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Alternative Energy

The use of fossil fuels and nuclear power is absolutely ridiculous, given the fact that we live in a sea of almost infinite energy. There are several technologies that look promising in the years to come. Let’s review them in order of likely development:

Battery-powered electric cars: These are already in operation, but the technology is not very desirable because it takes energy to produce the batteries and they contain pollutants. In addition, the cost of operation is still quite high.

Hydrogen fuel cells: The main advantage of hydrogen is the fact that the byproduct (exhaust) is water vapor, and so this technology causes almost zero pollution. The biggest drawbacks are the cost to manufacture the hydrogen and cell system and the energy it takes to produce the cells. Hydrogen-powered cars are still quite expensive.

Cold fusion systems: Although the Japanese government and others have confirmed the validity of this technology, the United States and British governments and their corporate sponsors are still skeptical. Although isotopes of helium can be contained safely, there are a number of issues involved in mass production. The cold fusion process requires catalyst elements, some of which are expensive and/or toxic. However, these are hurdles that should be easy to overcome once this technology gains acceptance.

Zero-point energy (electromagnetic systems): This technology involves the placing of magnets and coils in such a way as to harness the "null zone" potential between two polarized fields. The null zone provides access to the "aetheric" field existing in the vacuum of space, which contains almost unlimited energy. This is by far the most promising of the technologies, along with its many variations. For a list of inventors and companies, see the end of this article. ZPE may or may not require a simple battery as a “kick-start”, but there is zero pollution and the cost (after initial development) is extremely low.

Tom Bearden’s website (listed below) describes his Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) and his view of the energy crisis. The recent articles on peak oil, and Tom Bearden's dire warning, should be taken very seriously. We should do everything we can to support ZPE and holistic health research because soon it will be too late to avoid complete chaos in the financial markets (as the price of oil spirals out of sight and wars escalate over diminishing resources). There are other ongoing ZPE projects that are also listed at the end of the article.

A word about superconductivity and orthomolecularly rearranged monatomic elements (ORMEs):

There are certain rare elements that, when properly prepared in the presence of catalysts, arrange themselves in a resonant field of single atoms, as opposed to covalent bonding or lattice structures. The remarkable characteristics of these ORME fields is that the resistance within the resonant field is extremely low, allowing superconductivity to take place. When properly harnessed and with proper safeguards, a large amount of power can be produced. The principle here is quite simple and involves only elementary mathematics, unlike the cold fusion and ZPE systems. Using Ohm’s Law and the Power equations, we find that with a constant voltage, current increases as resistance decreases. As resistance approaches zero, current approaches infinity, and therefore, power approaches infinity. The biggest hurdle to harnessing superconducting fields is how to transmit the high output current. Materials involved in the manufacturing of generators and motors that run high current directly from ORME fields are very expensive and problematic at present.

I first read the David Hudson patent many years ago and have perused which is possibly the best website offering ORME and ORMUS products.

"ORMUS" generally refers to compounds and formulas containing monatomic patterning, while “ORME” refers to actual monatomic elements, such as white powder gold, iridium and rhodium.

There are formulations of ORMEs that can be taken internally. It creates rapid purification of the body, but if the body is not properly prepared beforehand, it can be too much to assimilate. It also likely puts one through intense emotional upheaval, which is good, but not for the faint-hearted. The vials of pure powder are expensive (of course), and because the powder is superconducting, it appears weightless in the vial (according to those who've ordered it). It must be hard to get it out of the vial and measure accurately for ingestion without good laboratory equipment.

Notwithstanding the above, ORMEs are the real McCoy, the elixir of life, the manna from heaven, etc., and must be respected as such. Proper usage (combined with a high level of spiritual awareness) will immortalize the physical body, stop aging, and make one impervious to disease and environmental contaminants. This can be achieved without ORMEs, but they act as a catalyst to speed up the process.

Getting Alternative Energy into Mass Production

What can we do to assist in bringing these technologies into mass production? First of all, we must collectively realize that we have been spoon-fed horrendous lies by the powers that be. We do NOT live in a world of scarce resources! It only appears to be so because of our beliefs and the lust for power and control by the ruling elite! Modern physics has proven otherwise. The “sheeple” (those who blindly follow others and do not think for themselves) always wait until their personal lives are in crisis before doing anything. The price of gas as of mid-2004 is around $2.00 per gallon in the USA, yet people driving large SUVs constantly race on down the highway going 85 or 90 mph. These people either have plenty of money to burn, or they just don't care (probably the latter). A lot of young people I know are convinced the world is going to hell in a handbasket and they don't even bother to plan their future.

We can still get these technologies going before it’s too late, but it won’t happen while we watch “Days of Our Lives” and “Wheel of Fortune.” The first thing we need to do is get educated and then do what we can to support the inventors. The powers that be are hell-bent on suppressing these devices so that they can continue with “business as usual.” What they apparently do not realize is that business as usual cannot and will not continue much longer. Are we going to wait until gas is $10.00 per gallon before we act? It’s time to wake up, folks! The hour is extremely late and none of us can sit on the fence anymore. We ARE the new earth. We ARE the new beginning. I know we will RISE to the occasion and bring the Infinite One into manifestation!

A brief list of websites and inventors:

Tom Bearden --

The Lutec Generator --

The INE website --

Perendev Power --
(note: this product has not been reviewed)

Eugene Mallove’s cold fusion site --

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