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Laboratory Earth

Earth is like a giant laboratory and most of us are "lab rats." This means that the "humans" of everyday life have had their genetics experimented, bred, hybred, spliced, cloned, mixed and generally messed with to the point that our physical selves have become a hodge-podge of ET races from various sectors of the galaxy and universe. See The Truth About ETs for more information.

The simplified version goes like this: The Pleiadeans, Sirians and Orions seeded the genetics of Earth at various times over the last 10 million years, creating various races, most of which became extinct through crystal or nuclear wars (or natural disasters such as asteroids, comets or Nibiru's bypass every 3600 years). Unfortunately, many of the ET factions have warred over control of Earth and her resources and their warring nature has infiltrated the genetics of humans.

The original blueprint for the human was a "peaceful, androgynous being" that has since been modified to become the "masculine, aggressive warrior" type. Most people think aggression and competition are part of human nature, but the majority of that is the result of interbreeding with aggressive Orions (from the Rigel sector). There are other players in the cosmic drama, including Arcturians, Andromedans, Alpha Draconians (reptilians), Antareans, Zeta Reticulins (greys), and others. Each group has had their own agenda. The Zetas have been interbreeding to save their race from extinction (through human abductions, embryonic implants, and genetic alterations), the Alpha Draconians have been mining the Earth's rare elements (and using their psychic powers to enslave the human mind), and the Sirians were at one time purposely enslaving the human race to appease their massive egos (the Gods of the Old Testament and Greek mythology). Some of the more benevolent races have been here to help prevent us from blowing ourselves up (Arcturians, Antareans and Andromedans, for instance).

There are several ET groups responsible for various parts of the human engineering. According to my direct information, the DNA was created by 12D Pleiadean beings (originally from Lyra/Vega), commonly called the "Founders", creators of the original humanoid form. The Adamic race (from which the mythic “Adam” and his counterpart “Eve” were introduced as the original test subjects) were 7D Pleiadeans who volunteered to incarnate on young Earth. In our time sequence, this happened over 10 million years ago. As the story goes, the 7D entities (who were essentially lower-self extensions of the 12D Founders) quickly dropped in vibration and became identified with the 3D Earth plane. This is highly oversimplified, of course, but represents the “fall from grace” mentioned in religious writings.

After the Pleiadean/Adamic forms had been evolving on Earth for many thousands of years, the Orions from Rigel and Betelguese arrived and contributed to both the positive and negative polarities. The original Adamic root race was diluted through interbreeding. The Councils of Rigel were a warring faction and instigated the warrior-masculine-aggressive behavior into the Adamic DNA gene pool. The conflict between the Orions and Pleiadeans over who would control the Adamic people was popularly known as the Luciferian Rebellion (around 500,000 B.C.). Much of this information overlaps with the stories in The History of Earth and The Truth About ETs, so I will refer you there for a more in-depth look at our fascinating heritage.

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