News - Updated June 2007

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This page features event announcements and happenings that may be of interest to you. If you have a news item that may be worthy of posting here, please contact me.

Two new e-books, by Leah and the Founders, are now available. Please see my home page and the order form for details.

I continue to receive wonderful insights from Leah, the Founders, the Arcturians and Sananda. There will be lots of subjects in the days and weeks to come. Go to channeled messages to read the latest.

Coming soon! Sal's new book, "Free Energy Now!" Details forthcoming.

Earth News Update: There are a lot of websites out there with news about what is happening on our beloved Earth. I will not duplicate the information here. If I receive a news story that is unique and vital to the material being presented here, I will include it on this page. Consult the Links page for recommended sites.