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Past, Parallel and Simultaneous Lifetimes

The subject of other lifetimes is a vast area of mystery to many. It used to be that people thought of other lifetimes as part of a linear progression taking place in linear time. But it really depends on the dimension and level of awareness involved. From a higher dimensional perspective, all lifetimes are occurring simultaneously in both space and time, making them parallel rather than past in nature.

The value of thinking in terms of linear past lives is that we can “remember” a “past” lifetime and learn from our experience. One of the lifetimes I remember quite well was the last one on Atlantis. I left in a spaceship with about a dozen others as the continent sank beneath the sea.

The karmic lesson in this lifetime that relates to Atlantis is based on something like this: "When the going gets tough, the enlightened beam up and escape the trauma." My tendency has been to have resistance to being grounded to the Earth plane, and when Earthly affairs get difficult, start looking for Scotty and the transporter beam.

I recall about a dozen of my 38 earthly incarnations in the normal time track (past, present, future) and yes, they exist right now in a parallel reality.

If "past" lives are really simultaneous lives (and I concur with many others that they are), then that means those lifetimes are evolving and changing as we evolve and change. That means we are CHANGING those lives as we change this one.

How can that be, you say? Isn't what happened written in stone? Is it? Has our history changed since we began waking up? Are we erasing the dark parts of history? Does history even really exist? According to many teachings, there is no such thing as the past -- it's an illusion in the mind of the rememberer. I say, "Of course, I did this yesterday. I have the proof right here." Okay, maybe some activity happened on one of the time streams. But my remembrance is simply an electromagnetic impulse in the etheric field.

There are Akashic records of everything experienced by the Creation. The Akashic records document all parallel, probable and possible realities. The imprints themselves do not change, but we change our location in the time/space fabric every time we change a thought or action. Eventually, we will remember how to go anywhere within the infinite spectrum of possible and probable realities.

My favorite metaphysical analogy is the movie. The reel contains all time--past, present and future. But we play it a frame at a time and it seems like a linear progression. Quantum physics tells us that reality "blinks" on and off millions of times a second -- see the correlation? It gives the appearance of relative motion -- the definition of “time”. The mind is the projector and the screen is 3D life. Imagine the absurdity of racing up to the front of the theatre and trying to move the characters around because we don't like the plot. Obviously, we must change the film (our beliefs and perceptions).

Most people keep rewinding and replaying the same reel of film over and over, ad naseum. We sometimes rewind or fast forward the film. When we do, the details of the drama change, but the theme remains the same. Remember, the mind is the projector. We can change our mind, which is like going to another film in the infinitely large time/space library. If the film we were playing before was called “life is a struggle”, we can replace that reel with one called “life is blissful”. The whole time continuum is a fluid medium and is constantly changing. The akashic records and etheric implants are what create additional reels of film. Every event is recorded permanently in the ethers (an infinitely large film library).

Every thought, every experience, every event creates a unique timeline. When we go back to the past and make a change, we enter a new timeline that is unlike the one we were in before making the change. The old one still exists in the fabric of time and space; it is just that we are no longer in that timeline. For example, back in 1982, California was supposed to fall into the ocean, according to some psychics. These psychics were actually seeing a timeline that had been created by events leading up to 1982. However, we changed the present (and past, to some extent) through the use of healing, prayer and meditation, and in doing so, we changed the future, or rather, we entered a new timeline that did not involve losing California to the bottom dwellers. Somewhere in the fabric of time and space, California is still falling into the ocean as we speak, but we collectively chose not to experience that in our 3D time continuum.

In sci-fi movies and novels, we read that certain time travelers journey to the past and alter this timeline. In fact, we constantly alter many different timelines with every action we take. Is there really any future, or are we creating all the future timelines moment by moment? If so, how can we travel into the future and past? If time is an illusion, as many philosophies state, then why is this even important? If we accept the premise that time is an illusion, then the only value in exploring different time-space continuums is to learn more about who we are – in other words, to increase our self-awareness and further our soul growth. But then, that seems to be the ultimate reason for everything. After all, we are God manifesting as bodies in order to experience all the intricate details of the dense realms.

Where We Go Between Lifetimes

In linear time, souls will experience whatever realm corresponds to their level of consciousness. If a soul has an earthly lifetime full of fear, guilt and sorrow, that soul will likely experience a lower astral realm where these feelings can continue to play themselves out, but without a physical body.

A good-hearted, but relatively unenlightened soul will go to a much nicer place in-between incarnations, but it is not the actual realm of Heaven.

A lot of people don't realize that the astral realms (places where most souls go between lifetimes) are still part of the duality of past, present and future. Once we transcend duality, time is perceived as simultaneous and all dualistic lifetimes and in-betweens can be viewed at once.

A soul that achieves a high degree of enlightenment while in embodiment will continue to experience that after leaving the body. This soul will go to one of the celestial heavens, or what most religious people would simply call “Heaven.” In reality, Heaven is a state of consciousness whereby one is free of illusions. It can exist anywhere and at anytime and in fact, it does, because it is everywhere present eternally.

A soul that has reached a very high level of awareness while in earthly embodiment has the option to go into a heavenly state without dropping the body. This is known as physical ascension, and is covered in detail in the ascension article.

Simultaneous Lifetimes

There are many ways to symbolize the past, parallel and simultaneous lifetime paradigm. The one I've used for a long time involves an all-seeing eye suspended above the timeline, seeing all past, present and future lives spread out below. The eye represents the Christ-self, God-self, or whatever you want to call it.

This brings to mind the analogy of the “forest for the trees”. When you are walking along a heavily wooded lane, you can only see a little ways ahead and behind you. But if you climb a tall tree, you can see the entire forest spread out before you, including where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Getting back to remembering other lifetimes, all of us have, to some extent, a veil placed over our memory banks. This veil is usually necessary until we reach a certain level of awareness; otherwise, we might refuse to learn what our souls came here to learn. For example, if you knew you would live to be 150, you might put off many of the things your soul wants you to experience today. When we do reach a high state of awareness, the veil is gradually removed and we begin to remember many things that completely change our outlook on life. If we are not sufficient purified emotionally, these experiences can be quite traumatic. We should be thankful that our God Presence reveals the mysteries a little at a time so we can integrate them into our emotional self.

One of the experiences that has gradually been unveiled for me is my non-physical ascension into the ethereal realms of Venus to re-unite with my twin flame. This was about three Earth lifetimes ago (in linear time -- which is meaningless in the higher realms). In the ascension article, I talk about the differences between non-physical and physical ascension.

To sum up, the Infinite Creator decided to experience itself sequentially to learn of the intricacies of its own creation. The One can experience the many, meaning each individual lifetime of each of its creations, which takes a very long time in the worlds of time. What an outrageous experience!

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