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Learning to Stay in Clarity
By Sal Rachele
March 25, 2005

Today is Good Friday, the day we start a three-day celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. I’m a little ignorant of traditional Christian and Biblical timetables, but I’m assuming this was supposed to be the day he was buried in the tomb following his crucifixion. The energy so far today feels a little like the time between the crucifixion and the resurrection.

My guides have been prompting me for some time to speak about how to remain in clarity so that we longer go through these crucifixion and resurrection cycles.

How do we remain in a high vibratory state, one of love and radiance and boundless energy? Is it even possible in this world? Or are we doomed to cycles of gloom and glee? Are we forever bound to the cycle of crucifixion and resurrection? Or is it possible to be happy and joyous all the time, in a genuine and complete manner? Sure, we all know someone who always seems on top of the world, full of exuberance and vitality. But how many people really feel that way at all levels of their being? In other words, is it real or just a show?

One of the things that seems to diminish our happiness and well-being is the constant striving to acquire that which we perceive is lacking in ourselves or another. If our self-worth is not at optimum levels, we may feel elated when others are praising and complimenting us, and depressed when others are rejecting or criticizing us.

We all want to feel loved and appreciated. In fact, most of us are loved and appreciated more than we ever acknowledge, not just by human beings, but the legions of helpers, spirit guides, teachers and ascended masters, and of course, by God. If we are continually loved and appreciated, then why do we so often seek approval from outside of ourselves?

When someone criticizes us or seems to forget us, why does it often take us out of our good feelings? When the world throws us a curve, why do we take it personally and act like God has thrown us out of the Kingdom?

There is a certain degree of distorted perception inherent with living in the 3D world. All of us have times when we are not at our “peak performance.” Our bodies do not feel wonderful 100% of the time. If we are in business for ourselves, we have up and down days – that is the nature of business. It is also the nature of our body/emotions/mind complex, also called personality or ego. This entire world runs on cycles, and it is important to recognize and flow with these cycles instead of fighting or denying them.

However, who we are is beyond these cycles. We can use these cycles to transcend them.
Learning to accept and be grateful for our day to day experience, no matter what it feels like, is the beginning of the undoing of the cycles. The master living on this Earth goes through ups and down just like the rest of us, but he or she remains in a state of eternal gratitude and love during those cycles. There is no self-judgment or wishing things were better. There is only attention to the moment and what one is feeling, thinking and experiencing in that moment.

Any time you feel less than perfect, stop whatever you’re doing, thinking or feeling and just BE WITH IT. Stay present and aware of what is going on within you. Then allow it to be there, accept it, and even celebrate it. If you celebrate your funkiness or tiredness or grouchiness or whatever, it transforms almost immediately. Give thanks for every feeling and thought you have during this Earthly journey. Give thanks for every experience, no matter how it feels. Recognize the truth behind appearances. You are a beloved child of the Creator, with everything already given you. Just because you wander in a world of illusions does not change the truth of who you are. Look on these illusions with love and they will disappear. If at first you don’t succeed in transforming your unpleasant feelings and experiences, keep accepting and feeling grateful anyway. It may seem like you’re just pretending at first, but sooner or later, something will shift. Celebrate your crucifixion and resurrection. Then celebrate your freedom from crucifixion and resurrection. Rise from the tomb and take your rightful place in Creation. It’s time to stop carrying the old rugged cross and start living.

Exercise: This one is basic and has been around for a long time, but it is worth doing any time you feel less than spectacular:

Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Do not stop until you have filled the front and back of a sheet of notebook paper, or have completed an entire page of word processing. Breathe and feel everything going on within you as you write your list.

Your prescription: Take two gratitude pills and call me in the morning. Oh, and have a blessed day.

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