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Healing Mental Obsession
Article by Sal Rachele
August 28, 2005

Mental obsession is a form of fear that can build walls between yourself and others and can greatly reduce your enjoyment of life and effectiveness in dealing with situations in front of you. The mind, by obsessing, thinks it is taking care of you when in fact it is robbing you of power and peace.

I used to be a master at mental obsession until I realized the real cost of indulging in this behavior. Mental obsession prevents your intuition and psychic abilities from being fully utilized to genuinely help you foresee obstacles and events that are important to be aware of. Mental obsession actually makes it harder to accomplish tasks and goals, and leaves you feeling exhausted and unhappy.

Mental obsession rarely assists in making you safer or more effective. Often, upon hindsight, it is seen as a useless, energy-wasting activity that bears little resemblance to actual dangers and pitfalls.

Like everything else in Earthly life, there are two kinds of mental obsession – inner and outer. Outer obsessions usually center around work performance, finances, schedules, outcomes, personal appearance, etc. Inner obsessions are concerned with how you project yourself to the world, fear of rejection, fear of failure or success, need for approval from others, etc.

Ignoring the mind’s rantings and ravings does not solve the problem of mental obsession, nor does indulging or approving of its behavior. Instead, it is important to become aware of the underlying factors and motivations behind the obsession. What are you really afraid of? What false self-image or negative core belief is generating the obsession?

Outer obsessions can often be minimized by proper planning and understanding of time and space. For example, many people become stressed out when traveling, especially if it involves international destinations. Instead of mentally obsessing about whether or not you will make your connections or have the proper documents, set aside a time well prior to your travel to examine what it is you truly need. Then tune in to your higher mind and intuition. You can often foresee probable events that might affect your travel. Common sense also plays a part. If you are changing planes and you have a choice of cities, pick the ones least likely to have weather or volume delays. Allow enough, but not too much time between flights. Put all your essentials in your carry-on bags. Airlines rarely lose luggage, but if they do, clothes and books can be replaced. Have your money and documents in a consistent, easy-to-reach place and keep them on your person at all times. A lot of this is elementary, but making sure you take care of this will help reduce mental obsession. When possible, memorize schedules. Carry phone numbers and reservation numbers with you. Arrange currency exchange in advance. Arrive at the airport early and read a book or meditate. Carry plenty of water and eat before departure. Remember that airline travel is one of the safest things you can do – thousands of times safer than traveling by automobile (according to statistics).

Inner obsessions are a bit more difficult to master, but realizing that they are almost always based on a negative self-image is a good place to start. Where are you judging yourself? Making a good impression for the new business contacts may be important, but mentally obsessing over it is going to deplete your energy and make it more likely that you will forget something important during the presentation. How attached are you to a particular outcome? You can set goals and visualize results without being emotionally attached to them. Do you like yourself? Do you approve of how you are handling the situation? If not, why? What are you telling yourself? Are you so afraid of being a schmuck that you remain uptight and fidgety during the meeting instead of relaxing and allowing your guests to feel at ease? More than likely you are prepared for your presentation and have gone over it several times. So relax and allow your higher self to be chairperson of the meeting. What is really important about the event? How do you view yourself? Are you a child of God joyfully participating in an Earthly ritual? Or does your life and happiness depend on what your clients think of you? Do you NEED the business generated by a successful meeting, or are you able to be at peace regardless of whether or not you close the deal? Visualizing an outcome works best if you remain clear, calm and centered during the process.

Breathing, meditation, visualization, prayer, yoga, holistic bodywork and gentle exercise can all help to quiet a restless mind. Watch your diet before, during and after a stressful event. Allow time for relaxation. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause a sort of hysteria, or augmentation of stress, where things become hyper-important. Learn to be flexible. Sometimes events do not turn out as planned. What is really important? Do you live in an abundant universe with plenty of opportunities, or is life over because the client said “No?”

Sometimes it is necessary to take baby steps when organizing and planning something. Trying to do too much at once can generate mental obsession. Make a list of what is most critical and focus on those tasks. If one item on a list keeps popping into your mind repeatedly, handle it first even if it doesn’t seem as important. Having a calm mind will make the rest of the tasks easier. Do not put things off. Procrastination triggers obsession. Minimize the “what ifs.” Most of them never come true. Use psychic and spiritual protection techniques, especially when traveling. Invoke the power and presence of God to protect you. Do this often, but do not obsess about it. Pay attention to the energy of people around you. Do this dispassionately like a scientist studying an experiment. Pay attention to your personal space. Close your aura when in crowds. There are many techniques for doing this. You can open it up again when doing a presentation or conversing among friends. Let go of judgment. Let go of separation. A customs official is a human being wearing a uniform and performing a job. He is not the enemy to be overcome. A rude passenger on a plane is a troubled human being in need of healing. Define your boundaries and then let it go. Use your protection techniques.

Appreciate the beauty all around you. Remember, it’s all just soul experience. There are really no winners and losers, only participants. The “worst that could happen” rarely happens. Worry is completely useless. It’s a bad habit. Do not indulge it. Gently but firmly turn the OFF button on your obsessive mind. Fill yourself with the golden radiant light of your God Presence every time “monkey mind” begins its rant. Let it know that Spirit is in control and that it is a humble servant. It will be told what to do and when to do it. You are in control because you are aligned with your higher self and God. You are going with the flow and making decisions that are for your highest and best soul growth, happiness and well-being. You are on your optimum path. All is in Divine Perfection. It is so, and so it is. Amen.

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