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Dimensions and Densities

Most of the information in this article can be examined in depth in “Life On the Cutting Edge,” my self-help manual. I mention in the book that level confusion is a big problem. What I see here involves three levels. I call them 3D, 4D and 5D, for lack of better terms. This can refer to dimensions or densities. There is actually a difference between densities and dimensions, which I go into in the book. In this article, I will focus primarily on dimensions.

I also want to touch on and clarify the social difference between the third, fourth and fifth dimensions and how they relate to common political systems.

The 3rd dimension is the realm where suffering is a tragedy that can be prevented by taking 3D action -- feeding the hungry, expelling the dictators, voting for peace instead of war, etc. Our actions have a definite effect on the 3D world and there's a lot of 3D action we can do to help alleviate the suffering. The 3rd dimension represents conformity (following a leader) and the corresponding political system is often socialism (or its cousin, communism).

The 4th dimension is the realm of karma (cause and effect). In this realm, everyone creates their own version of reality and we are not responsible for another's karma. People can create a 4D heaven or 4D hell, depending on their consciousness. This is the world of time, thought and mind. The 4th dimension represents individuality and creativity and the corresponding political system is capitalism (in its ideal state when people are mature enough to make it work).

The 5th dimension is the realm of love and compassion. It is here that we truly see that we are not separate -- that we are one being living in one universe created by one God. When we live in 5D, compassion is normal, natural and spontaneous. Spirit within directs us to take the best possible action to help ourselves and our fellow aspects of God. The 5th dimension is unity (completely different from conformity) and involves mature spiritual beings co-creating together while respecting each others' individuality. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a current political system that reflects this (maybe politics becomes a moot point when one enters the 5th dimension).

The reason I bring all this up is that a lot of people seem to confuse conformity with unity and they get a bad taste in their mouth when they see words like "utopia." After all, people cannot jump from conformity to unity -- they must first go through individuality (freedom to express who they are without government interference). It is very difficult to live in a state of freedom while in the world, because the early stages of individuality can involve turmoil and violence (which normally needs to be held in check through some sort of police force). It is only when the individual raises his/her vibration sufficiently (through self-awareness) that true unity is possible.

The lower four dimensions of our Universe are created, controlled and maintained by the mind. Our minds are microcosms of the Universal Mind (macrocosm).

The word “Maya” represents the lower four dimensions of reality – the worlds of duality, created and maintained by mind through personal and collective belief systems. Real Love begins in the 5th dimension.

We are living in all three of these realms (3D, 4D, 5D and many more) simultaneously and making choices based on the dominant realm at the time of the choice. Some choices are aligned with all three dimensions, while others conflict.

My goal is to always align these three realms when I make decisions. If I join an organization that helps feed people, for instance, I might do so on a 3D level because I don't want to see people suffer. I might do so on a 4D level because I feel a karmic sense of responsibility or because it feels good. I might do so on a 5D level because those starving children are aspects of my Self.

What about the higher dimensions?

It's hard to put higher dimensions into Earthly language. Think of an onion, but reversed from the way it is normally described. The higher dimensions are deeper and more essential than the superficial "outer" layers, yet the higher layers contains the lower ones, and so they are more vast, unlike the onion, whose inner layers are smaller. I cannot even visualize this, but I feel it to be true, and the work of many metaphysical pioneers seems to back it up. Dimensions are both concave and convex simultaneously, as I see it -- it's hard to fathom this with our 3D brains.

To reiterate, the "reverse onion" analogy suggests that the lower dimensions are contained within the higher ones. The higher dimensions are where duality and separation are seen as illusions. It is indeed difficult to convey the reality of higher dimensions to those of us who appear to be stuck in the lower dimensions. Love is a higher-dimensional reality that is distorted as it “cascades down” into the realms of perceived duality. That is why we have so many forms (agape, romantic, etc.).

This table shows the levels of consciousness, in ascending order:

 Level           State of Consciousness

  1           Existence, non-biological
  2           Instinctual, emotional, animalistic
  3           Intellectual, logical, rational mind, ego
  4           Creative, imaginative, psychic, intuitive
  5           Pure intelligence, insight, love
  6           Causal level, soul level (last level of individuality)
  7           Oversoul level (group consciousness)
  8           Avatar level (a high level of mastery)
  9           Christ level (unconditionally loving consciousness)
10           Cosmic level (cosmic consciousness)
11           God level (God consciousness)
12           Universal level (Universal consciousness)
13           The Void, the Great Mystery

Over the years, I've refined my system of dimensions and densities somewhat based on personal experience and verification from other sources. Here's what I've got:

 1st Density:             Mineral kingdom
 2nd Density:            Plant & lower animal kingdom
 3rd Density:            Higher animal & lower human
 4th Density             Low: Astral, lower emotional realms
 4th Density             High: Etheric, higher mental realms
 5th Density             Low: Causal, creative realms
 5th Density             High: Soul (last level of individuality)
 6th Density:            Oversoul (social memory complex)
 7th Density:            Master oversoul, atmic plane
 8th Density:            Avatar planes, celestial heavens
 9th Density:            Christ planes, Buddhic planes, lower God worlds
10th Density:           Higher God realms
11th Density:           Universal realms
12th Density:           The source; the mystery, the Tao
13th and beyond:    The void, unmanifested creation

I've borrowed some terms from Eckankar and other disciplines, but this is based on my own perceptions. My own exploration concurs with many others that there are many sub-planes within each major density level. Remember that densities and dimensions are labels for convenience only so that our intellects can grasp these ideas. In actuality, there is not always a sharp demarcation between levels.

My understanding of the astral is as follows:

There are several “negative” astral levels, including what many religions call “purgatory” or the “netherworlds”, places where soul fragments journey to learn about separation, fear and terror. In these “lower” realms, fear thoughts manifest as grotesque apparitions, monsters, etc.

In the higher regions of the “astral” are common dream states, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, etc. There is a lot of talk about negative entities and their effect on humans. Whether ghosts, poltergeists or negative ETs, the truth is that these beings can only affect us if we vibrate at a level that attracts them. When we reach the higher realms, these experiences are seen as dreams, or part of the “maya” of the lower four dimensions.

Regardless of whether or not "reptilians" are real ETs or only holographic projections does not ultimately matter. If they are fourth dimensional vibrations, then like all 4D entities, going beyond the “maya” into the 5th dimension is the way to freedom. I personally do not live in fear of the reptilians or their agenda of fear because I know that overcoming fear within my consciousness is the answer.

All this is corroborated in many books by many teachers.

Beyond the astral is what is commonly called the “etheric” realms, which have a more refined vibration. The upper etheric realms encroach upon the mental realms, the place of higher imagination. Beyond these are the causal planes, realms of great beauty and perfection. They are causal because they “control” the 3D and 4D worlds through a complex series of crystal grids (think of sacred geometric figures, only now in multi-colored swirling patterns). It is here that higher thoughts are coalesced into DNA and other life-form structures. As you might have guessed, the akashic records and divine blueprint of each soul are part of the causal planes.

Next up the ladder (corresponding roughly to 6D and 7D) are the soul and oversoul realms, celestial planes and other “God-worlds”.

Many years ago I was briefly introduced to Eckankar, and I noted they had a chart of the higher densities that I thought was quite accurate. (I'll bet you can get a copy of the chart on the Internet.)

There is some confusion as to what is “inner” and what is “outer” with respect to densities. The easy way around this is that everything is “inner”. The “outer” is an illusion. It's all one continuous energy emanating from the One and we are the collective creation doing the emanating.

Regarding our multidimensional nature: This is a paradox we are investigating here. When we are in our center, we realize we already exist in 5D. In fact, each one of us has at least 12 dimensions of being. We are simply unaware of the vast majority of Who We Are.

Our level of vibration corresponds to the composite total of where we place our attention. Within the Earthly sphere, most of us are vibrating at a composite level between 3D and 4D. Using the calibration scale developed by Dr. David Hawkins, most of humanity is vibrating a lot lower than that. I was informed by my higher self and through muscle testing that my composite vibration at the beginning of 2004 was approximately 4.5 (450 on the Hawkins scale).

As multidimensional beings we exist simultaneously in all densities and dimensions. The variable here is awareness. Where is our attention? Are we stuck in attachment to the physical? Are we stuck in our heads? Are we too much heart and not enough “gut”? What scripts are we still playing out that bind us to the realm of karma? Are we denying our emotional bodies or squelching our emotional desires based on a belief they are not spiritual?

The 6D perspective looks lovingly on humanity and does not judge. The service-to-others (STO) urge is spontaneous and natural because we are all One.

The more we desire to experience 5D or higher and put our attention there, the more our overall vibration will move into 5D or higher. Whether this takes a month or 1000 years is irrelevant since we already exist in 5D and higher, and need only place our awareness there to experience it.

Regarding living in 5D: If it were that easy, we'd all be there already. There's a lot of self-discipline and study that goes into this for most of us. That's why we have spiritual teachers, groups and countless self-help books and techniques, such as David Wilcock’s Convergence series and the work of Ra, Cayce and others. However, the more we focus our attention on our 5D selves, the more we are drawn to those experiences that accelerate our evolution into 5D. Sometimes, those experiences involve going back and healing aspects of self that vibrate in 3D and 4D.

This is a difficult subject because words are inadequate to express anything beyond 5D. I have an inner knowing that there are densities or dimensions beyond 6D, and others have talked about this, but until we experience these directly, any descriptions will fall short.

The part of us that is aware is like the tip of an iceberg. The vast majority of WHO WE ARE lies below, above and beyond the surface. At times we get glimpses of realms beyond the beyond. The density scale I use was given me by my God presence and the detailed descriptions are available in Life On the Cutting Edge

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