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Chapter 1 What is Reality?

Reality and Truth
Truth is different from reality. Reality is dependent upon the perceiver, while truth is what's actually so about a given reality. Another way to say this is that reality can have many levels and dimensions of experience, while truth involves all the levels and dimensions simultaneously. Reality is perceived while truth is known.
Outer Reality
Outer, or "objective" reality, is commonly believed to be that which is perceived through the body's senses. My definition of outer reality will be a bit broader than that because I am aware that we have many more senses than the five basic ones. Also, we have scientific instruments that are capable of measuring aspects of the universe that our senses cannot perceive. We know about atoms, molecules, cells, etc., yet we cannot see them physically with the naked eye.
We also hear of the larger "spiritual" universe that exists beyond the physical one. One definition of "spiritual" is "That which exists in the invisible." Both science and religion acknowledge the existence of this vast realm. Read Chapter 1   Order it now!
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