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Angels and Archangels

Throughout history, there have been accounts of visitation upon humans by angels and archangels. There are many channels of these beings of light. Some of the more popular channeled entities are the well-known Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Zadkiel, Chamuel, Raphael and Jophiel. Many channels also communicate with ascended masters Saint Germain, El Morya, Hilarion, Metatron, Enoch, and others. All these well-known figures are members of what is commonly called the Great White Brotherhood, which is a division of the Galactic Confederation.

It is not particularly relevant to know what position each being holds, or what their specific vibration is, or where they come from. The energy and message of the specific entity is far more important. If you feel guided to work with one of these beings, then by all means do so (with discernment). They will reveal themselves to you if you ask sincerely.

Many people do not realize that even at the level of angels and archangels, there is learning taking place. Archangel Michael has not always been cast in a favorable light. I asked him the reason for this, and he replied that there was some validity to the criticism. Michael is well-known for his sword of truth, and the image often portrayed is one of combating the darkness. Michael is now quick to point out that a being of light who fights the darkness is polarized. In other words, if you fight the darkness, you make it real (at least for you), and you cannot move into the realms of Oneness. Michael has long since risen into the realms of Oneness, but this old image still remains in the minds of many.

Who are the Fallen Angels?

A fallen angel is one who chooses to embody in a lower-dimensional plane and then forgets his/her angelic heritage. Contrary to many writings, a fallen angel is not “evil”. Even Lucifer is a being of light. It’s just that Lucifer focused on the mental aspects of light and excluded the heart-oriented loving light that balances the Creation. As a result, this gave rise to a large group of entities known as the Luciferians. A Luciferian is anyone who embraces the cold light of rationality without also embracing the compassion and warmth of the heart. You can see remnants of the Luciferians in today’s society. The shaming of sensitive men is an example. Although in the last two decades, sensitive masculinity has become widely accepted, there is still a tendency in many men to reject the emotions in favor of the intellect.

The concept of Satan is based on the distorted perception that there are forces in the Universe that can oppose God. This is simply not true. There is only light and the absence of light. Where there is little or no light, there can certainly be satanic experience. All manner of nightmarish worlds can arise within the darker regions of the void. Certainly, there are entities who, in their lust for power, will rise up and rule these worlds. They are the so-called “Dark Lords.” However, their problem is lack of light. They do not possess a “dark power” capable of unseating God from His throne. (First of all, God is both masculine and feminine and also impersonal. Second, he/she/it doesn’t sit on a throne. And third, there is no opposite to God since God is everything there ever is, was or will be in this Universe.)

Spirit Guides

Most humans have spirit guides. They may be extremely helpful or they may actually hinder one’s spiritual growth. Some guides stay back and only intervene when called upon, while others tend to be over-zealous in their desire to help. Spirit guides are not necessarily angels, and in fact, most are not. Some spirit guides are deceased family members who feel a need to atone for mistakes they made during embodiment. Others are attracted to humans that have a similar vibration to their own. Almost all humans have spirit guides. Often, it may be the soul’s twin flame assisting from higher dimensions.

It is extremely important that you only allow spirit guides that are 100% of God’s Loving Light into your space. Many well-meaning guides are still stuck in duality and may lead you astray. The lesson here is to always trust your own truth; your own God Presence within. Do not put blind trust in any entity, guide or teacher.

If you are having difficulty in your life, particularly regarding your energy level, you may be working with guides that are no longer right for you. Feel free to ask them to leave, and request new ones. In the Psychic and Spiritual Protection article, there is a process for doing this. You issue an invocation (decree) that only those beings that are 100% in alignment with your soul growth and God’s Loving Light are allowed in your auric field.

There are also processes that involve cutting ties to people from your past that are still psychically corded into your energy body. See the Cutting Cords meditation.

You can request a healing from your own God Presence, or you can receive a healing from a therapist who specializes in removing discordant energies from the aura. Aura clearing and chakra balancing are important to good psychic health. These techniques can be performed at a distance by the author, or you can consult a holistic health directory to find a practitioner in your area to work with in person. For a reading or healing from Sal, click here.

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