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Quantum Entanglement

I read with excitement the recent announcement that scientists had demonstrated that the future can change the past (quantum entanglement across time and space with protons). Sorry I don't have the link at the moment.

Let’s look at a concept called the focal point of awareness. Our awareness is like a pointer moving across the fabric of time and space. At the moment, the pointer is hovering over what we collectively call the third dimensional universe in the 21st Century. Otherwise, one of our other lifetimes would be our main focus at this time.

Is it possible to be simultaneously aware of all our parallel lives, and to move our “pointer” from one to another at will? Are there, perhaps, some beings living on this planet that are “not home” in their earthly bodies, but out exploring their other selves? Maybe when we “leave” our earthly body, we re-enter a body in another realm that was left vacant while we explored Earth.

Did anyone see the movie "The Butterfly Effect?" It got mixed reviews. I saw it a few days after the first time I read about quantum entanglement, and it had quite an impact.

I've always felt it was not only possible, but inevitable that we will change the past. Here's how I think it works: We don't go back and change something and suddenly everything is different. Instead, think of all time as a series of parallel possibilities/ probabilities stretched across a fabric. When we change the past (using higher-density techniques), we go to another time continuum, and as a result, we experience a present and future unlike the one we started with. The one we started with (this one) is still the same, but WE have shifted to a new one as a result of our change. The new one now becomes our dominant reality experience.

This has already happened numerous times. Remember the prophecies of 1982? California was going into the ocean, etc. By our collective healing actions, we changed the prophecy and we have been on a different time continuum ever since.

When we heal traumas from our childhood, it is as if they never even happened because we enter a time continuum where they did not occur, and we experience a future completely different from the original one.

The trick is to change our location in the fabric of time consciously and collectively so we can experience a beautiful and happy future.

Some Related Ideas

Quantum physics has allowed technology to evolve in fascinating directions in recent years. We now have computers that can literally work on the level of electrons.

There has been a lot of talk (and sci-fi movies) about machines taking over humans. As a teacher of mathematics, I try to keep up with some of the more advanced ideas in computers, artificial intelligence, cybergenetics, etc. (although my own knowledge starts getting shaky after intermediate calculus). I read "The Emperor's New Mind" by Roger Penrose a while ago and was fascinated with his take on whether or not machines would ever truly replace man. His argument was that mankind's spirit (he didn't use that word of course) could never be completely made artificially. In other words, no machine will ever have the intelligence level of a sentient being, despite being able to calculate and reason millions of times faster.

The Universal Spider-Web

The universe can be likened to a giant spider web of energy, where everything affects everything else. Even the tiniest fluctuation in the energy field sends reverberations throughout the creation. What we see in the 3D world is the collective (composite) result of consciousness, from the I AM (universal) level down to the amoeba (or even the individual atom).

In another article, I stated that we are multidimensional beings existing simultaneously in at least 12 dimensions or space-time continuums. What we experience is the composite of where we direct our consciousness. Right now, most of us are focused on 3D and 4D continuums, with a few of us peeking into our 5D selves (or waking up to our 5D selves). It seems, from our limited 3D perspective, that our higher selves are sleeping, but I believe the opposite is true. Our 5D selves are awake and continuously creating, while our lower selves are dreaming in a world of illusions.

The 3D world is nothing but a web of dancing quantum fluctuations, which we direct into various shapes, sizes and configurations by the actions of consciousness. The Uncertainty Principle essentially states that the universe exists in a state of virtual flux consisting of waves of energy, and that these waves only become particles when they are observed by consciousness. This point is eloquently illustrated in the movie “What the [bleep] Do We Know?” In this movie, one scene involves a basketball player who is simultaneously all over the court until we turn around and look at him, at which time he assumes a normal coordinate position in time and space (in one corner of the court).

There are a couple of related points here. One is the idea that there are realms outside of Universal Mind that operate according to a different set of laws and principles. It may or may not be possible to experience such realms, but I believe they exist. The other idea is whether or not anything exists unless it is being perceived by an observer of some sort – human, ET, angelic or otherwise. I am reminded of the old Zen conundrum: “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to see it, did it really fall?” Some scientists take this idea to the extreme, as in the example popularly known as “Schroedinger’s Cat.” A cat is put into a chamber and an experiment is set up that essentially proves that the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Consult your favorite physics library or the Internet for a detailed description of this famous conundrum.

What about Responsibility?

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that everything we say, think, feel or do affects everything else in the Universe. I think ultimately, my higher, or Universal Self, is responsible for everything in the Universe, but there are infinite gradations or degrees of responsibility. I am MORE responsible for my feelings about people in my immediate world than I am about some far-off entities in the far reaches of the galaxy. But as I said before, even the tiniest thought or feeling reverberates throughout the Universe and affects everyone and everything. The non-locality principle of quantum physics illustrates this point. A particle is split into two parts. One part is placed in a chamber, while the other part is put in a different chamber a long distance from the first part (think light years apart). Then a force is applied to the first particle that changes its composition. Instantaneously, the change is registered in the second part light years away!

The logical assumption of this experiment is that we exist in a higher dimension that supersedes the laws of time and space. A corollary of this is that there is no such thing as separation. It is an illusion confined to the third and fourth-dimensional continuums.

To sum up: Creation appears to remain in a kind of Bose-Einstein condensate or virtual flux of neutral particles until acted upon by consciousness--then it becomes polarized or metamorphic in nature (holographic?). In other words, there is a medium upon which creation happens (like a canvas upon which art is created). This canvas is the backdrop of virtual flux or waves of energy. As soon as we observe this flux, we instantaneously begin creating a world of particles, momentum and positionality.

A related idea is the concept of creation blinking on and off at a very rapid rate. Quantum physics is proving this to be so. Life is literally a fast-frame movie and we are the actors. Our problem is that we get sooooo identified with our characters we forget we are merely acting.

Parallel Universes

One of my pet theories is that universes come in pairs. We have an “anti-universe” that complements our universe. This “anti-universe” has laws opposite ours. Instead of entropy, we have “centropy”, or the principle that states that it is easier to organize than disorganize matter. In fact, if our universe is primarily matter, then this “anti-universe” is primarily anti-matter. The visualization that comes with this theory is that of an infinity symbol, where our universe is one side of the symbol and the anti-universe is the other side. Where the lines cross is a black hole in our universe and a white hole in the anti-universe. At some future time, I will go into this theory in more depth, but the beauty of this theory is that it upholds the law of conservation of energy, which is, in my humble opinion, a higher law than the law of entropy.

Multiple Universes

I think there are multiple Universes, each with a conscious source that extends itself to include all of its creation. Think of each universe as a big ball with tentacles that spread out into the void. Each tentacle is an individual soul, completely connected to the whole and able to access any and all parts of it. Possibly the different balls interact to make it even more interesting? Think of a deep sea adventure filled with spiny sea urchins all floating and interacting with one another.

Okay, I’ve got your brain reeling by now. We’ll continue this discussion at a later date.

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