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Beyond Mind

I have often said there are levels beyond mind. It seems we live in an open-ended Universe that is continually expanding into new dimensions or densities, and what we call the unmanifested void is beyond the realms of mind. Obviously, there is no way we can perceive what is beyond mind -- we have a hard enough time trying to perceive what mind has created since we tend to blame outer circumstances instead of inner beliefs for what we experience in the world.

The so-called higher dimensions exist outside the realms of time and space and are not subject to mind. Therefore, we could say they are created in a different way than the lower four dimensions. When we awaken from the illusion of perception, we experience that which is eternal (not bound by time and space). When we are in the higher realms, the idea of creating our own reality becomes irrelevant, except as a game the Creator enjoys playing in the lower realms. It's a bit like looking into one of those crystal balls that contain a landscape with "snow" that falls when you shake the ball. From outside 4D, you can rearrange the ball anyway you like, but from within, you are at the effect of your mind (and perhaps the minds of other souls if you allow that). From outside 4D, you can observe the individual and collective creations of the souls who reside in the crystal ball, but you are not bound by those creations.

J. Krishnamurti, the great philosopher and teacher, had perhaps the most lucid explanation of what lies beyond mind. The main activity of mind is, of course, thought, and thought is normally a product of time. Both thought and time are the cornerstones of the world created by mind. This can be likened to the computer-generated world in the "Matrix" movies. In the gap between thoughts is the eternal silence, the sacred space that Krishnamurti talked about at length. Universal Mind is a combination of the collective thoughts of all life forms plus the thoughts of the Creator (the Tao, the Void, etc.). This implies there is an aspect of the Creator/Creation that exists in the silence, and that is the beauty of the mystery. In my entire 50 years of embodiment on Earth (this lifetime/sequence), I have spent perhaps 30 minutes in the silence, usually a few seconds at a time. Some of those non-moments contained mostly emptiness, and some of them contained something else that there are no words for. After all, words and descriptions are products of thought, and all "normal" communication mediums (including telepathy) are constructed with thought. The phrase that most closely describes the space beyond thought is "eternal newness." Always, what ends the silence is the ego, which reconstructs itself and comes back to battle the issues of the day. As we ascend in awareness and realize the petty nature of the ego, we don't allow it to control our minds quite as severely, and perhaps our moments of silence will grow.

As with any subjective experience, it's hard to provide concrete evidence of what's beyond mind. Also, the meaning of the word "mind" has been taken several ways, from “the active agent of consciousness” to “everything that is.” If use the former definition, there is a lot that exists beyond mind. As for who controls the realms beyond the fourth dimension, I would say pure Spirit. My personal experiences are that a river of light/love containing Infinite Intelligence (or God) controls mind. Mind is a product of the Infinite or is created by the Infinite.

I am reminded of J. Krishnamurti's treatise on this subject, paraphrased from many of his writings: “It seems we go from the ignorant bliss of infancy to the burdens of knowledge to the emptying of that knowledge into pure insight and intelligence. Intelligence uses the knowledge of the mind as it sees fit, but it is free of that knowledge--it is not burdened down by a thousand yesterdays--a flower becomes a thing of wonder because the label is absent, the thought is gone. There is no observer observing a flower, because the observer has become the observed. There is only the flower, there is no 'me' to filter it through perception and knowledge...”

Every moment is eternally new, and yet all wisdom is contained in that moment.

We all have a facet of the truth, which we call perception. Perception is always distorted because it is never whole, never complete. It may shine with purity or it may be distorted, but as long as we view life through this lens, we will only see part of it. It is when we dissolve the barrier between the perceiver and that which is perceived that we realize that we are everywhere, and nowhere, at the same time. Our awareness is not limited to the body and its senses. It is not limited to the mind and its thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow. Our awareness is free to be anywhere and everywhere at once—something impossible for the mind to grasp.

The Great Mystery seems to be that there's always a state of consciousness beyond the farthest reaches of our imagination. A Zen Monk once decided that no matter how incredible his consciousness states were, he would respond with "Not this."

There's a fun little exercise I developed years ago. It goes like this. Go into meditation (in whatever way you usually do--breathing, body relaxation, clearing the mind, etc.), then imagine that everything you think you are you are not, and everything you think you are not you are. In other words, contemplate the "not I". If you do this deeply, you will experience (or “something” will experience) the "not I". The "not I" will be everywhere, with full awareness of itself. It is difficult to put these concepts into language, since we are speaking of a state where language cannot go. J. Krishnamurti said "truth is a pathless land." Anything we do to try and grasp it is a movement away from it. It must simply dawn on the still mind without invitation, without expectation. One cannot achieve enlightenment; one can only remove the barriers to its presence.

Once the mind sees the futility of striving for enlightenment, that is when it falls silent and the soul discovers that enlightenment was there all along.

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