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The subject of healing is vast and complex, but we humans have a way of making things more difficult than they need be.

In order for healing to occur, the original problem (resistance to the flow of life force energy) must be addressed. By the time a healing crisis arises in the body, the problem has become multidimensional. Most health problems originate in the emotional body and result from suppressing and carrying old emotional issues around for a long time. Another common cause of health problems is the taking on of other people’s energy and negative psychic cording (attaching one’s energy field to another’s).

Ultimately, all that is needed for healing to occur is to realize, deeply and completely, that we are created in the perfect image and likeness of our Creator. Unfortunately, for most of us, this truth is covered up with false beliefs carried from generation to generation and lifetime to lifetime. The biggest blockage to realization of our perfection is the belief in negative karma. This is the belief that we must atone for past sins, even from past lifetimes. So it is necessary to let go of all false beliefs and remain open and receptive to Spirit.

That said, there are specific criteria for healing. In order to have true healing, there are two steps:

(1) You must FEEL and EXPERIENCE completely the issues of the emotional body; AND

(2) You must detach and view with impartial awareness the whole process.

If you have only the first point, you become a drama king/queen, hopelessly consumed by emotion. If you have only the second point, you become cold and intellectual. Balance exists somewhere between the extremes.

At this point, I think we should be clear about definitions, particularly feeling and emotion. I've always used feelings as a generic word to describe anything from bodily sensations to intuitive flashes. Emotions I've kept strictly to happiness, fear, anger, sadness and the myriad combinations of these (such as jealousy, resentment, grief, etc.). Perhaps the strangest of my concepts has been that I do not consider guilt an emotion, but rather, a state of mind resulting from fear and separation.

Emotion can be thought of as “energy in motion”. Strong feelings involve a passionate energy at many levels of being. Passion is a part of God. After all, if God didn't have passion, we wouldn't be here.

Faith Healing

God is everywhere, including fundamentalist revivals. However, a lot of miracle or faith healings that take place at such spectacles happen because of the power of belief. (There are also some out and out frauds – plants in the audience, etc.) Certainly there are real healings that utilize the scientific principles of life force energy. But in order for healing to take place, there must be the proper receptivity in both the “healer” and “healee”. Some folks probably do receive healing at these carnival shows, but often the whole thing is like a three-ring circus and Jesus probably ought to turn over their tables as well. If the healings are not complete, the symptoms will return, often in a matter of days or weeks.

This is not to belittle those of us with medical issues or who are contemplating or have had surgery. What's done is done and hopefully, allopathic medicine has performed well in alleviating pain and preserving the body in these instances. Pain in the body is not easy to deal with for most of us. It can darken our entire outlook on life and make everything seem futile. That is when we need to focus the most on our innate perfection. The most important step is to TRUST OUR TRUE NATURE. This is easier said than done. First, we must peel back the layers of low self-esteem, false beliefs and emotional traumas that keep us locked into a self-image of failure and defeat. Having pulled away all the layers of illusion, we discover our perfect, shining innocence that was there all along.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always be what you've always been," said a famous success motivation speaker. In order for healing to occur at the physical and emotional level, it must also occur at the mental level. That means recognizing recurring behaviors, thoughts and belief systems that do not work in our lives. If we have destructive habits and addictions, we must first realize that we have the power within to overcome them. Then we must have the resolve and commitment to heal them. If you see a truck about to run you over, you instinctively move out of the way. It needs to be that way with our ingrained negative patterns and addictions. If we instinctively recognize the danger and see the mechanism of habit directly, we can see the steps to take for resolution.

The reason destructive habits and addictions are not healed is because we have conflicting desires within us. One part wants this, another wants that. If that cigarette calms and relaxes us, there is a payoff to smoking – we feel more calm and relaxed. We might know, intellectually, that smoking is harmful, but the part of us desiring reduced stress may be stronger, and the smoking continues. Healing involves aligning all parts of ourselves behind a common goal – to do what maximizes our soul growth, happiness and well-being.

The Healing Power of Music

Physicists have demonstrated convincingly that music and sound vibrations have a significant effect on the organs of the physical body, as well as the emotions and mind. Just ask anyone listening to a favorite song what they are feeling. The right piece of music can brighten a dreary day and bring happiness to someone down in the dumps. This is true of both live acoustic music and electronic music. Of course, there will always be something about the human voice and the emotion musicians put into their playing of instruments that synthesizers will never equal. I say this while being in awe of some of the accomplishments of electronic musicians.

The most exciting part of the music field, for me, is the healing property of certain sounds and vibrations. In the years to come, there will be music produced that will automatically heal virtually every malady known to mankind. The principle is simple: bombard the physical system with the precise frequencies necessary to cancel out the discordant vibrations of diseased tissues and organs. Already, many are involved in this research.

There is a fairly well known experiment in which solids are colloidally suspended in water and then bombarded with various sounds and music. The solids will form geometric patterns in the suspension. For more information on this, see the Convergence series. Every musical note has a discrete vibration. Since everything in the universe vibrates, the principles of harmonic resonance can be explored to effect healing in virtually any life form. You may recall the plants that were fed strains of Beethoven and grew much more rapidly and healthily than those that had no music.

Since every condition has a signature sound/frequency, it is simply a matter of mapping out the patterns and frequencies that correspond to a given condition. Below is a list of some of the most powerful healing music:

--Classical (particularly chamber music) – Examples: Pachelbel Canon, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner
--New Age (particularly flute and harp)
--Certain electronic music based on a 1-4-6 chord pattern
--Sine wave instruments (strings)
--Certain percussive beats that harmonize with the ambient beat of the human heart

There are elaborate charts (such as Schumann frequency tables) that map the beats per minute of various matter throughout the universe and its effect on the human nervous system. Earth herself has a base frequency of about 8 Hz, although it has been increasing according to some sources. Links to sites that document this will be provided at a later date.

On the Up-and-Down Nature of Spiritual Unfoldment

In order to understand the healing process, it is helpful to illustrate the way we grow in awareness. It seems most of the time we go through a four-cycle process in our spiritual growth.

1. An opening experience (satori).

This is an unexpected revelation or insight that spurs us on to the next step in our growth. It may come when hiking in nature, listening to music, hanging out with a teacher, etc. There is the feeling of knowingness and often, extreme happiness.

2. A rapid period of change and growth.

This usually follows the satori experience. During this phase one often makes numerous outer changes and redirects one's life toward spiritual pursuits (if one was immersed in materiality) or one simply refines one's personal path (if one is already spiritually focused).

3. Consolidation.

This is the hardest part of the process. This is where the rest of the self has to catch up to the part that has been awakened. During this phase, things seem to go backwards. There's a lot of "I thought I was finished with this." Sometimes there's even "What happened to my enlightenment?" This is related to the rubber-band effect, whereby parts of the self have raised in vibration while other parts (usually emotional) lag behind.

4. Integration.

As the word implies, this is where all the parts of self catch up and become One in the new level of awareness. The feelings here are solid and real and one no longer relates to the self that existed before the satori experience. It is no longer real. Eventually this new self will dissolve and another cycle of growth will complete. Each 4-step cycle is like a ring on a spiral, and often we can look back at the previous cycle and see how far we've come.

Many of us have gone through numerous cycles and are recognizing, when in consolidation, that "this too shall pass." Sometimes simple self-acceptance of the process is all that is required.

Even the great mystic, J. Krishnamurti, had extremely painful headaches during his awakening. I think our bodies go through transmutation as we increase our awareness, and sometimes the rearranging of cellular tissues has side-effects.

Of course, some painful processes are related to the body trying to get our attention when we ignore parts of ourselves. In the case of highly awakened people, this is probably not the case, however.

Measuring Energy Levels

The ideas in this article provide a context or road map for examining one's own vibrations. The ego will tend to analyze and obsess over the levels of vibration. It is not necessary to constantly dwell on the vibration of this and the vibration of that, but sometimes it is helpful to have a system for measuring the vibration of a substance or person. One of the systems currently in use is Dr. David Hawkins’ calibration scale, used in conjunction with biokinesiology (muscle testing). I do not use muscle testing very often, but it is sometimes a useful barometer for things the conscious mind may not be aware of. I recommend you do the following:

Stand erect and hold out your strongest arm. Ask that all information come from God Source and be used for the highest good. Now state something that is obviously true, and push down on your outstretched arm (with your other hand). Note the strength and resistance to the push. Now state something that is obviously false and do the same thing. This time your outstretched arm should go weak and be an easy push.

Now ask a yes/no question pertaining to your life path, soul direction, diet, health, etc., and repeat the process.

David Hawkins and others use and refine these techniques and know a lot more about biokinesiology than I do, so you should consult them if you want more information.


Many years ago, I was involved in the practice of Integrative Rebirthing (conscious breathing) and did warm water and cold water rebirthing, among other things. This process involves drawing in a full complete breath and then relaxing the exhale with a sigh. There is no pause between the inhale and exhale, and no pause between the exhale and next inhale. (Well, technically there is, but it is minimized.) The rapidity of the breathing is proportional to the intensity of the experience.

One of the insights I received, which was borne out by the practice of rebirthing, involves the body’s reaction to increasing energy frequencies. When energy increases, there is a tingling sensation in most people. This is neither right nor wrong, but it IS an indication that higher energy is encountering blocks in the nadis or energy meridians of the body. Once the blockages have been dissolved, the tingling stops and a feeling of clarity, calmness and expansion is achieved. This happens most of the time with clients in a rebirthing session. If the blockages are heavy, there may be hyperventilation and tetany (partial paralysis). These effects are also caused by not relaxing the exhale during the breathing process.

Often during a rebirthing, people experience memories from birth and early childhood, or relive traumas. When you are rapidly increasing the prana (life force) in your body over a short period of time, anything not in alignment with the increased energy will push itself to the surface of consciousness to be released.

The good thing about tingling and bodily sensations are that they indicate a higher frequency of energy is trying to go through the body. If you breathe, relax and allow the blockages to dissolve, the tingling will be replaced by increased awareness and peace. PAIN IS RESISTANCE TO THE LIFE FORCE. SUFFERING IS RESISTANCE TO PAIN.

Prana, or life force energy, often takes a form called kundalini, that moves up and down the spine. This is the divine current. Sometimes it's subtle; other times very intense. I'm sure you will experience some form of this if you continue to meditate and practice conscious breathing. In addition, there are many yogic techniques designed to enhance awareness and movement of the kundalini. Another common name for life force energy is chi, or qi.

A Word about Healing Priorities

It has been said by many (and I agree) that you cannot teach higher truths while lower issues are dominating – in other words, you cannot teach philosophy to a starving student - all he can think about is his next meal.

We must recognize where a soul is in terms of experience and if we feel guided to help that soul, we must communicate to the level of that soul. I cannot teach calculus to a student who has not learned her times tables.

Notwithstanding the above, every prayer and positive thought does make a difference, even if we are not aware of the effects.

The Psychology of Healing

There are many writings that go deep into the subject of emotions vs. intellect. Emotions and intellect must be balanced. However, detachment, as I've defined it earlier, comes naturally as a result of understanding and self-awareness and is definitely not the same as "indifference" which is a pleasant name for "apathy." Apathy is a form of denial that results in staying stuck in ignorance.

I would say about 90% of all ailments are emotional in origin. Many psychologists believe crying and laughter are the best healers. Releasing pent-up grief and sadness can be very therapeutic, as can humor. A good ten minutes of hysterical laughter can heal just about anything -- several prominent doctors including Norman Cousins and Gerald Jampolsky relate stories about healing cancer through humor. Of course, laughter produces tears, so the tears are a major part of the healing.

Another powerful factor in healing is forgiveness. True forgiveness involves the ability to not only overlook an error, but rise above it by seeing that no bad deed can ever erase the fact that we were created totally innocent and have always been and will always be totally innocent. Regardless of what horrible things we may have done in this lifetime or another, God’s Love is always ready to wash away all trace of guilt and shame. The belief that we are unworthy and deserving of punishment (guilt) is what creates karma. Letting go of guilt erases karma. This does not mean we should not have a conscience. A conscience is an innate knowingness of what is right and best for our soul growth and the soul growth of others. If we make a mistake, we forgive and move on. We remember that nothing can take away our God-given innocence and perfection.

The times when I am able to forgive in this manner are the times when I consciously understand that I am infinitely bigger than the issue. For example, if someone were to say something insulting about me, I can only get angry and resentful if I believe I am my personality and/or body. If I know I have infinite worth and value, then I am not truly offended and can let it go.

Like all humans, I am somewhat identified with my little self. The level of identification varies from day to day, hour to hour, for probably all of us. When I am in touch with my true Self, there is a natural compassion that arises. When one has denied the true Self, one becomes insensitive and callous to the suffering of others. Insensitivity means one has suppressed one's feelings and turned a blind eye to the suffering of others. It means we have failed to see our brothers as ourselves.

Detachment, on the other hand, means one is not emotionally caught up in the 3D drama. In fact, the more detached I am, the easier it is to become compassionate and sensitive, because then my only desire is to help another soul and I am not concerned for my own petty drama. Oftentimes, the best way to cultivate compassion is to reach out and help another soul. We get so focused on the “otherness of the other” that we forget about our own problems long enough to realize that just maybe they weren’t so all-encompassing in the first place. This is true healing.

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