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Comments on the Bible

Aaahh, the subject of the Bible. Most of it is hogwash, but there are a few gems. I particularly like, from John Chapter 14, verse 12: “These things shall ye do, and greater things than these shall ye do.” And from Hebrews Chapter 7: "Jesus was in the Order of Melchizedek [a higher priesthood than any on Earth]". Note it did not say he was the “top dog” of the Order, just a member.

And of course, there's Genesis 1: “Man was created in the image and likeness of God.”

The Old Testament is the bloodiest book I have ever read. According to my telepathically received information, Jehovah was an ET from the Sirius star system and came to Earth from seventh density. He was obviously on a guru trip and demanded obedient disciples. He had no qualms about sending his followers off to war to tear open the bellies of pregnant women, etc. Not my idea of a loving God!!!

I recently read a wonderful book, "The Da Vinci Code," by Dan Brown, that tackles the subject of the cover-up of the matriarchal components of God. I highly recommend it. The early Church, the Inquisition, et al., rewrote the Bible, omitting many of the books and leaving out many of the most insightful parts. If I say more, I will spoil it for those who haven't read the book. Suffice it to say that the man people call Jesus was most likely in relationship with Mary Magdalene and perhaps even had children. I’ve always had the impression that Mary Magdalene did a whole lot more with Jesus than just rub ointment on his feet.

Actually, there are many conflicting accounts of the Biblical time period. Some say Jesus did not really exist, others say there were three different "Christs". There's probably a bit of truth in each viewpoint, but the question remains, what is the lesson? One of the lessons demonstrated by Jesus is that no matter how deeply ensnared in 3D we become, we have the ability to extricate ourselves and be free of illusion. This is the real lesson of the crucifixion. In the movie, “Passion of the Christ,” we are treated to a two-hour ordeal of the last days of Christ. However, at the end of the movie (this isn’t quite spoiling it), Christ resurrects and it is as if the whole tortuous cycle had never existed.

No matter how horrendous things are on Earth, we can still ascend. The meaning of the “sacrifice” is that no matter what trials and tribulations we may go through in our own personal lives, someone else somewhere has it worse, and yet still manages to overcome and break free of illusions. As for the movie, it's a must see for its educational value, but you'll be glad when it's over.

About Fundamental Christianity and Fundamentalist Religions

The biggest problem with fundamentalist religion is the blind adherence to beliefs that have been passed down and distorted along the way. The biggest problem with the content of these religions is the focus on sin and guilt. Instead of learning how to overcome and resurrect, most Christians are obsessed with the cross and the idea that “Christ died for our sins.” What a preposterous idea! How can one man 2000 years ago absolve all our so-called misdeeds? The truth of the matter is that people who are locked in guilt and fear need a scapegoat – someone to project their misery upon. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the fundamentalists. Unity, Science of Mind and even Christian Science all operate from the premise that God is Love and that God keeps on loving us no matter how misguided we may become. These New Thought Christian churches have millions of followers. It is unclear, however, how many people actually believe they are unconditionally loved, and instead simply repeat flowery affirmations by rote in order to feel good for an hour each Sunday.

To reiterate, most mainstream Christians only see what they want to see in the Bible because they are hung up on the cross (pun intended). "Christ died for our sins." Really? He never said that to me. And then there's that tiresome "only begotten son" crap. It could have been a simple mis-translation. Oh well, you already know all about them Bible-thumpin' types. Praise the Lord!

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Kingdom of God.

These things shall ye do, and greater things than these… John 14:12

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