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Practicing Discernment

For many years I have been saying that what you focus on you become. If you want to become a master, you can be a master. HOWEVER (there's always a however), in order to be a master on this Earth, everything un-master-like will be RIGHT IN YOUR FACE to deal with. That's why most already-realized masters will say that becoming spiritually enlightened is the most rewarding, but also the most difficult thing a soul can do while in embodiment.

That's why so many are slumbering soundly in their dreams of war, pestilence and famine.

You cannot always tell the enlightened from the unenlightened, even by their actions. One man's dharma may not look like outward service, while another's does. There are some whose highest form of expression might be working in a halfway house, manning a soup kitchen or holding a protest sign, while others may be fulfilling their dharma by writing a book, exploring cyberspace and spouting pearls of wisdom.

It's up to each one of us to go within and really listen to the voice of our soul/higher self/God self. This is not always easy, given the judgments of the world. If you were taught that sitting on your hands is the work of the devil, then you will likely be a busy-body until you dispel the belief. On the other hand, there are a lot of “love and light” space cadets that believe the answer to everything is sitting on their lotus butts and OM-ing. Perhaps there is a balance point.

Unless I can listen clearly to my soul voice, I cannot be certain I am acting in the highest and best manner. However, when I feel aware, expanded and full of love, I must be doing something right (and conversely, when I feel bored, impatient and regretful I am not listening to the highest voice).

So it comes down to feelings. Is your present path bringing you joy? Does it feel fulfilling to your soul? Do you feel complete doing what you're doing? Or do you fantasize going over to that soup kitchen to feed the multitudes?

We change and evolve, and our desires may change and evolve over time.

Attitude is an important factor in your experience of life. The journey may not turn out the way we thought it would, but we can discover the beauty of creating along the way. Removing expectations can be extremely valuable in coming to a greater happiness and acceptance of life.

If I do not help myself and give myself what I need to be happy, then I cannot do much for others. If the PRIMARY motivation for doing “good” is to reap rewards for self, then this is exclusively service-to-self (STS) and will probably hinder one's evolution. But where's the balance?

There are a lot of do-goody-good Christians out there that believe in sacrifice. The only sacrifice required is the giving up of illusions, whatever they be, and one illusion that we must forego is the belief that we must give up our own desires in order to serve the greater good. Since all of us are a part of the Infinite One, denying any part of the Infinite (ourselves) is denying the whole, since wholeness includes everyone.

Obviously, this does not mean we have to give energy to parts of the Infinite that vibrate in lower 3D, but we must see them as part of the whole and just as deserving of love as anyone else. Otherwise, we lower ourselves to their vibration. Discernment is an act of awareness, whereas judgment as an act of ego.

I have not experienced any major traumas in my life (such as the death of a close loved one or a serious illness) but I observe that those who have end up maturing real fast. All the little things they used to complain about become insignificant and only LOVE matters. This is not to say you must create a traumatic event in order to awaken, but that is a common path for many.

In my travels to Mexico and Central America many years ago, I was amazed at how people in dire poverty could be so full of life and in many cases, actually happy. These people have learned to be grateful for what they have. In doing so, we open the door for a higher level of awareness because we are no longer making our circumstances wrong and fighting against what is. From a place of humility and gratitude, we become open and receptive to higher truths and a better way of life.

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