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We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

NOTE: To those who are not residents of the USA, or have never seen “The Wizard of Oz”, this title refers to a magical place where Dorothy was taken after entering the eye of a tornado. As we enter the “eye of the storm”, the still place within the center of our Being, we too enter a magical place. A place we can enter anytime, even if we live in the state of Kansas.
The time of preparation is over. The time of plateaus, valleys and rest stops is over. Now it's full steam ahead with the transformation of Mother Earth and her beloved people.

Every day the energy is increasing. The power of creativity and manifestation is expanding and unfolding faster and faster. Our bodies are changing. The DNA patterning of our cells is being altered by our own God Presence and the presence of the guides, teachers and masters we have contracted with prior to coming into embodiment. New guides, teachers and masters are being accepted into our sacred space when such assistance is for our maximum soul growth, happiness, joy and well-being.

We are reclaiming our power as Sons and Daughters of our Father/Mother God. Our psychic and intuitive abilities are being reactivated. Our understanding of parallel lifetimes, alternate timelines and higher dimensions is returning to our awareness. The veils are dropping. We are learning how to master these third-dimensional physical vehicles. There is no longer any need for illness, disease, aging or death.

We are removing the illusions of scarcity, lack and limitation. Trusting God is no longer a slogan or feel-good buzz phrase. It is becoming a daily reality for more and more of us. We are realizing that there is nothing we need in the world of illusion. Our reality is unconditional love. Our reality is the limitless abundance of the Universe. Our physical presence is merely an instrument of Divine Action. We are the strings on the violin of God. We are the valves on the flute of Krishna. Like Saint John, we are instruments of peace.

As long as there is a third dimension and we have embodiment within it, there will be challenges. The nature of those challenges will change, as will our attitude regarding the daily dance. Instead of cursing the darkness, we learn from it. We welcome with gratitude the lessons of Earthly experience. We see all "petty tyrants" as our greatest teachers, for they show us where we have not yet come fully into alignment with our God Presence. We forgive and bless our so-called "enemies", knowing they are but aspects of our greater Self.

We open to embrace the new opportunities coming our way. We say "Yes" to a life of ecstacy and joy. We know we are more vast than anything our intellects can conceive. Our relationships grow and change in ways unlike anything we have ever experienced before. We are mutating, transforming, transfiguring, resurrecting and ascending. We are raising Earth to Heaven. Although some of us will journey on into other worlds, many of us will stay with Mother Earth as she ascends. We will assist the souls who choose to create what the Hopi call the "Fifth World." This is a world of sustainable enlightened communities that will spread across the face of the Earth, replacing the illusory governments and economies currently breathing their last breaths, desperate in their attempts to grasp and snatch control from the people. Their days are numbered and they know it, yet they have not yet learned how to release their grip on power and control (or shall we say, the illusion of power and control). We bless them and wish them well as they depart from our Mother Earth in the years to come.

Today we cleanse our bodies, emotions and minds of all that no longer serves us. We thank each aspect as it leaves, grateful for the lessons it gave us. Then we open to embrace our new selves, bright and radiant and fresh and alive. We ask only that we be in total and complete service, thinking, feeling, expressing and acting only in ways that are for the highest good of all.

We remember who we are. We celebrate who we are. We look forward to fulfilling our part in the Divine Plan. We know everything is evolving in perfection. Everything is in Divine Timing. For this we say, Amen. It is so and so it is!

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