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Meditation No. 2 – Learning to Visualize

To order the cassette tape of this meditation, click here. If you are speaking this to another person or recording your voice, make sure you talk slowly and clearly.

In this meditation, you will learn how to become better at visualizing with your mind's eye. The process will start with body relaxation and proceed with special mental statements and techniques. It is recommended that you do NOT speak these words or listen to a recording of this meditation while operating a motor vehicle or other heavy machinery.

In this meditation, you will be learning how to use more of your mind, and use it in a more positive and life-enhancing way. You will be accessing the visual centers of your brain, the pituitary and pineal glands, and what mystics call the "third eye." This spot is in between your eyebrows above the bridge of your nose.

Some people find it easy and natural to visualize, while others have better success hearing or feeling things. If you have trouble doing the visualizations in this meditation, do not worry. With practice it will become easier.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably and wearing loose clothing. If you are wearing a belt, you might want to loosen or undo it. If possible, sit with your spine erect and feet flat on the floor. You can do this meditation lying down if you are not prone to falling asleep easily, but it may be less effective than sitting.

If you are not driving or doing something that requires open eyes, then close your eyes and begin by taking a few deep breaths. Inhale slowly and deeply, then hold your breath for about one second, and begin slowly exhaling. When you reach the end of the exhale, wait about one second before beginning the next slow deep inhale. Continue breathing this way throughout the meditation. If you find yourself forgetting to breathe, gently bring yourself back into this breathing rhythm.

Try to let any persistent thoughts in your mind just drift away. Imagine that there is nothing to think about and nothing to do but relax and breathe. Know that each time you do this meditation, it will be easier to breathe deeply and relax. During this meditation, you will remain awake and aware, and able to function effectively and efficiently in the world. You will be able to accept or reject anything I say. Everything I say is designed to help you improve your life. You are safe. You are completely at peace. Nothing can disturb you during this meditation. You will continue to listen to the sound of my voice as you relax.

Begin to notice the top of your head. Notice if it feels tight or loose, heavy or light. See if you can feel the weight of your head. Notice the weight of your eyelids. If your eyes are closed, let your eyelids drop naturally over your eyes. Do not try to force your eyelids shut. Feel the top of your head relaxing. With each breath, your head is becoming more relaxed.

Now focus your attention on your face. Notice if your cheeks are contorted or tense and if they are, relax. Let your mouth remain closed, but allow your teeth to separate. Do not clench your teeth. Feel your jaw drop a little from gravity.

Notice the back of your neck. How does it feel? If there is any tension, feel it draining away with each breath you take. Do not worry about your posture. Just hold your head up in the most comfortable way possible. Your neck is becoming completely relaxed.

Feel your head, neck and shoulders letting go and relaxing. Let your shoulders drop. Let the weight of your arms and hands pull your shoulders down. If there is any tightness or pain in your shoulders, feel it draining away with each breath. You are becoming more and more relaxed.

As you continue to breathe, remember to remain awake and aware, sensitive to your thoughts and feelings and in touch with any sensations in your body. Remember to breathe fully and deeply. Know that with each breath, you are relaxing more and more, yet remaining alert to anything that needs your attention.

Imagine a wave of relaxation moving down your spine, beginning at the back of your shoulders. Feel this warm, peaceful sensation moving one vertebra at a time until it reaches the base of your spine. If you find it difficult to sit erect while relaxing your spine, then let your spine slump a little just for this exercise. As you relax your spine, notice if there is any tightness or tension in your upper back. If there is, let it go with the next breath. Now do the same for the middle of your back. When you are sure your upper and middle back is completely relaxed, move down to your lower back. Your back and spine are now completely relaxed.

Now focus your attention on your chest. Notice whether or not your breath includes your chest or is restricted to your abdomen. If your inhale and exhale seem to be coming from your abdomen, gently bring the breath up to your chest area. Feel your lungs filling with air and expanding on each inhale. Feel your lungs contract and your chest subsiding with each exhale. Imagine any tension just drifting away with each breath.

Begin moving down to your abdominal area. With each breath focus on a different organ relaxing. Begin with the stomach. Imagine that your digestion is working perfectly and your stomach has just the right amount of food in it. Now relax your stomach muscles and feel a wave of warm, peaceful energy moving over your stomach. On the next breath, do the same for the organs that are harder to feel. Your liver. Next, your spleen. Then your kidneys. And pancreas. If you are a woman, focus on your reproductive organs, uterus and womb. Next, move down into your colon area (below your stomach). Try to relax the muscles in this area. Notice whether or not your bladder is empty or full. If it is empty, relax it completely. If not, try to relax it as much as possible.

Focus on your hips and buttocks. Again, let your posture go. Do not be concerned about it. If you are sitting in a chair, your hips and buttocks should be resting naturally on the chair. Feel the weight of your body on the chair. Feel yourself relaxing into the chair.

Imagine your relaxation continuing to move down into your legs, across your knees and down into your calves and lower legs. Notice how much your left leg is relaxing. Now notice how much your right leg is relaxing. Now relax both of them at the same time. Continue to breath and feel yourself entering a deep sense of peace and tranquility, while remaining awake and alert to any activity that requires it.

Imagine that all your tension has collected in a ball at your feet. Feel this ball rolling out of the bottom of your feet. All tension is draining out through the bottom of your feet. Go ahead and wiggle your toes to release the last of the tension.

Do the same for your arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers. Feel all remaining tension draining out through your fingertips. Go ahead and wiggle your fingers.

Now take a deep breath, deeper than before, and with the next exhale, let out an audible “sigh”. Let gravity force the breath out. Do not force your exhale. Imagine you are breathing a sigh of relief. With the next breath, let everything go. Feel your entire body relax and let go. There is nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. There is just this wonderful, peaceful, relaxed moment. Spend a few minutes now enjoying this peaceful moment. If any pain, tightness or tension arises anywhere in your body, release it with the next breath.

Now I want you to imagine yourself at a sandy beach. Do not be concerned if an image does not come immediately to mind. Just think about the last time you were at a beautiful sandy beach. If you have never been to a beautiful sandy beach, imagine a picture of one, perhaps hanging on the wall of a surf shop or in a travel brochure. Get the feeling of being on the beach. Imagine the warm sand between your toes. Listen to the sound of the waves as they break on the shore. Try to imagine the smell of seaweed and shellfish. Listen for the cry of a far-off seagull. If there are other people on your beach, listen to the sounds of their laughter and calls.

Let's make this a sunny, warm day. Perhaps there are a few puffy clouds on the horizon, but they're nothing to worry about. Feel the warm sun on your body. Feel the soft ocean breeze on your skin. You might occasionally feel the spray of the waves or the sting of sand in the breeze.

Imagine that the water is a deep turquoise color. If you have trouble visualizing it, try to remember the last time you held a piece of turquoise. This is the color we want. Imagine the sunlight shimmering off the surface of the turquoise colored water. Notice how the sun reflects off the sand on the beach. Notice the specks of glittering rock mixed with gold and orange sand.

Now pretend you are running along the shore. Feel the weight of your feet as they smack the wet sand. Picture yourself running along, breathing rapidly and moving your arms and legs. You can even imagine getting a bit tired as you continue to run. If there are people present, they look up as you pass by and wave. Okay, you're getting a bit tired now. Go ahead and stop. Walk over to a warm, dry sandy spot and lie down in the sand. Feel the warm sand as it nurtures and nestles your body. You are completely at peace, completely relaxed, and completely safe. You will remain there in the sand, with nothing to do, nothing to worry about, and nothing to think about, until you next hear my voice. [Pause for 30 seconds.]

Know that with each breath, you are healing your body, mind and emotions more and more. Know that with each breath, it becomes easier and easier for you to visualize in your mind's eye. Know that you will use the power of visualization to bring you the things you desire in life. Know that you will use the power of visualization to help others and the world. Know that you can continue to visualize what you desire after this meditation is complete. Know that all you have to do to relax is focus on your body and breathe deeply and fully. This meditation will get easier and easier each time you use it. This meditation is completely safe. You are completely safe. Everything is in perfect order. There is nothing to do, nowhere to be, but be right here, right now.

Take a few more minutes to enjoy this peaceful state, and then when you are ready, open your eyes and stretch your body, wiggling your fingers and toes. Get up from your chair and move your body around gently, shaking out any tiredness. You are now refreshed and energetic, feeling rested and calm, with a clear mind and heart.

End of Meditation. To give a love offering, click here.

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