibonacci. Gregg's website is and the book is available at the site or on Amazon.

Modern science has essentially proven that we live in a sea of infinite energy. There are about 10^108 (that's a ten followed by one hundred and eight zeroes) possible variations in the DNA, trillions of times more than the number of atoms in the known universe.

Science has also calculated the approximate number of possible interconnections in one human brain. This number is 10^10^98, or 10 log 10^98. This is an incredibly huge number. This number is so big that if you tried to write it out long-hand in normal 12-pt type, the zeroes following the one would stretch around the Earth several times. If you began writing it now, it would take you about 250,000 years to finish writing it! My point is that we are INFINITE BEINGS created in the image and likeness of our Creator. We are ONE with GOD, literally and figuratively.

What is the nature of Universal Mind? The creation may exist in a kind of Bose-Einstein condensate or virtual flux of neutral particles until acted upon by consciousness--then it becomes polarized or metamorphic in nature (holographic?). In other words, there is a medium upon which creation happens (like a canvas upon which art is created). See Quantum Entanglement.

How does God evolve? Let's use the parent-child analogy. A parent is reasonably conscious and gives birth to a child who has limited (earthly) consciousness, but then grows up to meet or exceed the awareness of the parent. We are all God's children. God is a very wise parent and we are learning to meet or exceed our parents’ abilities (Mother and Father God).

All these things shall ye do, and greater things than these shall ye do... (John 14:12)

I've had several direct experiences of the Cloud of Energy that permeates all existence. My real Self has awareness throughout the Universe. When I am in a higher state, I become aware of the entire Universe, at least to some extent, because I am non-local. My awareness is no longer confined to time and space.

I guess you could say that we merge with the Universe and the Universe becomes aware of itself. We become infinite mind, infinite awareness, omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, etc.

We have a choice. We can keep our awareness in our little bubble, or we can merge our bubble with the infinite bubble. We are then aware of everything.

Of course, we are also individualized, and that individualized aspect is only aware of bits and pieces of the whole.

Our bodies are merely vehicles or instruments designed to perceive individuality. They are neutral -- neither bad nor good. They can be made to be whatever we want them to be, just as we can make a simple calculator or a supercomputer.

To sum up, there is a universal consciousness that is aware of everything. It is impersonal and available to anyone who chooses to take one's awareness away from sequential time and space and go into the void.

There are beings at every level of the Universe -- some have microscopic limited awareness and some have the awareness of entire galaxies. In fact, galaxies are conscious beings on a higher level. We are Gods in our own right, living in a sea of Godhood that is simultaneously aware of itself and the entities that make up its body.

I believe there is an impersonal BEING that is ONE with EVERYTHING and is, therefore, capable of being aware of everything.


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