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Intensive Seminars Offered by Sal Rachele


To sponsor a seminar in your area, please contact Sal at srachele2004@yahoo.com.

Level 1 – Psychic and Spiritual Development
We are all psychic. However, many of us have not yet learned how to harness the virtually unlimited power at our fingertips. This workshop will give you a comprehensive hands-on approach to developing your gifts. There will be four complete meditations utilizing state-of-the-art techniques for aligning the subconscious and superconscious minds and unlocking the intuitive centers of the brain. The seminar comes complete with written diagrams and charts explaining how psychic and intuitive functioning works, how to eliminate blocks to full creative self-expression, and how to reach a greater understanding of your imagination and its ability to enhance your life. Each process will also feature Sal’s original angelic music and highly effective autosuggestions. Sal has an ability to make participants feel safe and comfortable, while at the same time challenging them to stretch and grow. This seminar is ideal for those who are just beginning, or have had some psychic and intuitive experience and want to learn how to control and direct it for the highest good of self and humanity.

Level 2 – Life On the Cutting Edge, Part I
This seminar is based on Sal’s comprehensive self-help manual, “Life On the Cutting Edge.” Part I of the course takes a complete look at the inner world of the Self, beginning with our basic assumptions about reality and perception, and then examining the various levels of being. You will be given tools that help you confront the blocks and hindrances to full and free self-expression, and you will dive into the core beliefs and issues that keep you locked in fear and separation. You will then be given specific exercises designed to move you through and beyond your limitations, enabling you to experience the profound inner peace and enlightenment that is your birthright. The seminar will include meditations designed to activate your brain synapses, allowing higher-level communication to occur between regions of your brain. Each process will also feature Sal’s original angelic music and highly effective autosuggestions. You will have an opportunity to apply what you learn to the main areas of your life, including relationships and health. Learn to live life in a state of wonderment and excitement, embracing new challenges instead of dreading them. Learn to find inner peace and contentment while continually expanding your consciousness.

Level 3 – Life on the Cutting Edge, Part II
This is one of the most popular workshops Sal offers. People are fascinated by phenomena and unexplained mysteries. You will experience an entire day of the unveiling of these mysteries, beginning with the history you were not taught in school. In fact, we will go back millions of years and end our history lesson at the point where most books start – ancient Egypt. Next, the course will unravel the misinformation and distortion around the UFO/ET issue by giving you specific information about who they are, where they are from, what they look like and why they are here. In addition, there will be material on how to contact your own spirit guides and teachers, what level or dimension they reside in, and what their agenda is for Earth and the galaxy. You will be given information that delineates between the various factions eager to control the Earth and her people. You will be given tools to protect yourself from those who would take your power and use it for selfish means. The seminar will include a channeling from Leah and the Arcturians, and features a rebirthing session. Each process will also feature Sal’s original angelic music and highly effective autosuggestions. This is a powerful day of illumination, understanding and healing at deep levels.

Level 4 – Total Healing and Advanced Healing Techniques
Never before has a one-day intensive covered the complete picture of how healing occurs at every level of being. There are six main dimensions of our being that are subject to distortion and disease. You will be given exercises at each of these levels and by the time the day is over, you will have a comprehensive understanding of why healing does or does not occur and what to do about it. You will receive actual healings at each of the six levels and tools to continue your healing process after you leave the room. Each process will also feature Sal’s original angelic music and highly effective autosuggestions. If you have had a persistent health problem or chronic condition and have tried various remedies, then this seminar is for you. This event will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, with techniques you can use at each of the levels. In addition, you will have a greater understanding of karma, free will, soul integration, and inner child healing.

Level 5 – Healing Alternate Timelines and Sacred Toning
This is one of the most exciting new seminars just now becoming available. This work explores the relationship between past, present, parallel and future lifetimes and how to understand and heal the issues and blockages inherent within those lifetimes. By changing your timeline, you change your life. In fact, you take on a new history and future. This workshop uses special techniques to heal and integrate your various levels and dimensions and gives you a new understanding about the illusory nature of time and space. In addition, the event features powerful sacred toning exercises that attune the body to the vibrations of healing sound and music. Participants will experience hands-on frequency attunements that often have very profound effects on the body, emotions and mind. This seminar is unlike any you have ever attended before.

Level 6 – Ascension Activations
This is an extremely powerful and advanced seminar that includes four complete ascension activation meditations, with a complete explanation and carefully guided series of exercises designed to either activate your ascension template (the program that converts your cells into crystalline light form) or, if you are already activated, greatly enhance and ease your transition from a mortal third-density human into an immortal fifth-density being of light. Much of the material is channeled by the masters and consists of journeys to sacred healing temples and special places of power. This work is only available to those who are on a serious course of spiritual study and is not to be taken casually. This seminar is life-changing and will likely produce noticeable changes in the physical, emotional and mental structure of the individual. It is possible that you will experience rapid cleansing and purification as a result of this event. However, such cleansing will be with the help of the masters and teachers of light, and you will emerge light years ahead in your understanding of your Oneness with the Creator.

To sponsor a seminar in your area, please contact Sal at srachele2004@yahoo.com.

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