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Souls, Soul Rays, Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Oversouls and Other Worlds

What is a Soul?

A soul is an individualized facet of the Creator. Each of us is an individual soul, but we are also an intrinsic part of the Creator, like a ripple on the ocean. If you strip away all the layers of ego and personality, what remains is our true essence, or soul.

Soul Rays

Different souls tend to radiate different attributes and archetypes of Creation. There is a color scheme that describes the major archetypes. It is the same one used in the chakra system. “Red” tends to mean very passionate and physical, “orange” very social, “yellow” intellectual, “green” Earthy and healing-oriented, “blue” conceptual and mental, “indigo” intuitive and psychic and “violet” higher wisdom and transcendence. While these are only archetypes, it is sometimes useful to categorize souls in this way. Of course, classifications can be a trap, because we are all the Infinite One incarnate. No soul ray is better than any other soul ray – just different. There are many books on the chakras and rays. I suggest you surf the Internet for additional information.

My primary ray is blue, with a sub-ray of white. According to the Right Use of Will evolutionary system, I would be classified as a Blue-White Rainbow Spirit.

Soul Mates

Any soul that you connect with deeply could be considered a “soul mate.” People can have many soul mates. Usually, they are individuals who have similar rays and spiritual paths, and often have been together for many lifetimes off and on.

Twin Flames

A twin flame is a single soul that represents the so-called “other half” of yourself (actually “other whole” is more accurate, as your twin flame is a sovereign being in his/her own right). When souls were originally differentiated from the whole, they split into pairs and then split again and again until they became billions of fragments of the original coded pair. One member of each original soul pair almost always remains in higher dimensions to guide while the other member explores lower worlds.

We are conditioned to believe we must unite with a member of the opposite sex and live happily ever after. Since most of us originally split into pairs of male-female “twin flames,” everything is polarized male-female in the 3D/4D time continuum. Opposites attract as a way of evolving back into balance. The union experienced between male and female is a transcendent state (in the ultimate sense). Each of has a primary gender that is the dominant one during our incarnations. However, in our desire to experience everything about sex, we can take on the opposite gender during particular lifetimes. If we strongly identify with the opposite gender during an incarnation, we may carry that feeling into future lifetimes and end up attracted to the same sex. For example, the twin flame of a predominantly masculine soul inhabiting a female body will be female. As souls continue to evolve, they become more androgynous, having balanced both sides of their nature.


Our individual souls were split off from an oversoul. An oversoul consists of 12 souls that split into six pairs. The twin flame is the other member of each pair. Reuniting with the oversoul is an experience beautiful beyond words. Although all 12 original souls may be off exploring the universe, there is a core essence of the oversoul that remains within each of us. It is this “soul family” that we long to reunite with. Many times our earthly families seem to pale in comparison.

Remembering Our Pre-Separation State

Many years ago, Leah, my own twin flame, came to me in a vision and I saw that she exists in a sixth density realm in the etheric regions of Venus. 3D Venus is incredibly hot and poisonous. In 6D, the colors range from white to gold to orange and red, shimmering and coalescing continuously. The 6D light body is, of course, impervious to the atmosphere. Just like in visionary artists’ paintings, there are crystalline temples everywhere and rivers of golden light cascading down into lush gardens.

About three lifetimes ago (in Earth's time continuum) I had the experience of ascending through space and into the atmosphere of Venus at the conclusion of an Earth lifetime. This was a spiritual ascension (where the physical body is left behind). I look forward to a physical ascension this time, whereby I will be free to travel between Venus and Earth at will. My twin flame Leah and others have told me that once we get to a 5D vibration, they will be able to mingle with us. It's a lot easier to go from 6D to 5D than from 6D to 3D. It gives us a lot of incentive to keep rising in vibration.

Remembering Other Worlds

Many of us came to Earth after having had experiences on other worlds. Some of these worlds are within our own solar system, but at this time the civilizations exist in higher densities and are invisible to our telescopes and satellites. Others remember coming from water worlds. There are channels who claim they were dolphins or whales in past lives. Most of Earth's cetacean species retain some knowledge of other worlds, but like humans, have lost a lot of their awareness of higher densities.

Although I consider myself to be Venusian, I also have some Pleiadean lineage. My genetics appear to be about 80% Venusian and 20% Pleiadean, although I am attracted to Arcturus (for reasons that have not been revealed). In fact, beings from Arcturus are constantly asking to work with me. I am very cautious about working with other entities because even if they are loving and wise, that does not mean working with them is necessarily my highest soul path.

As we ascend in vibration, we will remember more and more of our off-planet heritage. The term "star-seeds" has been used to describe souls who have had little or no Earth experience prior to this incarnation. It is true that some of us have had hundreds of Earth lifetimes, while others have had maybe one or two (and everywhere in-between). I prefer not to use the term "star-seed" because we are all star-seeds to some extent, just as we are all ETs to some extent. Ultimately, we ARE the Universe and everything in it, so this discussion is for amusement only at this point.

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