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The Kingdom is Ours

 “All that the Father has is ours.” You’ve probably heard that statement bantered about over the years. In the New Testament, it seems that Jesus keeps saying the same things over and over, obviously because the people just don’t get it. “Your storehouse is in Heaven.” “The Kingdom of God is within you.” “Seek ye first the Kingdom…”

When are we going to get it? When are we going to realize that ALL we have to do is connect to the God within our being? It doesn’t matter how much life experience we have, how many letters are after our name, or how many teachers or gurus we’ve visited. It all comes down to the quality of our awareness. It all comes down to the knowingness of our connection to God within our hearts, minds and souls.

We are like fish looking for water. Or to be a bit more accurate, we are sleeping on the royal bed, surrounded by the lavishness of the royal palace, while dreaming of poverty and lack. Our beloved Creator gazes lovingly on our sleeping form sprawled across the bed, eagerly anticipating our stirring and finally, the opening of our eyes to behold the splendor.

How much longer shall we sleep? How much longer shall we dream of war and pestilence and famine? How much longer will we play the tired games of competition, greed, selfishness, fear, guilt, anxiety, domination, exploitation and control?

The Kingdom is ours. It’s really that simple. There are no claim forms to sign, no complicated agreements to read. There’s just one simple agreement between us and God—that of free will. God, in her infinite patience, allows us to choose when to wake up. Really, that’s the only choice—when to awaken. As long as we’re asleep, we really don’t have free will because our wills are imprisoned in old beliefs, patterns and conditioning. Our so-called lives become merely mechanical. We spend all of our so-called waking hours struggling to survive in a world of haves and have-nots. This is not reality. This is a delusional dream created by ego.

The world of Spirit is eternal, forever new, abundant beyond measure and completely loving in every way. Is there really a choice? Who would choose the dream when waking offers so much more? And so we turn over in our sleep, our eyes begin to twitch, and the light of truth begins to shine upon our closed eyelids.

Then one by one we rise from the bed, open our eyes, and behold that which we never lost, that which has been waiting for us since time began. One by one we turn and look around at those who still sleep, wanting to awaken them but knowing that they must be allowed to awaken on their own. This is the hardest part—waiting for our brothers and sisters to awaken once we have seen the light of day. And yet, awaken they will. For each time one of us wakes up, the light gets brighter, and you know how hard it is to sleep when there’s a bright light in your eyes.

The Kingdom is ours. It’s time to awaken to the majesty of that Kingdom. It’s time to reclaim what we’ve always had. It’s time to rise and shine!

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